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Chess: Strategies

The Four Move Chekmate
The simplest and perhaps one of the most overlooked is the four move checkmate. This move is often used on new players and it is a positive checkmate in as little in four moves unless you know how to stop it. Characteristic of the four move checkmate are the positions of the Bishop and Queen. If you see your opponent moving their Bishop and Queen early in the game, it's a good bet that they are setting up for the four move checkmate. Do not be tricked into thinking that this checkmate can only be done in four moves either; even players who know about the four move are defeated because their opponent was able to disguise the checkmate with many fake moves. One should always be on the watch when the Queen is attacking the King's Bishop Pawn.
Move your Knight in front of King's Bishop Pawn.

The First Move
A good opening move is to move forward the pawn in front of the King. By moving the king's pawn forward both the bishop and the queen are now freed to move. No other opening move frees up two pieces like that.


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2007-05-16 [Shadowsoul]: have you ever heard of the scottish defence?

2007-05-17 [Stephen]: Actually, no I haven't.
What is it? :)

2007-05-18 [Shadowsoul]: it where the pawns infront of the king and queen are moved two spaces ahead and the knights are placed one backwards to the right/left of the pawns. it is a four move defence, and is hard to penetrate. it sorta looks like this _--_ (the upper dash being the pawns, the lower one being the knights)

2007-05-24 [Stephen]: Ah, I understand that.

2007-05-24 [Shadowsoul]: *smiles* It's a hard defense to break

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