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Chess: Piece Movements


The King
The king can move one square.

The Queen
The Queen can move until she meets an obstacle (end of board or other piece) in straight lines and in diagonals.

The Rook
The Rook can move in horizontal and vertical lines, until it meets an obstacle (end of board or a piece).

The Biship
The Bishop can move diagonally until it meets an obstacle (end of board or a piece).

The Knight
The Knight can move in a three square L shape, and is the only piece able to "jump" over other pieces.

The Pawn
The Pawn can initially move one or two squares, but then after that it can only move one square. A pawn can capture an enemy piece by moving diagonally. The pawn is the only piece that cannot move backwards. Also, if the pawn reaches the other side of the board, it may be turned into any other piece besides a king. (Most people choose a queen)


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