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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to Chemistry!

- [Thunder Cid]



- [Arctik]*
- [Anarias]*
- [Firenze]
- [Jivo]
- [Thunder Cid]**



- Alchemical Science by [Thunder Cid]
- Atom model by [Jivo]
- Foundation Chemistry - [Firenze]
- Preliminary Chemistry by [Arctik]


Questions and Answers:

- Chemistry Questions and Answers
You can either message one of the Chemistry Teachers or you can leave a question in the question and answer bit. Either way, you will get a answer fairly quickly.


- Chemistry: Rules


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2005-03-14 [Tears of the Dead Star]: wow ur good : ) thank you soo much

2005-03-14 [Jivo]: You're welcome ;)

2005-03-21 [ravens shadow]: To any of the teachers If you ever want some ideas on lessons Im learning chem now and LOVE it so I can give you ideas on what 2 put up

2005-03-22 [Firenze]: Yeah sure we need plenty of ideas if you want you can message me ideas on what you would like to see on ETA Chemistry, as I am the Chemistry Professor.

2005-05-10 [Darth Wobble]: i wanna job

2005-05-11 [Firenze]: Well make a classroom with the topic you know the best about in chemistry and then place it in the board of governers page so I can review it.

2005-05-11 [Darth Wobble]: erm...bit hard 4 me

2005-05-12 [Firenze]: Why??

2005-05-12 [Darth Wobble]: i dno what 2 do, i just wanna be a teacher- mayb an assisten teacher

2005-05-12 [Firenze]: Well you can't teach unless you have a classroom

2005-05-12 [Darth Wobble]: but, i can help in a classroom that sum1 else made

2005-05-12 [Firenze]: Right I am going to send you a list of Chemistry question tonight when I get home from work and if you answer them all correctly without anyone from this sites help I might let you join

2005-05-12 [Jivo]: Wanting to be a teacher is quite commendable, but keep in mind that you have a responsibility to provide accurate and clear knowledge about a certain subject. And that can be pretty hard sometimes.

2005-05-13 [Darth Wobble]: yep.....thats y im having 2nd thoughts

2005-05-13 [Firenze]: Thanks [Jivo]

2005-05-24 [NightTheOwl]: I need to know the atomic weight of (Ne)

2005-05-25 [Jivo]: You can look that up in the periodic table: . The atomic weight of Ne for instance is 10u. (u is the atomic mass unit = 1.660538 × 10-27 kilograms)

2005-08-23 [The Alchemist]: hey how about you let me join this page? i'm studying to become a biochemical engineer

2005-08-23 [The Alchemist]: send me a message if i can join this page

2005-08-25 [Thunder Cid]: Do you have your classroom template set up?

2005-08-25 [The Alchemist]: not yet, i got examns to pass so i don't have much time now. haven't dicided on a subject either

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