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2005-06-21 04:12:01
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WELCOME TO THE FIRST ANUAL CHOCOLATE ELECTION!!!As u know there are alot of choco lovers out there so i decided to find out wich type would win in an election all u have to do is add ur name and go to VOTE!!But this is only for kicks so dont take it too seriously or someone is bound to get into a fight here and there..we all take our chocolate seriously...weve all had our days...

please note that u can only vote in the ballads!I do not want to get things confuzed and such so plz vote in the comments of the ballads!!thank you 4 shopping at chocolate election, come again^_^

Dont forget to thank the little people, a.k.a the founders:


   MILKvsWHITEvsOTHERS The ballads
  white chocolate supporters
  milk chocolate supporters
  election pins The banners(plz put some up! much obliged^_^)
  other chocolate supporters for the ppl who like different kinds of choco!

  wiki's and such...promoting wiki''s like this..and so on

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2005-04-23 [Gone4Eva]: wha

2005-04-23 [peace4all_monkey]: nm...IM SERIOUSSSS!!....what wiki?

2005-04-23 [Gone4Eva]: YO moma, OH!!!!

2005-04-23 [peace4all_monkey]: thought u meant sometin else...LMAO^^

2005-04-23 [peace4all_monkey]: big empty page...real challenge...*talks 2 president milk*...the prez. says no

2005-04-23 [Gone4Eva]: lol

2005-04-24 [sexy fat panda]: *poke president without permission*

2005-04-24 [Gone4Eva]: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh snap

2005-04-24 [peace4all_monkey]: *laughs*..that was the decoy prez...haha!!\

2005-04-24 [peace4all_monkey]: *laughs*..that was the decoy prez...haha!!

2005-04-26 [Gone4Eva]: puh

2005-04-27 [peace4all_monkey]: dont puh me!!...i have power u can never obtain!!

2005-04-27 [Gone4Eva]: yeah

2005-04-27 [sexy fat panda]: puh! (he he he*silent laughter*)

2005-04-28 [peace4all_monkey]: grrrrrrrrrrr>.<

2005-04-29 [sexy fat panda]: (silent laughter)

2005-05-07 [Gone4Eva]: hi

2005-05-17 [spongemonkey]: hello my dillon-shaped friend.

2005-05-17 [peace4all_monkey]: i got my hair dyed and highlighted*leap of joy* *glee*...hehe

2005-05-19 [Gone4Eva]: hey mangomonkey hehehehehehehehehehehe

2005-05-19 [peace4all_monkey]: its like...redish and *shudder* blonde highlights....and the highlights are getting to my head!

2005-05-20 [Gone4Eva]: hi

2005-05-29 [spongemonkey]: heh, I was "champegne blonde" for three hours today. den back to blue ^^ I'm such a blonde-hating wussy.

2005-05-30 [Gone4Eva]: oh

2005-05-30 [peace4all_monkey]: hmm..this wiki is definitely goin nowhere and fast..has any1 voted yet cuz that is the purpose of this wiki...

2005-05-30 [Gone4Eva]: no

2005-05-30 [spongemonkey]: lol, such a sucsess ^^;; I'm a bitch.

2005-05-30 [Gone4Eva]: wha you a bitch? lol

2005-05-31 [peace4all_monkey]: ...*sigh*...purple toads

2005-06-02 [Gone4Eva]: 8ujhf67t556r6t

2005-06-02 [peace4all_monkey]: oh i know u didnt just go there!!!!!*evil cackle*...well bring it on!!

2005-06-02 [Gone4Eva]: maybe

2005-06-02 [peace4all_monkey]: ..fine...b that way!! soo bored right now!*dances on a moose muffin bordismley*

2005-06-02 [Gone4Eva]: nooooooooooo

2005-06-02 [peace4all_monkey]: *dances on tables w/ jello shot in hand*

2005-06-03 [Gone4Eva]: thats bad

2005-06-03 [peace4all_monkey]: but sooo darn tasty^^

2005-06-09 [Gone4Eva]: welll sorry

2005-06-09 [peace4all_monkey]: is best^^...has any1 voted...mayb i should make a different purpose for this wiki?

2005-06-09 [spongemonkey]: lmao, I think its just become a chat wiki for everyone in IC n' merango.

2005-06-09 [Gone4Eva]: i love you all

2005-06-15 [spongemonkey]: marry me!!!!!

2005-06-15 [peace4all_monkey]: hehe....then we shall call chat!!

2005-06-15 [Gone4Eva]: spongy we already got married remember

2005-06-15 [peace4all_monkey]: and im ur um...third wife?

