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(Logo by the masterful [Gryph])

Nothing to do with cheese! It's just a tax dodge!

The entrance door is low and anyone much taller than a dwarf must stoop to get in. A fire is burning steadily on one wall, and it spreads a warm glow through the rest of the room. In front of the fire a chess set sits on a small table in between a couple of comfortable looking chairs.
There is a raised area that looks like it would be used as a stage (a fine harp is already set upon it welcoming anyone to play), and beside that is a closed door with a sign nailed to it that reads "Bugger Off!"
To the right of the room a half dozen stools are placed in front of a well polished bar. A wide selection of liquors and inebriating brews are visible on the shelved walls behind.
And to the left, tucked away in the shadows of the last corner is a table bordered by heavy wooden bench seats.
All in all it's a rather small room, but cosy and quite inviting. The proprietors, [Stormy] and [BadCat] are terribly proud of their little establishment.

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Dead_Cheese3 to reminisce about Oompa Loompas and Rocky Horror re-enactments, and something about druggy Elmos and eating sharks.
Bloody hell, Dead_Cheese4 for butterflies, "cookeys" (are nice), and bottled brain matter. Next up: Purple mead, cleaning fluid, and way too many "Oh gosh, I just woke up, how did I get here?"s.
Dead_Cheese5 for proof that Rana is evil, homemade tasers and giant thoughtbubbles.

[Arctik] hurls a screwdriver at Willow. "Don't think so loud, ye flamin' adjective! You don't know what you're musing about." The ceiling once again creaks, and a small plume of silvery, sparking dust trickles from an indeterminate location onto the floor. "Oh shit. Does anyone here know anything about fairies?"

"well they're supposed to die if u say u dont believe in them," suggests [dilandau].

"And their little bones get caught in your mouth," BC adds helpfully.

"And you can pick them up by the arms or legs and pull their wings off," Willow puts in with a devilish grin.

"Yes." Jewl answers from her spot on an unusually ugly purple and lime green cushion which she had been slowly tearing apart, thread by thread. "I know a bit. Why, pixie problems? You know it must have been the sparkly Furbies with the orange bald spots that made this cushion. I mean, come on, everyone knows you don't use Mauve thread in a cross-haired stitch. You use Grey-Pink LAVENDER thread."

Willow raises an incredulous eyebrow at Jewl's statement. "What's the world coming to these days?" she wonders, shaking her head. "You can't trust anyone to do anything right anymore. Nobody knows what the hell they're doing. Tsk."

For lack of anything better to do, Willow spontaneously combusts.

BC wakes up after centuries of slumber. "Ooowah. I feel like Sleeping," she muffles a yawn, "Beauty. My feet are numb, and my mouth tastes like moth balls. It itty bitty type." She stumbles over to the bar and scoops up some stale peanuts from the floor, stuffing them into her mouth. "Mmm, chewy. Who's up for a birthday?"

Willow, having decided to celebrate Halloween not only with sweets and, well, more sweets, but also with a trip to Elftown, stretches her cramped and charred limbs. "Eh, I just had one." She goes to brush a bit of burnt flesh off of her shoulder, and her entire arm collapses into a heap of ash. Her brow furrows curiously. "Well that can't be good."

"Here, have some stickytape. Stickytape will make it better," BC mumbles, handing over a small guinea pig. "If you put cheese with it, it will be even better. Kind of like capsicum sultanas." She dances a quick little jig to prove her point.

"i thought you guys didnt sell cheese," says [dilandau]. 

"We don't sell it, but we sure as hell eat a lot of it." BC jerks up the leg of her pants to reveal a pale oozing substance on her right shin. "Look! Part of me has turned to brie!" She dips a finger into the goop and slurps it off happily. "Absolutely divine. Anyone wanna taste of cat-brie?"

"Cat-brie? No thanks, I think Jewl-Gouda is better, but unfortunately I have none at the moment..." Jewl says, a small sprinkle of dust coming from the ceiling, where she had been tossed after Willow's explosion.

"just.....ew," [dilandau] says before running to the back to throw up.

"what's this I hear about Cat-Brie?" asks [fungi] curiously as he enters [BadCat]'s and [Stormy]'s fine establishment. I am the famed cheese conosouier, [fungi] (pardon the pun). does anyone want to try my mishcotta?

"I hate cheese," Willow says abruptly, nabbing the guinea pig from BC. She pockets it, just in case she finds a need for it in the future. "I think I'll call him Butter."

