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2006-10-30 20:18:16
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Happy New Year

Hello I am Jewish and have not been able to find any wiki's for Jews. So I decided to start one. I will NOT tolerate ANY anti-semitism here and anyone that posts any will be reported to the town guards! This is not the place to express your views against Judaism, it is for Jewish people to gather and talk about their religion. So if you are Jewish or would like to know more about Judiasm then sign your name below and write a message next to it if you want. 

I am a member of [Children of Israel@*wiki]


I am a member of [Children of Israel@*wiki]

Copy and paste one of the above (or both) in your house description (without *'s)

[*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]
[.i need a friend in canada.] Nice... I love the Jews! Hell, I'm one of them!
[Peter Pan]
[living in a nightmare] My JEW-day-is-m is a big part of me so booya!!!!
[LunaSoleil] Being Jewish rocks! Go us Jewish people of Elftown!
[more meredith please!] finally a wiki for us jews!! i FEEL LOVED! as Lunasoleil said, being jewish ROCKS!!!
[bodhranbabe] Let's hear it for the Chosen People!
[pixietrick55] bless the children of Isreal, bless the torah!!
[Life on Mars?] Shalom!


Jewish Wisdom

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2005-11-27 [pixietrick55]: Shalom my friends! l'shanah tovah bodhranbabe! and hope you all have a happy hanukah!!!!

2005-11-27 [LunaSoleil]: Happy Hanukkah!

2005-12-21 [whiteashfire]: happy happy hanukkah

2006-01-12 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: Ah! I am so late on here! HAPPY HANNUKAH EVERYONE!

2006-06-30 [LunaSoleil]: Woot! And now it's already summer! Uhhh...let's see... Happy... *Tries to think of the nearest Jewish holiday from now*

2006-08-28 [Zana]: No one loves me

2006-08-28 [LunaSoleil]: Oh? Why do you say that?

2006-10-16 [~username~]: I love you! I think.....

2006-11-02 [Life on Mars?]: Almost Channukkah!

2006-11-02 [LunaSoleil]: Hurray!!!

2006-11-03 [~username~]: Yea!!!!

2006-11-03 [Life on Mars?]: Oct. far away!!! :(

2006-11-06 [~username~]: Yeah, like almost a year... Does anyone actually use the Jewish calender anymore?

2006-11-06 [Life on Mars?]: I do!

2006-11-06 [Life on Mars?]: Oops, I meant December 15 anyway. :(

2006-11-08 [~username~]: I've lost track of mine.

2006-11-08 [Life on Mars?]: Hey guys! Check out my new wiki, Anti-Anti-Semitism !

2006-11-09 [~username~]: w00t!!!! I heart you Sinderella!!!

2006-11-09 [Life on Mars?]: Thanks!

2006-11-10 [~username~]: Welcome!

2008-03-22 [pixietrick55]: Everyone have fun on Purim?

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