2005-06-15 [Gone4Eva]: 4th

2005-06-17 [peace4all_monkey]: right....*hides behind leo w/ the possesed doll...chucky*...oh leo...i have a pwesent 4 u!

2005-06-17 [Gone4Eva]: NO CHUCKYS

2005-06-20 [peace4all_monkey]: hehe...*holds up chucky doll*...chucky wants to pway!

2005-06-20 [Gone4Eva]: no he wants to kill\

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: lol...have u guys seen seed of chucky yet? shouldnt even be allowed to have the name "horror film" its to god damn funny!!...quote: "i have everything i want; a beautiful wife,*pause*, a multitalented kid.."

2005-06-21 [Gone4Eva]: funny

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: yeah...uve seen it?

2005-06-21 [Gone4Eva]: no

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: *gasp*...go now!!! it funny!! *kick*..dont make me go over there!!

2005-06-21 [Gone4Eva]: no

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: OH now its on!!*quadruple handstand poke* what!!

2005-06-21 [Gone4Eva]: *farp nodle*

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: *farp nodle quadle!*

2005-06-21 [Gone4Eva]: you bitch its on now

2005-06-21 [spongemonkey]: full frontal nudity!!!! :D

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: OH NO U DIDNT!!!!!!!!*BITCH SLAP FROM HELL!!*

2005-06-21 [spongemonkey]: oh YEAH!?!?!!?!?!?! *whimper* I submit, master.

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: i didnt mean u sponge...i meant the hairy man sitting uncomfortably behind you^^

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: hey spongey...seen seed of chucky yet?....its hilarious! another quote:"But chucky, i want to be Jennifer Tillly." Replie:" AND i dont want to be your choffer!"

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: i spelled that wrong

2005-06-21 [spongemonkey]: lol, thats very monkeylicoius!!!!!!!!

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: hehe...i love that have u seen it or not? gonna continue w/ the bored:

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: "*paparazzi after taking pics of chucky masturbating through window* god bless the little people!"

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: *chucky holds up semen filled cup*"what am i supposed to do with this?"

2005-06-21 [spongemonkey]: naw, I haven't ^^;;

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: on the chat again but wait a while and then the screen will appear..then type in your name k?

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: i'll b there

2005-06-21 [Gone4Eva]: FINE

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: moose...those ppl are boring!!! i fell asleep cuz they bored me so bad!

2005-06-21 [Gone4Eva]: fine

2005-06-21 [peace4all_monkey]: are u okay?....u

2005-06-21 [Gone4Eva]: your mom

2005-06-22 [peace4all_monkey]: what?...

2005-06-22 [Gone4Eva]: you know

2005-06-22 [peace4all_monkey]: moose?

2005-06-22 [Gone4Eva]: goose

2005-06-22 [peace4all_monkey]: no...i said moose!!!!!

2005-06-23 [Gone4Eva]: get some joice

2005-06-23 [peace4all_monkey]: joice?...or juice.....i prefer juice thank u^^

2005-06-23 [Gone4Eva]: joice

2005-06-24 [spongemonkey]: joice!! y'know, hot gay sex?

2005-06-24 [Gone4Eva]: no its just like juice but with an o, it tasts so much better, and gay sex is hot, ayay YAOI

2005-06-25 [peace4all_monkey]: yayzle!!!!!!!!...not the gay sex thing thoughO_o

2005-06-27 [Gone4Eva]: gay sex is hot and you know it.

2005-06-28 [peace4all_monkey]: hmmm...mayb...depends if it involves billie joe

2005-06-28 [spongemonkey]: lmao. I regret starting this...

2005-06-28 [peace4all_monkey]: its finished!!!!!!! talk about the wild moose that was torched in fire pretty^^

2005-07-09 [spongemonkey]: moose has TWO o's!!!!! like. boob!

2005-07-09 [Gone4Eva]: i like you 2 your so smart and funkty

2005-07-09 [spongemonkey]: wooo!!!!!!

2005-07-09 [Gone4Eva]: "lets do the humpady hump"

2005-07-09 [sexy fat panda]: piepie

2005-07-09 [peace4all_monkey]: moose pickle cake

2005-07-10 [Gone4Eva]: fucknuts

2005-07-11 [spongemonkey]: sometimes I attack small children. do you live in a closet? me niether. but oh jesus that sure is some good POTATO SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-07-11 [peace4all_monkey]: ick...i hate potato salad...i attack mentally ill children...(zach and bubba) hehe..they like cheesssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-07-11 [spongemonkey]: the potato salad owns!!!!!!! don you make me get all german on yo' ass, foo'!!!!!

