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Sometimes, I write poems. I don't claim to be good - I'm not - but I do enjoy it. Maybe, you will too. I suppose we will see. If not, you'll have to suffer. Aren't I evil? Feel free to give me constructive criticism, I love it.


Wikied Poetry

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Circling One in the Same To really live In Plurals
As I await Forbidden. Between you and me Walls.
Life. Fairytales Wordplay 


And Repeat

Boy meets girl
And girl
Meets boy.

They fall in love
And closer
They become.
A wonder in
A perfect little
Stage show
Played right before your eyes.
But things
Never stay the same.

There's nothing left,
Nothing there but
Picking fights
And pretend love
Just your average,

Cry, hurt, scream.
Get over it.
Repeat all over,
Right from the beginning.
Rose-Tinted Glasses

Your eyes are red tints
Of roses, pretty, sweet, mad,
Fearing only truth.

There's a chill
There's a moaning
From the trees.
There's nothing here,
Not really.
The land is dead
And the world, it suffers.
But there she is,
That Winter maiden.
There she is
And she smiles
An icicle grin
When you and I
Begin to freeze.

Though your edges prickle and
Skin stings in your wake,
You are not unkind.
Though you cut deep,
Your teasing caress could not
Be sweeter for you are not bitter,

My garden, it sings.
Though the poison flows
Freely and the foliage scrapes
And claws at my sprawling limbs,
I lay unharmed,

For you are my garden,
I am yours and you are mine,
Thistle, dear, you are not unkind.
I'm not alone

I'm not alone,
not here, not in the light
of a dawning sun.
I'm not afraid,
not here, not in the peace
of a moment.
I'm not worried,
not here, not in this life
of freedom and bliss.

But it's not this,
not all I have said,
not the thoughts that have bled
into the open.
Just time –
and me.

An eternity of thoughts
just waiting and waiting
only to be true,
not a manifestation of my
lonesome missing
of you.
A Notion

There's a chance,
just maybe,
that words will empty
and all thought disappear
into moonlight.

There's a notion
that love,
a most powerful potion,
can sink into calm waters
and take you with it
for a blissful night's dreaming,
in a place where you can only

Here, in my mind,
is an unmatched quarry -
a certain lack of motive
mixed with the will to do,
to be, to think, to feel -
and nothing, here, can stop it.

I'm not a human body,
I don't work quite like you,
my mind is only mystery
with want to be, feel, think, do.

Though I may want and wish to only feel,
There's nothing that can make me real...

There is no more than I,
There is no more than me,
There is no more than myself
But we, alone, are three.
There is no more than eyes,
There is no more than skin,
There is no more than lips and tongue,
But so much more within.
I am only human
With conscience and a mind,
But sometimes there are other things
That, if you look, you'll find.


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