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Learn Chinese

Welcome to this class dedicated to learning the Chinese language and writing system. I will try to keep you constantly updated with increasing lessons and I will try to pace the lessons so that you may have a better chance to master the words than you would if you had too many new words piled on you. 谢谢,武孫海。

[The Stray] - 武孫海 or 武老师


第一棵 - Chinese Pinyin
第二棵 - Chinese Greetings
第三棵 - Chinese Family (Coming Soon)
第四棵 - Chinese Dates and Time (Coming Soon)

Post all questions on Chinese Questions please.

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2009-03-28 [mimzy]: i dont know but ide like to lern how do i aply

2009-04-10 [The Stray]: put your name under students and i'll get around to helping you out!

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