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2006-10-30 20:18:16
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Happy New Year

Hello I am Jewish and have not been able to find any wiki's for Jews. So I decided to start one. I will NOT tolerate ANY anti-semitism here and anyone that posts any will be reported to the town guards! This is not the place to express your views against Judaism, it is for Jewish people to gather and talk about their religion. So if you are Jewish or would like to know more about Judiasm then sign your name below and write a message next to it if you want. 

I am a member of [Children of Israel@*wiki]


I am a member of [Children of Israel@*wiki]

Copy and paste one of the above (or both) in your house description (without *'s)

[*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]
[.i need a friend in canada.] Nice... I love the Jews! Hell, I'm one of them!
[Peter Pan]
[living in a nightmare] My JEW-day-is-m is a big part of me so booya!!!!
[LunaSoleil] Being Jewish rocks! Go us Jewish people of Elftown!
[more meredith please!] finally a wiki for us jews!! i FEEL LOVED! as Lunasoleil said, being jewish ROCKS!!!
[bodhranbabe] Let's hear it for the Chosen People!
[pixietrick55] bless the children of Isreal, bless the torah!!
[Life on Mars?] Shalom!


Jewish Wisdom

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2004-12-22 [IChester]: Hello, I'm jewish too, from Israel. Come and check out Israelies Unite!

2005-01-08 [LadyKris]: Hello, I don't really know all that much about Judaism, but I wanted to ask you all to pray for my dog. I've been asking everybody (Christians, pagans, pet lovers) to pray for her. Her name is Puppup and she has been having these seizures and can't walk or eat. Please, please keep her in your prayers! It'd kill me if she died, I really appreciate it if you would pray for her! Thanks so much.

2005-01-09 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: Oh I'm so sorry about your doggie. My doggie Precious had about three seizures for no apparent reason. And your dog will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope she gets better really soon. I sure don't know what I would do without my Precious, I've had her since I was eight. :)

2005-01-11 [LadyKris]: Thank you! I do so appreciate it! I'll keep your doggie in my thoughts and prayers too. I can't stand to see any animal in that kinda of pain.

2005-01-16 [living in a nightmare]: WoW soory to hear about the puppies, I love animals and will most definatly have your pets in my prayers.       .......*_*Smiley on Evstasy, you'r pupies name is Precious, that't the name of my kitten, lol weird. But yeah, WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO JEWISH UNITY!!!

2005-01-18 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: Everyone says my dogs name doesn't suit her. But thats just because they haven't gotten to know her. and thats because she is shy. KITTIES! GO JEWS!!! WOOHOO!

2005-01-20 [LadyKris]: Well, Puppup seems to be coming along good now, but is have a little trouble seeing. Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers!

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