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This Contest Is Closed

Winners: Christmas 2004

By [Forever Equine]
"Christmas Unicorn"
By [Sunny Silverunicorn]
"And Your Gift... A Kiss!"

All submissions:
Christmas Art 04, page 1
Christmas Art 04, page 2


Thank you to all that contributed!


Art must be done by Elftowners and posted here by the original artist. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the artist's permission. Please put forth your best effort and the best quality, i.e. no drawings on lined notebook paper. Any such entry will be removed. Each member may enter 2 entries!! Last but not least it is possible that an artwork has the same title as another one, this is not against the rules as long as the artist's names are clear.

Since the chosen images will be featured on Main Street and may be included in the poems, we would like to keep them fairly small. Your image should be no wider than 300 pixels and the height should be no more than 500. Be creative but please keep that in mind!

Submissions for Mainstreet will not be accepted if they feature violence or disturbing actions. All mediums, excepting photography, will be accepted.

What will we be expecting? Creativity and Christmas themed pictures with a fantasy or sci-fi twist, such as dwarves in Santa Claus suits, a spaceship with Christmas lights - you get the idea.

We will be picking two images as the winners.

How to post it here:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and your user name. For example:

1. "Title" - [insert name here]

December 18th

Two Christmas images will be chose by the Council and the Assembly among all those presented. Participants will receive special Christmas badges and the winners will receive Masters of Building badges.



41. [Carol Lynn]

42. man decorating tree outside [dimmu_borgir3212]

43. Dashing throuhg the snow in a one dragon open sliegh

[Aidan Ryuko]
44. A maha xmas!
*note that the 2 characters showed in this drawing are characters used in an anime and in a game, the cat is called maha, the black wizard is called vivi? (not sure)

a resized version that follows the size rules:



Holiday Elf

Tis be me [Ryo-Oni] A Merry Christmas to all of you.


46. Happy Holidays [Nenufar]


47. Alien Christmas-[DarkJenni]


I know its kinda big right now, but I will make it smaller as soon as I crop it to fit the size of the rules.
Resized down to size:

48. ~I love Christmas~ [ugursarac]

49. Christmas angel and helpers [blackphoenix]

50. 50."The Spirit of St. Nick" - [Artmantastik]

51. [Orouriel] - It's Rudolph the red nosed Sifhugi :-P

52. [Asrun] Giving to those less fortunate. That's the true miracle of Christmas.

53. [Asrun] Christmas Angel. 2nd Entry

54. 'Late!' - [nokaredes]

55. [StarsFire] my second entry A Disney Christmas

56. "0o0o00 its crimbo!" By [Zantia] looks cartoony but oh well i like it ^.^

57. "Merry Christmas" by [Leara] ...what an original name, it was a Christmas present to Anathoth last year, the character Anathoth copyright to [Magus Ferox]. Old pic. >.> I don't have time to do anything new.

Larger version here:

58. "Merry Christmas from the crew of the good ship TARDIS" by [Cathos]
Doctor Who, the Daleks and the TARDIS are copyrighted to the BBC. A bigger version can be found at

59: A traditional Christmass elf skipping. [Kiristo]

60: Christmas [la vie lemon]

61: Christmas elf
[Dragonhearted elfgirl]

62. And Your Gift... A Kiss!
[Sunny Silverunicorn]
Larger Version:

63. Holiday Wave [nokaredes] my 2nd image

64. Ill santa by [The Dark Lord]
Makes me wanna puke!

65."They're not that bad." - [Yncke]

66. "Snowflakes!" [chelekat]

67. Christmas Gone to the Dogs


by: [Tiny Suicide]

[Mitsune]- Christmas Bow


[elvenstarr] Christmas Kitty =^-^=

[Rolo] Crazed Christmas Bird


71. [Ricco] Christmas holiday unicorn


This Contest Is Closed


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2004-12-18 [Asrun]: Not kidding. :( I didn't even have time this year to draw up a new design, so I just coloured a winter-y type sketch for the competition. ;______________; I want something more christmas-y. I guess mine has an okay message. ;.; Give to those in need.. Like me.. :D I would like someone to buy me Painter 9. It's *only* $800 and something. :D And a Porsche. And a kitty kat. :D And diamonds. <3 RSVP [Asrun]. :D Thanks. <3 Hehheeh

2004-12-18 [Asrun]: *runs off cause she has to be up in 4 hours for work* c.c need sleep

2004-12-18 [Sunrose]: Oh PLEASE! If only I could make art like that *throws another pillow*! Okay..get some sleep! You start sounding like me = very very bad!!

2004-12-18 [Kiristo]: some of these are just plain wroung!

2004-12-19 [Sunrose]: The contest has closed as of now :)

2004-12-19 [Asrun]: OMG OMG OMG! :O Good luck everyone!

2004-12-19 [DarkJenni]: GOOD LUCK exciting!!

2004-12-19 [moira hawthorne]: 71 enteries! wow! thats a lot of decisions!

2004-12-19 [DarkJenni]: really you counted that many??*gasps*

2004-12-19 [Asrun]: Less than the Halloween Competition.

2004-12-19 [moira hawthorne]: they are numbered love!

2004-12-19 [DarkJenni]: oh yeah hugh...*grins*

2004-12-19 [moira hawthorne]: add 5 b/c of people using A & B so in total 76!

2004-12-19 [Asrun]: That's okay [DarkJenni].. I thought she counted them too. X.X;

2004-12-19 [DarkJenni]: lol, glad I'm not the only one [Asrun]!^_*

2004-12-19 [Asrun]: ^.^

2004-12-19 [moira hawthorne]: silly people ... You should know I cant count that high! ... lol

2004-12-19 [DarkJenni]: *meeps*

2004-12-19 [Cloudwatcher]: man! i wansnt on in time to add my second entry!!!!! noooooooooooo!!! <cries silently>

2004-12-19 [moira hawthorne]: sorry.... but you can always show it off in your house!

2005-11-27 [bluehaired007]: there ok i guess

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