[LustForLike] orders pizza - with cheese: and all without making a sound. He gets the impression the person he ordered from was somewhat confused, but puts it down to them not being a pizza delivery company, rather than to his silent ordering; and so he has no reason to suspect his order will not arrive promptly. And with cheese.

Willow, having been resurrected from the dead for the evening for the occasion of possible pizza-eating, wanders around a little bit dazedly and pretends to be a martini.

[Jewl] immediately spots the Willtini, and leaps to the guzzle--- err, I mean, rescue, leaps to the rescue.

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2004-09-09 [SsrVoice]: man I'm feeling the love in here </sarcasm>.....

2004-09-13 [Arctik]: 'Kill' has an entirely alternate meaning in the Cheese Shop. Unless you're Rana or wearing a pink flannel shirt.

2004-09-13 [SsrVoice]: The cheese shop should have its own dictionary!..someone who can't spell should get right on that..

2004-09-14 [BadCat]: The job's yours, then! Congratulations!

2004-09-15 [SsrVoice]: woohoo thanks..I'll do that in like....6 months

2004-09-20 [dilandau]: pink? i thought it was red... well my memory isnt what it used to be...

2004-09-22 [SsrVoice]: lol

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: any danish blue?

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: lancaster? venezualen beaver cheese? nowrgegian sheeps cheese?

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: white stilton? red lester? wedminster? danish blue? camamber?

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: gouda? edam? windslydale? gorgonzola? parmazane? cheddar?

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: illchester?

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: limburger?

2004-09-22 [SsrVoice]: ....u refering to cheese.....we dont do cheese here....

2004-09-22 [Stormy]: And of course you'd know that if you read below the banner... nothing to do with cheese! It's just a tax dodge.

2004-09-22 [Arctik]: What a clever git! Look at how many varieties of cheese it knows! Such intelligence compares only with my sarcasm.

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: hehe i know even more ^_^ won't bother you with those though =P

2004-09-22 [Stormy]: I can see that you're a very considerate person.

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: thank you =P just for that i'll give you a hug *huggles* ^_^

2004-09-22 [Stormy]: Oh, no... no huggles for me, hon, you have no idea where I've been!

2004-09-22 [Cookieholic]: *smells* you smell okay ^_^ *hug*

2004-09-22 [Stormy]: I am so misunderstood.

2004-09-22 [LustForLike]: You should have worn spikey things.

2004-09-23 [Stormy]: Yes, I think that would be a good investment.

2004-09-23 [BadCat]: And fashionable, too! You can't say that of the shares just purchased in Sewer'n'Septics'r'Us! (It's the way of the future, proven by the ways of the past.)

2004-09-23 [dilandau]: u know ive been wondering how the cheese thing works as a tax dodge if u have a sign that says its a tax dodge for everyone to see....

2004-09-23 [LustForLike]: Tax inspectors have super powers to inspect bank transactions and tiny irrelevant pieces of paper, but this makes them so near-sighted they can't possibly see something as obvious as a sign. Everyone knows that.

2004-09-24 [BadCat]: Dilandau isn't an everyone then. Can I be neverone?

2004-09-24 [LustForLike]: Never.

2004-09-24 [BadCat]: Pout. You're so unfai-air... (nota bene: hyphenation indicates whining quality in speech.)

2004-09-24 [LustForLike]: You mean you have some other way of speaking?

2004-09-24 [BadCat]: Sometimes I slur.

2004-09-24 [LustForLike]: That's a wining quality.

2004-09-24 [BadCat]: Surely it's only a matter of time before making bad puns is an offense punishable by death...

2004-09-24 [LustForLike]: Even if it were, I'd still get off on semantics. I don't make the puns, they exist independantly. You can't get rid of me that easily.

2004-09-24 [BadCat]: Heh. I was in a cemetery the other day, and they had stuff--erh, the dead, id est--divided into religious sections. Catholic, Christian, Independant.... IndependANT?

2004-09-24 [LustForLike]: It wasn't etched in stone, was it? Then they'd have a reasonable excuse for not correcting it. It's funny that the dead still need to be told which group they're in - you'd think they'd know by then. That was, I thought, the whole point of it all.

2004-09-24 [Stormy]: Are you implying that the dead write their own epitaphs and devide themselves into groups? Call me misinformed but I always thought that the dead had people to dig their graves for them.

