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Christmas Art 08, Page 1

Elftown Christmas Competitions


Please see the rules on the main page:
Christmas Art Competition
 - Christmas Photography Competition
 - Christmas Poetry Competition

See also:

Winner: Christmas Art Competition

By Poll: Elftown Christmas Art Voting_2008.
<news:Christmas Art and Poetry Competition Winners!>

                First Place:

                        By [Bliz]

              Second Place:

                     By [Mordigen]

*Crew Favourite*:

By [Grandamelf]

All submissions: This page.


Thank you to all that contributed!


How to post your entry:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

0. [insert user name] - "Title"

There is a theme: Christmas/Yule


This contest is now closed!


1. [FamousPanda] - A present for you! =D

2.[Bliz] Christmas Fairy

3. [Acceber] - Faerie Kiss

4. [LynnAnneBrown] - Done Packing

5. [Flisky] - Santa's Helper

6. [Kahri] - First Snow


7. [BinaryPhoenix] First snow


8. [JajaJulie] - Winter Wonderland


9. [Grandamelf] - Sweet Shoppe


10. [nehirwen] - Yoda's Secret


11. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] - Santa's Reindeer


12. [Jitter]


13. [Mordigen] - Yuletide: The Clause and the Stagg


14. [arthemis_] - Have yourself a merry Christmas with the Christmas Elfs :)


15. [Artsieladie] - Happy Holidays from Elftown/to Elftown: Stockings For Two


16. [pegasus1000] - Santa Mouse

17. [dayah] Merry Holidays from the Elftown Faery

18. [*Blade*] - Christmas by the fire

19. [Artsieladie] - Merry Christmas Teddybear - Elftown

Username (or number or email):


2008-12-18 [Jitter]: Thank you :)

2008-12-18 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Oh my gosh [Grandamelf] So much detail. It's lovely. =]

2008-12-19 [arthemis_]: Gosh, just in time :D

2008-12-20 [dayah]: okay I got it up..aint happy with it but what project am many things wrong with it....sigh:( But what I get for procrastinationg in getting the finishing touches done..Had another one but It still don't have a background either...hate backgrounds

2008-12-20 [Acceber]: I love it...I think it's great [dayah] ^_^

And I uploaded [*Blade*]s entry for him because his computer is dead. =)

2008-12-20 [dayah]: Thanks..:)

2008-12-20 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Just like everyone else's entries, it's fantastic [dayah] =]

2008-12-21 [Alexi Ice]: Artsie, the teddy bear is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

2008-12-21 [Artsieladie]: Thanks! :D My most favourite 'snuggly' teddybear inspired him! I almost didn't get him done in time. ;)

2008-12-21 [Alexi Ice]: Well he is super cute! God I am not going to be able to make this contest. dang

2008-12-21 [Artsieladie]: But teddybears are adorable, and loveable, and huggable... :) How much more time do you need? *hugs*

2008-12-21 [Alexi Ice]: Long enough for these to send. Im doing the decorations since I dont have a hammer can I write hammer on a peice of paper and send it as my proof?

2008-12-21 [Artsieladie]: What other tool do you have? It seems it could be another tool as well, like a hand saw, perhaps. Not everyone has tools. :)

Wait, I think that should work, too. Just take the photo with someone holding the paper or have it laid somehow viewable to read in the photo. Either way, it's a proof, IMO. ;)

2008-12-21 [FamousPanda]: really really cute teddy bear [Artsieladie]

2008-12-21 [Artsieladie]: Thanks! My snuggly, huggly, wuggly teddybear inspired this creation. *huggles teddybear closely* :D

2008-12-21 [Alexi Ice]: hehehe ^^

2008-12-21 [Artsieladie]: *winks and giggles*

2008-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: congratz to the 3 winners... they are all lovely art!

2008-12-30 [Grandamelf]: All of the entries were wonderful!

2008-12-30 [LynnAnneBrown]: Congragulations everyone, There was some great art entered in this contest. I am proud of us all and very happy for the winners.

2008-12-30 [Artsieladie]: I agree. I think all of the entries are terrific. Happy New Year, Everyone! *huggles* :D

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