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2005-06-21 04:12:01
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WELCOME TO THE FIRST ANUAL CHOCOLATE ELECTION!!!As u know there are alot of choco lovers out there so i decided to find out wich type would win in an election all u have to do is add ur name and go to VOTE!!But this is only for kicks so dont take it too seriously or someone is bound to get into a fight here and there..we all take our chocolate seriously...weve all had our days...

please note that u can only vote in the ballads!I do not want to get things confuzed and such so plz vote in the comments of the ballads!!thank you 4 shopping at chocolate election, come again^_^

Dont forget to thank the little people, a.k.a the founders:


   MILKvsWHITEvsOTHERS The ballads
  white chocolate supporters
  milk chocolate supporters
  election pins The banners(plz put some up! much obliged^_^)
  other chocolate supporters for the ppl who like different kinds of choco!

  wiki's and such...promoting wiki''s like this..and so on

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2006-01-10 [spongemonkey]: wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2006-01-12 [Gone4Eva]: YAYAY

2006-01-12 [spongemonkey]: ^_^ that was magical.

2006-01-13 [Gone4Eva]: LETS DO IT AGAIN?

2006-01-17 [peace4all_monkey]: this site has officially died....we need a ceremony

2006-01-19 [Gone4Eva]: IM STIL HERE

2006-01-23 [spongemonkey]: *sniffles* well...shall we cremate it, or bury it?

2006-01-23 [Gone4Eva]: cremate it, put in coco and feed it to some one we hate

2006-01-25 [peace4all_monkey]: *gasp* but then the WIKI would suffer from their black soul!!!

2006-01-25 [Gone4Eva]: yeah but its already dead

2006-01-30 [spongemonkey]: just a dead, decaying wiki...

2006-02-01 [Gone4Eva]: *lights wiki on fire*

2006-02-01 [spongemonkey]: huh. maybe we should have gotten out first...

2006-02-02 [Gone4Eva]: no we are watchin the fire from across the streat

2006-02-06 [spongemonkey]: XD sweet.

2006-02-07 [Gone4Eva]: i know

2006-02-20 [peace4all_monkey]: gah!!!!!! street is spelled S-T-R-E-E-T!!!! NO A!!!!

2006-02-22 [Gone4Eva]: sorry

2006-03-03 [spongemonkey]: :I thas right.

2006-03-06 [Gone4Eva]: WHAT EVER WHAT EVA

2006-07-12 [Monicuddles]: *tear* what a dead wiki. but the lighting it on fire was funny

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