2005-07-11 [peace4all_monkey]: was rather enlightning eh?...entertaining he was....stupid foo

2005-07-11 [peace4all_monkey]: was rather enlightning eh?...entertaining he was....stupid foo...OH TANEMBOM OH TANEMBOM!!!!!!!!!!

2005-07-11 [Gone4Eva]: i know a guy thats calls him self "jesus the potato" lol foo, if you dont shut the fuck up its fo sho thatss im goin to popa cap in you asz with my FO FO

2005-07-12 [peace4all_monkey]: hehe...jesus the god potato salad?

2005-07-12 [spongemonkey]: jesus CHRIST that sam is obnxious!!!

2005-07-12 [Gone4Eva]: thats salad like to get tast.... yay been up 30 min and already made an oprah joke, yes i know it sucks but that stuff is someing to aw at.

2005-07-14 [peace4all_monkey]: i got the forms for sejh yesterday!!!*dances around burnt toast*

2005-07-14 [Gone4Eva]: oh

2005-07-14 [peace4all_monkey]: not oh...OOOooo

2005-07-14 [Gone4Eva]: whats "the forms of sejh"?

2005-07-14 [peace4all_monkey]: elective forms for south east junior high...and all that jazz...

2005-07-14 [Gone4Eva]: OH you coming back to ICIA?

2005-07-14 [peace4all_monkey]: yes..but its a scerit!!!

2005-07-14 [Gone4Eva]: YAY were are you moving to, i mean were is your house(place of living) going to beish nere?

2005-07-14 [peace4all_monkey]: something something ave. its by the junior high and mercer

2005-07-14 [Gone4Eva]: hey you should get rid of your addy

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: addy?...

2005-07-15 [Gone4Eva]: addres

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: there we go..i changed it..happy?

2005-07-15 [Gone4Eva]: Good, so now no stakers so your going to go to city high when your in 9th

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: yeppers...did u read my diary: [--Jenna Lynn--] fuckin yelled at me for having fuckin feelings!!!

2005-07-15 [Gone4Eva]: what ok ill read it

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: fuck!! i cant help it that ppl have feelings!!! FUCK!!FUCK!!...why the hell should she care if i like him or not?! it doesnt change the fact that HES "HER" bf!!

2005-07-15 [Gone4Eva]: *hugs* damn it well be ok.

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: *hugs back* thanx i needed talking to her bf as we speak:[Shorty13]

2005-07-15 [spongemonkey]: nudity!

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: sadity

2005-07-15 [spongemonkey]: psssh, don't break abouyt it kelsie, he's a cunt and she's a bitch youre too good for them. its 100% their loss. they should like. die or something.

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: but i liked this guy...and i thought that jenna was my friend...shes the one asking me if i still liked him...and shes the one asking me for help cuz she missed him...

2005-07-15 [spongemonkey]: did he leave her?

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: nope...she has him on a leash..with her sluttyness

2005-07-15 [spongemonkey]: lmao. nice, kelsie. I stand by my statement that you should just flip 'em both of, walk away and count it as both of their loss's, I mean, seriously, are you going to care about this when your thirty? I say live for the day and if anyone tries to stop you, tear their fucking eyes out!!!!

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: thanx..i think....

2005-07-15 [spongemonkey]: ^_^ yes. BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-07-15 [peace4all_monkey]: jenna will die...a slow...and very..very painful death!!XD

2005-07-15 [spongemonkey]: see? now don't you feel better?

2005-07-15 [Gone4Eva]: ummmmmmmmm i would say be sared for home land S stuff, but they dont seem to be doing there job.

2005-07-16 [peace4all_monkey]: mooseville

2005-07-16 [Gone4Eva]: you mom live in mooseville

2005-07-16 [peace4all_monkey]: close....marengo...GAWD!! IM TIRED OF THE NUMBER 20!! every time i reada couple messages i never seem to make a dent!! whee a new message! 20!

2005-07-16 [Gone4Eva]: fine

2005-07-16 [spongemonkey]: >.> you think thats bad? my list of wikis is 12 inches long and has been for 15 months.

2005-07-16 [Gone4Eva]: LOLOLOLOLOL

2005-07-16 [peace4all_monkey]: it nver ends !!!! ITS A SCAM!!!!! ITS A SCAM !!! RUN AWAY!!!

2005-07-16 [Gone4Eva]: your mom is scam...