2004-09-24 [LustForLike]: Only the lazy ones. Isn't it still just a little silly to divide dead people up by what they believe?

2004-09-28 [Arctik]: I'm sure that some would prefer it that way. But hey, you ought to see the 'memorial garden'. Heh heh... It's memorable, that's for sure.

2004-10-01 [dilandau]: maybe they have to all go into seperate lines in the underworld. u know like the DMV. theyll wait for centuries in one line and then if someone put their grave in the wrong place they find out right when they finally get to the desk and then have to go to the end of another line.

2004-10-02 [~Clotho]: Cheese!

2004-10-02 [BadCat]: Not AGAIN..... grrowly pony! In an irritated sense of the term...

2004-10-02 [~Clotho]: What did I do? I'm new. I don't know what to do. sorry.

2004-10-02 [BadCat]: A lot of people drop by and mumble inane things about Cheese... when, if anyone bothered to read the intro... it's clear that there is NO cheese here. Not even electronic-pretend kind. Also, if you want to get that image working, you should note the instruction to remove the asterisks (*). Sigh.

2004-10-02 [~Clotho]: I know that I just felt like saying something random. I guess I'll just leave then.

2004-10-02 [BadCat]: You're welcome to come play with the other kids... come into the Shop, if you wish. Edit the page. Have some vodka.

2004-10-02 [~Clotho]: Ok. Thanks.

2004-10-03 [Stormy]: BadCat!!! Be nice to the newbie... we need more vict... er... friends... people... somehtingses in here...

2004-10-03 [BadCat]: I WAS nice! I'm not usually that bloody sugary and sweet to most people. Gah.

2004-10-03 [~Clotho]: Victoms? *looks for quick exit*

2004-10-05 [Arctik]: Victoms? Aargh!    Pah.

2004-10-09 [~Clotho]: Good. I was a little afraid there.

2004-10-09 [dilandau]: well bc uve never been outright horrible to me. but maybe thats because for the most part i try not to annoy u.

2004-10-14 [Arctik]: I try to annoy her all the time, and she certainly isn't horrible to me.

2004-10-14 [dilandau]: so calling u git-face all the time doesnt count?

2004-10-14 [BadCat]: Tsk tsk, get it right. Git-Face is LustForLike...!

2004-10-15 [Arctik]: Precisely! Although on occasion she calls me 'bastard' a lot. I don't think she realises it.

2004-10-15 [BadCat]: Shrug. Everyone is a bastard, in the end.

2004-10-17 [Stormy]: But are we bastards in the begining?

2004-10-17 [BadCat]: Nah, we're just 'bast's. The 'ard' comes with time.

2004-10-18 [dilandau]: oohhh i get the pple i dont actually talk to mixed up. the only pple i can tell apart is saji, stormy, gryph and badcat.

2004-10-18 [BadCat]: Snigger. That's... funny...

2004-10-19 [Arctik]: No it isn't. He crossed me with Git-face. That isn't funny at all.

2004-10-19 [SAHS]: Poor Git-face...

2004-10-19 [LustForLike]: No kidding. Can you imagine what the babies would be like?

2004-10-19 [BadCat]: ... oh, thanks. That's an image I'll be stuck with for a while.

2004-10-29 [Rana]: Hullo! The wonderful Rana has returned!

2004-10-30 [Arctik]: Surprisingly, I didn't notice your absence.

2004-10-31 [Rana]: Really? Good lord.

2004-10-31 [Arctik]: Which lord are you referring to?

2004-10-31 [BadCat]: I noticed. I went to see if you were interested in the Insult Arena Championships... grin. Glad to see you're still alive, mortified to see you're back here.

2004-11-10 [Rana]: I am alive indeed. . .spreading the love! Def. interested in the insult champs. . .am I too late?

2004-11-10 [SAHS]: Not unless it's past January first.

2004-11-13 [dilandau]: maybe i should go to the insult arena....

2004-11-14 [baldi]: All of those bashing Rana can go burn in Hell. She is an articulate, butiful, brilant, outspoken liberal.

2004-11-14 [Rana]: *Blush* Um, thanks. That's my. . .friend. Or boyfriend. I'm very confused as to our present status. Oh, and he isn't 86. . .his descripition says that by accident.

2004-11-17 [BadCat]: Bashing Rana? Us? Ptth. I wouldn't lay hands on that kid. I'd probably get rabies, or leprosy.

