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Hello! Welcome to:


Our be true Bohemians.
To be a Bohemian, you must believe in:
Truth....Beauty...Freedom and above all things....Love!

Our Wiki is devoted to talking about just about anything to do with the Arts....Movies,Plays,Music,Literature and Art. We will have trivia questions and would like to share your Art and Literary Gems with other members of C.O.T.R.

To become a member and let us know you want to join....Paste a banner in your house and we will post your name under members.
Here's our lovely banner! Thanks [Mom]! Copy and paste it into your house when you join ^.^v


Music Question!!!!!!

Can't breath
When you touch me, see
Butterflies so crazy, mmm mmm
Whoa now, think I'm goin down
Friends don't know whats with me, mmm mmm

Name the Song & Artist.




This one is too too easy......



[Message Trivia answers to] [Mom]...

[Mom] Founder
[Channy] Co-Founder

[crimson nymph]

Username (or number or email):


2005-02-17 [DeleriumJ]: ohhhhh, it's a dragon. i was like...a bunch of grapes...and a..thing...

2005-02-17 [Citrine]: argh, shouldn't doubt myself-- I had that one! ^_~

2005-02-22 [Malnu]: yummy... new games...

2005-02-22 [Channy]: huzzah..again

2005-02-24 [Mom]: Okay guys and Gals...I added the two lines before the two I gave you before...You better get it now.

2005-02-24 [Mom]: Quess I better do another pictionary too...I will try to get it on in a little bit.

2005-02-24 [Mom]: Another super easy Pictionary...

2005-02-24 [Mom]: YEAH!!!!YIPPIE!!!! Malnu got the answer to Pictionary...."Walking On Broken Glass"

2005-02-24 [Malnu]: *grin*... well now to think up one to add to the wiki.

2005-02-25 [Perplexity]: sorry Ive not been able to participate lately =( my family returns to Paris on Monday and I'll be back in Town more regular.

2005-02-25 [Mom]: *Huggles Plexie* Spend time with family sweetie...we all understand. *whispers* I miss you tough.*wink*

2005-02-25 [Perplexity]: *big hugs* Morning Mom =) *passes a cup of Earl Grey* 

2005-02-25 [Mom]: tea for me. Coffee only thanks. *Huggles back*

2005-02-25 [Perplexity]: I can do dat! *produces a pot of high octane goodness for Mom* Im tryin to cut back to one cup of joe a day now.

2005-02-25 [Mom]: I only drink 2...they are cappuccino size cups but...=}

2005-03-19 [Malnu]: well....looks to be similar for me as well.... I'll be headed for Missouri for some school for about a month and a half. So, I won't likely be able to get to Elftown. Unless the Rooms I stay in have internet connection.

2005-03-19 [Perplexity]: =(

2005-03-19 [Mom]: Thanks [Evilmonk] for the answer To our music trivia question.

2006-03-02 [Mom]: Figured I needed to update this page and maybe get things moving on ET.

2006-03-04 [Perplexity]: Is the Pictionary the new trivia question?

2006-03-04 [Mom]: We have a new music trivia question and a new pictionary.

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