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Chelsey-p's Veelillian Characters

Name: Chevisha Fortinlieas
Age: 600,532
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long Red
Gender: Female
Clothes: Her skin tanned she wears gold and red armor. That of roman men armor sets.
Weapon:Dragon halibard that her father passed down to her.
Race:Human/Younger God
Occupation/Rank:Ruler of Kingdom of Blades/Goddess of War
Personality: Rare that she's very hot tempered. But wise and kind. Not interested in love as she only loves to train and battle.
Enemys: Altalia (The one who killed her family and is now trying to take over Veelillian
Crush/lover: Oldus Corven (Her Husband that she has lost all memory of)
Favorite quote: (optional)
Past:Chevisha is always one with batle that when at the age 16 she was declared Goddess of War. She was envied by many of the younger gods that Altalia, Goddess of Darkness always tried to kill her. She fell in love with Oldus Corven, God of Blades. That they were married and had two children. During one of his missions Altalia killed him with the help of a titan. Word got out and Chevisha was torn for the death of her husband. Knowing who took his life she marched to her shrine where the two fought for over 200,000 years. Causing havoic over the world of Veelillian. The Elders gods only watched the two duke it out but in the end Airlick, Elder god of Air broke them up and took their powers. From this they lost their memory of why they even fought. Sadly she had also lost her children at the hands of Altilia's men when she went to fight her. Roaming the world of Veelillian to find out what part of her life she lost, she came across the remains of Castle Fortknox. Seeing the land and the benefits she saw within them. She rebuild it and the kingdom back ot it's former glory. Deciding on the name of the Kingdom she called it the Kingdom of Blades. Not knowing the reason, beside the tugging feeling in her heart that someone in her life meant a lot to her. But not knowing who.
Strength: Her companions and her family. Incredible strength and speed. Can summon a dragon from her Haliberd.(more soon)
Weakness: Loved ones. She has no choice but give up so her loved one doesn't get hurt and can't use spells for long.
Kingdom: Kingdom of Blades
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