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2007-10-23 11:02:23
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Chicken with Saffron Rice


For 4 servings

<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 1 kg of chicken (in portions)
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 2 cups of rice
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 1 big onion, sliced& diced :)
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 100ml of wine (I use red because it gives a more rich taste)
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Butter or Olive Oil
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 5-8 cups of hot water
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 2 stock cubes with chicken or vegetable flavour (Maggi cubes etc)
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Some Saffron
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Salt& pepper

<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Heat 2 spoonfuls of butter in a pot and saute the chicken until it gets a brownish colour on all sides.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Add the onion and stir for 1-2 minutes until it softens.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Pour the wine over and wait for some moments for the alcohol to evaporate. When the alcohol's gone add salt& pepper to your liking. Add hot water till the chicken is covered. Cover the pot and let the chicken simmer until it softens.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> In another pot or in a pan heat 2-3 spoonfuls of butter. Add the rice in and stir until all grains are covered with butter. Add 5 cups of the hot water, the stock cubes, salt& pepper and the saffron. Cover the pot and let it simmer until it absorbs the water.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Serve hot, and accompany with your favourite salad!

You can also avoid the saffron if you don't have it. It's a very nice dish anyway ^^

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2007-10-23 [SilverFire]: Erm mincing an onion doesn't really work in English. :P 'Diced' makes more sense.

*haunts* :3

2007-10-23 [Jitter]: Ooh I read that "minced" is something chopped in very small pieces x)
Minced meat in greek has its own word so it beats me xD

I usually go to a cooking site and see the english cooking lingo :P Thanks though ^^

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