2004-11-17 [Rana]: Hence the word bashing, dear.

2004-11-17 [BadCat]: Ah, but baldi did not specify whether the bashing was physical or verbal. I'm at least 50% innocent, yeah?

2004-11-17 [Rana]: You never have been innocent and you never will be. A fascinating development - since my return I've become a big fan of the word "upsilamba." Anyone heard it before?

2004-11-17 [BadCat]: Blimey... no, I haven't--and I've had a bloody hard time trying to find a bloody definition for the bloody thing. Bloody bloody. Where'd you pick that one up from?

2004-11-19 [Rana]: It's a combination of two greek letters, upsilam and another one. . .

2004-11-19 [LustForLike]: You mean upsilon. The other is lambda, I believe.

2004-11-20 [Rana]: Eh, thanks for bolstering my ignorance. *Blush*

2004-11-28 [BELSEA!]: im joining!

2004-11-30 [Arctik]: Ooh, how delightful! Would you like your name on a list, and a badge to go with that?

2004-11-30 [dilandau]: yeah a badge would be cool

2004-12-01 [Arctik]: I hope you were being as sarcastic as I, dil.

2004-12-01 [BadCat]: I wonder what someone would have to say or do to not be harrassed by cynical-bastard-cheese-shoppians the instant they make their presence known.

2004-12-01 [Arctik]: Who's being cynical? I'm not being cynical. I love everything.

2004-12-08 [Rana]: BC, you should probably kick him out. . .he scares away the customers. Oh, look who's talking. *Shuts up*

2004-12-09 [BadCat]: This won't work, I know.

2004-12-09 [BadCat]: Oh, holy monkeys it does! Guys--Arctik in particular--I can't send messages, or write in guestbooks (I blame the evil WEBTV). Anyway... Arc, I'll try to harass you properly when I get this thing working. When it's not 6.30am, and when I haven't been up all night. And when I'm wearing pants, too. Pants are occasionally (shit, two c's or two s's? I can never remember) handy. No bad offbeat pun intended. Damn, I'm tired. Maybe breakfast is in order. What was I saying? Right. Will send messages, postcards, letters, etc, later. Oh... and pre-sliced cucumber has ruined my life.

2004-12-10 [SAHS]: Really? Pre-sliced cucumbers have made mine so much easier. Thanks for the IA pictures, by the way. I'll get to work on those within the next few weeks or so--once cobi's sent some in. -.-

2004-12-10 [Rana]: I hate cucumber either way, so I'm non partisan.

2004-12-11 [dilandau]: um...yes...i was being sarcastic....yeah......bye now.

2004-12-12 [Rana]: It's two c's by the way, BC.

2004-12-13 [Rana]: DAMN DAMN DAMN! Crap, I was just training our new puppy and I smeared this bitter stuff on my hands so he wouldn't nip them and now I'm eating peanuts and. . .damn that tastes bad.

2004-12-14 [Arctik]: PRE-SLICED cucumber? Gods, if that's some Floridian thing, then I pity you. I also pity your WEBTV experience, Mormons, and some toast that I forgot about this morning. I haven't been online in a week anyway, because I've been conducting an important social experiment. Very important. Very distracting. Mindnever.

2004-12-17 [Rana]: Doesn't she live in Australia, not Florida? I'm clueless.

2004-12-18 [BadCat]: I'm Aussie, Rana. I'm spending a couple of weeks in Florida, though.

2004-12-18 [Stormy]: Yes, and that's bad... because Stormy misses BadCat, especially when bad rum is involved...

2004-12-18 [BadCat]: And BadCat misses Stormy, especially when alcohol of any variant is being missed out on! I just tried replying to yon message, babe, but it didn't work. I had a whole big spiel about this cool Silk-dream I had. There was a Yeerk in it. He was Silk's tailor. Heehee. Sigh. Miss you, love yeh, Sir Joc.

2004-12-18 [BadCat]: They are yeerks, aren't they? From that those books? That crawl in your ear? I don't know, I never read 'em. But this thing was short and dumpy. About waist height. Like a fat oompaloompa!

2004-12-18 [Stormy]: Heheh, Oooooopaloooooompa, hehehehe. Yes ma'dear, they are Yeerks. Anyone else read Animorphs by K.A. Applegate? Not the TV series! That sucked... not that I ever really watched it.

2004-12-19 [Arctik]: Ugh. They differ from Goosebumps only because they were a series. Drivel.