2005-07-17 [peace4all_monkey]: NO!!! MOMMY DEAREST HOW EVER CAN IT BE?!....oh UPDATE: jenna has come back to me begging for me to convince her bf to break up with her and be my friend again

2005-07-20 [Gone4Eva]: dont do it

2005-07-21 [peace4all_monkey]: well..i have already made up with dom^^...and i hope hes gonna break it off with her soon!!

2005-07-21 [Gone4Eva]: oh

2005-07-21 [peace4all_monkey]: an evil cunt...

2005-07-21 [Gone4Eva]: what?

2005-07-21 [peace4all_monkey]: my previous comment of hoping that he breaks up with her...isnt that evil cuntish?

2005-07-21 [Gone4Eva]: yeah

2005-07-21 [peace4all_monkey]: DAmn...*points at self* U EVIL CUNTBAG!!!!!!!GAH!!!!!!!11

2005-07-21 [Gone4Eva]: it was and evil cunt thing to say, but that doesnt make you evil

2005-07-21 [peace4all_monkey]: or does it?O.o..dun dun DUN DUN!!!!

2005-07-21 [Gone4Eva]: no im right.

2005-08-15 [Monicuddles]: kelsie once again youve proven yourself phsyco

2005-08-15 [peace4all_monkey]: MOOOOOOOOO! mike is soooooo hott!!!!! and hes mine!!!! we're gonna be married one day!!! mike lobel is hott! go but be warned......HES MINE!!!

2005-08-19 [Gone4Eva]: your mom

2005-08-19 [peace4all_monkey]: Makes you wanna jump on him doesnt it?

2005-10-26 [spongemonkey]: it makes me want to jump onto a german mans back and give him a head massage!!! XD

2005-11-13 [Gone4Eva]: fun yayayayayayayayaya

2005-11-17 [peace4all_monkey]: DLFKmeokfj4eofcmkekgfvi0qwp3kr;q

2005-12-01 [spongemonkey]: aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iwannabeapirate!!!

2005-12-05 [sexy fat panda]: iwannabeapie!

2005-12-16 [Gone4Eva]: iwannabeanamircanidot, im kind of mad at green day

2005-12-18 [spongemonkey]: everyone is!!! they sent a fax around to all the cool kids, saying "everyone needs to be mad at green day" but someone fucked mine up, so now I'm made at David Greene. T_T;;

2005-12-18 [Gone4Eva]: lol, my uncel is named David Green

2005-12-29 [spongemonkey]: Dillon, your uncles a prick-faced loser!!!! >XD\

2005-12-29 [spongemonkey]: Dillon, your uncles a prick-faced loser!!!! >XD

2005-12-30 [Gone4Eva]: yeah he is a Prick

2006-01-03 [spongemonkey]: hurray!!! we agree!!! now lets dance!!! :D

2006-01-04 [Gone4Eva]: TANGO or freak dance?

2006-01-10 [spongemonkey]: tango!!! my, my it has been too long. :D

2006-01-10 [Gone4Eva]: i know i know *tangos with the spongo*

2006-01-10 [spongemonkey]: wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2006-01-12 [Gone4Eva]: YAYAY

2006-01-12 [spongemonkey]: ^_^ that was magical.

2006-01-13 [Gone4Eva]: LETS DO IT AGAIN?

2006-01-17 [peace4all_monkey]: this site has officially died....we need a ceremony

2006-01-19 [Gone4Eva]: IM STIL HERE

2006-01-23 [spongemonkey]: *sniffles* well...shall we cremate it, or bury it?

2006-01-23 [Gone4Eva]: cremate it, put in coco and feed it to some one we hate

2006-01-25 [peace4all_monkey]: *gasp* but then the WIKI would suffer from their black soul!!!

2006-01-25 [Gone4Eva]: yeah but its already dead

2006-01-30 [spongemonkey]: just a dead, decaying wiki...

2006-02-01 [Gone4Eva]: *lights wiki on fire*

2006-02-01 [spongemonkey]: huh. maybe we should have gotten out first...

2006-02-02 [Gone4Eva]: no we are watchin the fire from across the streat

2006-02-06 [spongemonkey]: XD sweet.

2006-02-07 [Gone4Eva]: i know

2006-02-20 [peace4all_monkey]: gah!!!!!! street is spelled S-T-R-E-E-T!!!! NO A!!!!

2006-02-22 [Gone4Eva]: sorry

2006-03-03 [spongemonkey]: :I thas right.

2006-03-06 [Gone4Eva]: WHAT EVER WHAT EVA

2006-07-12 [Monicuddles]: *tear* what a dead wiki. but the lighting it on fire was funny

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