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2007-06-15 05:53:09
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Christian Art Contest

<img:> Welcome to the Christian Art Contest! ^^
If you follow the rules for Uploading Art Rules you'll be just fine as long as you don't put up any nudity.
You may put up to 2 entries
Deadline: August 20, 2006

Here are the rewards for the three top winners!(not finished putting them up.)Your name will be placed at the bottom of it.
<img:> <img:>

1>username: [pumpkinhead]
artpiece: <img:>

2>username: [Kuehne]
artpiece:Downcast <img:>
"How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!" Isaiah 14:12 (NIV). "So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God... I threw you to the earth; I made a spectacle of you before kings." Ezekiel 28:16b-17 (NIV).

Isa 53:5 "But He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his strippes we are healed."

"in the Garden"

5>username: [Kuehne]
Title: Innocence

I painted this for my mom in watercolors a couple years back. As you can tell this is Eve eating the forbidden fruit...

7>username:[Cia's girl]
artpiece: <img300*0:>

8>username: [Artsieladie]
artpiece: "Have you.....forgotten?"
This is meant for folks to look at & let the image speak to you. I'm sure it will speak in a variety of ways, but my guess, the basic meaning will likely stay the same. (It's much bigger. Please click on it.)

9>username: [Iron-Man-429]
Artpiece: Crusade


1. [iippo]
2. [Lady of Lore]
3. [Hobbit teen]
4. [Shadowsoul]
5. [Amanda Bastian]

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2006-10-04 [Amanda Bastian]: ^_^ Ah! XD Why do i always get to it last. XD!!!

2006-10-04 [Cia_mar]: we are just faster at typing then you are?

2006-10-04 [Amanda Bastian]: I just wasn't on since yesterday. XD

2006-10-04 [Cia_mar]: see we ARE faster typists... lol...(coure the likely hood is that most people on here are faster typists than i am...)

2006-10-04 [Amanda Bastian]: I do my best to type fast...I'm alright with it. lol.

2006-10-04 [Cia_mar]: :P

2006-10-04 [Amanda Bastian]: I wonder what Artsie's going to put up

2006-10-04 [Cia_mar]: something cool!

2006-10-05 [Shadowsoul]: i'll judge


2006-10-05 [Artsieladie]: He he I went right to work at it & here's what came to light. Actually, I had something a bit different in mind when I started, but this is the direction I was led in. God is GREAT! *huggles to all* ^__^

2006-10-05 [Cia_mar]: love the hair!

2006-10-05 [Artsieladie]: When I picture Jesus in my mind, I always picture Him with lovely hair. :D

2006-10-05 [Cia_mar]: me too!

2006-10-05 [Artsieladie]: :D ...And if one can't tell, I love color, too! God painted the world in wonderful, brilliant color! :))

2006-10-05 [Cia_mar]: gee i hadn't notices... *sticks out tongue* lol

2006-10-05 [Artsieladie]: *puts a dab of paint on tongue* *giggles* *exits quickly!*

2006-10-05 [Cia_mar]: THIBISHSHSH!!!!!!!!!!!PHLAH!!!
paint may smell good but it certainly doesn't taste good!
don't worry Ladie... revenge is a dish best served cold!

2006-10-05 [Artsieladie]: lmbo! Yeah, but..."Revenge is mine", sayeth the Lord. *grins*

2006-10-05 [Artsieladie]: I changed it. I decided that "you" might be better, although the "we" meant mankind as a whole. :P

2006-10-05 [Cia_mar]: *confused* "you" "we" huh? i must be asleep

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