2004-12-19 [Stormy]: I guess I can't defend them as I used to read Goosebumps when I was younger, as well. But I thought they were bloody awesome when they first came out.

2004-12-20 [Rana]: Yeerks? I did read Animorphs for about 2 seconds. . .then I realized it was concentrated Martian crap.

2004-12-21 [dilandau]: ur in florida? are u gonna visit saji?

2004-12-23 [Rana]: Fur will fly if she does. . .

2004-12-24 [BadCat]: Miss Saji drove down to visit me yesterday (Thurs 23). Little fur flew (hah), if you disregard the cow pelt... but that happened to her before she arrived, anyway. Sigh. I can't wait for the merchandise to come out.

2004-12-25 [dilandau]: she still refuses to meet me. am i that scary?

2004-12-25 [Rana]: Possibly.

2004-12-26 [SsrVoice]: lol yes I missed any cow wrangling on the drive back thankfully. I spent all night thinking up the designs I'm still a little stuck on Gryphs many wardrobe changes...

2004-12-27 [BadCat]: Snigger. Wardrobe sold separately, Saji? And I was thinking with a couple of different colour combs--to match whatever the theme of the day is.

2004-12-28 [SsrVoice]: ooo thats good....omg even better what if he came with several detatchably heads with different hair styles!! lol and the different combs would go with the different heads ..yes yes...its brilliant

2004-12-28 [Gryph]: detachable head? I'm confused.

2004-12-28 [Rana]: Join the club. I am definitely confused. BC and Saji always make me feel like my (non-detatchable) head is going to explode.

2004-12-29 [dilandau]: y dont u both just buy dolls? a real detachable head would be way too messy.

2004-12-30 [Gryph]: Hmm, a Gryph doll. I'll see what I can do Saji ;)

2005-01-01 [BadCat]: Rana's head is detachable. So's her arm. They're connected with string, though. LFL's head comes off... Stormy's hand comes off... Hey Saji--will all of Gryph's spare heads have that heat-colour-changie-thing?

2005-01-01 [SsrVoice]: OF course...I mean one will be water changing that one will go with his speedo outfit, the other will be heat changing for his going out clothes and the others will change colors depending on what sort of alcohol u spritz on them for his going out at night clothes :)

2005-01-01 [Rana]: BC! It's not string, it's barbed wire, you smashed feline. . .

2005-01-02 [Arctik]: This is beginning to make sense, actually... frightening as that is.

2005-01-02 [BadCat]: Should Gryph's wardrobe include undergarments? I mean, if he's got speedos... then some leopard pattern thongs wouldn't go astray.... (muffles giggles with a large green pillow)

2005-01-03 [SsrVoice]:*clears throat* um...yes... briliant idea I mean if he doesnt come with underpants then we must conclude that he goes...."comando" so the question at hand is does gryph wear underwear and if he does then it most definitly be included or atleast sold separatly....yes...

2005-01-08 [Gryph]: *wonders why BC is talking about him in leopard pattern thongs*

2005-01-08 [dilandau]: one must also wonder if the gryph doll will have the same thing under his underwear that the ken doll has...

2005-01-09 [BadCat]: Of course it will. The dolls are being as closely modelled from real life as possible.

2005-01-09 [Gryph]: Which means yours will be a top heavy, 3 holed, bitch doll with her mouth (and other orifaces) permanently open.. just like real life ;)

2005-01-09 [SsrVoice]: ...*scratches her head in thought* no thats ranas doll...

2005-01-09 [BadCat]: Wasn't he talking to Dilandau?

2005-01-09 [SAHS]: Funny, I was gonna wonder if we were getting Gryph's and BC's dolls mixed up, here... ;)

2005-01-10 [BadCat]: BadCat, gitface, Arctik, Willow, Saji, Stormy, Gryph, Dil, Rana.... That's only 9. I hate this game.

2005-01-11 [LustForLike]: Look on the bright side - at least the number of watchers didn't fluctuate due to you imagining things.

2005-01-11 [BadCat]: I don't know if I've mentioned it lately... but I really do wish that your head would implode.

2005-01-11 [LustForLike]: No, you hadn't mentioned it in such a long time that I was beginning to think you didn't care at all. Sniff.

2005-01-11 [BadCat]: Of course I care, darling. In fact, I think about your head imploding, and your back filled with thumbtacks, and screwdrivers up to their hilts in your eyeballs, well, all the time!

