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Kakari - Alien with Dream control and Illusions
Virginia Rubens - Book worm with paper control
Isabelle Carrington - Bind, Rich girl with super strength
Morgan Trice - Punk guitarist with super speed
Jake Smouke - Flirtatious biker with self destructive powers.
Jaden Relman and Jayden Relman - Half alien cuties with gravity and hypnosis.
Kale Tashino - Surfer with healing powers
Amy Clark - Scientist to be with an acid body
Penelope Carrington - Pink girl who controls energy
Hunter Hutchenson - Canadian who can turn into an elk


Bea-004 - Robot babe
Akane Tokushima - Peacock-themed ninja
Diji - 11 year old jungle girl going through an odd puberty
Molly Depth - Wolf alpha with a spunky attitude.


Maxwell Tucker - Suave pilot
Demetri Bashmet - Creep General
Divya Meejiti - Indian cop from the future.
Taylor Samson - Hermaphrodite Bio-engineer


Cheyenne Adams - Cyborg rebel
Rose/Roxie Callahan - Mace chic with a double personality
Monty Flowers - Flamboyant Brit with a Shepard's crook


Damian Jinlark - Chimera that can't hold a job
Tanith - Ignorant Naga
Eris Discordia - Greek vampire
Sayur - Stuck up Himmel
Margaret Mise - Corpse from the '20s

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