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2011-06-28 15:30:27
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ChocoVine review

My husband and I went to the beach today for a bit of swimming and sunbathing, and we had a really great time. However, while swimming usually makes us both hungry, today it made me thirsty, so we stopped at our local liquor shop so that I could pick up some new-to-me bottles of alcohol. It was actually my husband who found ChocoVine and pointed it out to me. I’ve had chocolate wine before, only once, and I wasn’t that impressed by it. However, I figured that I would give ChocoVine a chance despite my prior experiences with chocolate wine, and so I am now enjoying a glass of it as I write this. 

ChocoVine is a product of Holland, a delightful mixture of Dutch chocolate and fine red wine. At 14% alcohol, ChocoVine has about as high an alcohol content as most other wines that I enjoy, such as Barefoot Moscato. ChocoVine comes in a tall, clear glass bottle that features lovely gold print on otherwise black labels with red trim. The image featured on the bottle is, unsurprisingly, of a windmill. 

ChocoVine is absolutely delightful in every way imaginable. Firstly, it looks delicious, exactly like chocolate milk, and the consistency of ChocoVine is exact to chocolate milk as well. Darker in color than other chocolaty alcohols that I’ve tried, such as Kahlua with Milk, ChocoVine also tastes darker, as well as smoother than those other products. While it is not at all difficult to detect both the alcohol flavor and scent in ChocoVine, more prevalent in the beverage is the taste and aroma of deep, rich, dark chocolate. While I do not generally find myself enjoying red wines, I can’t help but to like ChocoVine; the chocolate flavor is much stronger than that of the red wine mixed in, which makes it a perfect wine for me, and especially for a red!

I definitely love this wine, and I plan on keeping it around as often as possible, which shouldn’t be difficult as it is a fairly cheap wine that only cost me twelve bucks for the bottle. The flavor and aroma of ChocoVine is amazing and I can’t not recommend it!

/ [Nioniel]

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