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Himmels are © Kim Baerwaldt [Aeolynn] 2009-2010. Please do not draw or create a character from the species without her permission!

11 years old
Interesting Fact:
When a Himmel purrs, it sounds more like "Murr"
History of the Himmel:
Cheshia has a black back with some blue on her sides. She also has a long narrow black line going from the bottom of her nose and all the way up her forehead, ending at her mane. Her eyes are a cobalt blue with her ears, mane, and belly matching in color. She has the normal fins on her ears, ankles and wrists and her tail is of a bright orange color with a bit of red and yellow mixed in. Her tail starts out rather thick at the base but slowly begins to narrow as it nears the tip of it. After her shoulders, a thin monotone stripe starts and runs down her spine to end at her rump, just like any other Himmel.
Cheshia is a very curious creature sometimes too curious, getting her into a bit of trouble. She can take her of herself very well. Her self defense skills are great compared to other Himmel's. She is very accepting of others and isn't quick to judge. She will spend a lifetime getting to know a person before she judges them, and even then it isn't in her nature. Himmel's are very empathetic creatures and that gene has been carried on through Cheshia, from her ancestors. She is not one to kill unless her life depends on it, if she can run or fly and get away without a problem, she will.
Cheshia grew up with very protective parents. They taught her anything and everything she needed to know about protecting herself and she never needed to put her skills to the test until she was full grown. Once she turned the age of 11 her parents decided it was time for a new territory, further away from the humans to live. Instead of following her parents she decided to stay on her own and live a new life, so she remained. One morning she awoke with a start in the dim light of the desert dawn. A great sense of danger washed over her. A rush of emotions, the prominent one being a threat her life was very near. Her beautiful cobalt eyes fluttered open and she saw humans inching towards her. She let out a cry and jumped to her feet. Without another beat of her heart, Cheshia took off across the desert and ever since that day she has been on the run for her life. She's managed too hide for a time being. She's even killed a few of the humans but still, the group of hunters insist on taking her life, or capturing her to sell on the market.

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