2005-01-11 [LustForLike]: Aww, Cat, that's so sweet! Do the screwdrivers go in my eyeballs before, or after my head implodes?

2005-01-11 [BadCat]: Both, if the eyeballs can be found after the implosion. I'm thoughtful like that.

2005-01-11 [LustForLike]: You might have to keep dreaming, dear - the screwdrivers and thumbtacks are within the realms of possibility, but in order to implode my head would have to become emptier than even yours.

2005-01-11 [BadCat]: That won't be a problem achieving... all we need to do is remove the sawdust and dog excrement from your cranium... with that out of the way, there'd only be a few cobwebs left inside your skull.

2005-01-11 [LustForLike]: While it's pleasing to see you have an almost realistic view of the contents of your head being somewhere between sawdust and dog excrement, and a few cobwebs, You're being just a touch optimistic there.

2005-01-11 [BadCat]: Oh! I thought you were trying to make a joke with that comment, suggesting that it's difficult to be less mentally endowed than I am, when I'm obviously at the pinnacle of human intelligence--see, talk of removing the contents of your head was for optimum implosion. Silly, silly boy.

2005-01-11 [LustForLike]: While I'm fairly certain you weren't trying to make a joke there, your poor addled brain seems to have confused the words "human" and "brick."

2005-01-15 [Arctik]: Don't burn all your good ones before your next IA match, you two.

2005-01-16 [BadCat]: Good ones? Where?

2005-01-17 [Arctik]: Well, they were pretty good for LFL. Mutter.

2005-01-18 [nim the dim]: *nods*

2005-01-18 [SAHS]: I love cream soda.

2005-01-19 [BadCat]: I don't. Fizzy stuff hurts my throat. I'm a big pansy.

2005-01-19 [Arctik]: World's Biggest Pansies!

2005-01-19 [BadCat]: Teehee.

2005-01-19 [Arctik]: I've been gardening today. Didn't see any pansies, but I did clear about two square metres of mutant spinach from my grandmother's garden. Shovels are fun.

2005-01-20 [SAHS]: Shovels are fun. Whoever invented them was a genius -- they're good for soooooooo many things!

2005-01-20 [BadCat]: Yeah. Mutter. Like being hit over the head with, if you say the wrong thing to that sexy old man at the end of Zork: Nemesis. Mutter mutter.

2005-01-20 [nim the dim]: buggerit, buggerem, millenium hand an' shrimp.

2005-01-20 [BadCat]: Stupid duck.

2005-02-16 [nim the dim]: soo... who's gonna edit?

2005-02-16 [Charmody]: *shivers* so much randomness... I adore it.

2005-02-16 [Charmody]: heyy, Lusty, fancy seeing you here... small town.

2005-02-16 [LustForLike]: It is a small town! In fact, if I shrink the window, Elftown is only as big as my thumb. This means elves must be smaller than I previously thought.

2005-02-19 [dilandau]: enormous cosmic powers, itty-bitty living space.

2005-02-19 [SAHS]: Eheheh... ahem. Indeed.

2005-02-24 [nim the dim]: *groans*

2005-02-24 [Arctik]: *agrees*

2005-02-24 [BadCat]: *finally gets it*

2005-02-24 [LustForLike]: That was a week. You're improving, Cat. You'll be able to toe it with four-year-olds in no time.

2005-02-24 [BadCat]: Nyah! It was familiar, but I couldn't place it for a while. Aladdin wasn't one of my favourite animations. Pout.

2005-02-24 [Jewl]: lol

2005-03-05 [dilandau]: ive always liked it.

2005-03-05 [BadCat]: I just detest that goddamn Genie-beggar. Man... he pisses me off so much. It's Robin Williams' fault. He's just too... in your face. Now, you want a good comedian? Denis Leary!

2005-03-05 [dilandau]: in ur face? ive just always thought he was doing speed. that stupid parrot is the character i hate.

2005-03-05 [BadCat]: Yeah, the comic-relief-animal-sidekicks are really overdone. Sigh.

2005-03-06 [Jewl]: Most definately. The saddest thing of all is that when aladdin is trying ot get the tiger away from him, someone from disney put in "take your clothes off" in the words... you can't really notice it unless you know it' there.

2005-03-17 [~Clotho]: Hello! What did i miss?

2005-05-01 [dilandau]: u guys must be running out of busniess. the last message here was a month and a half ago lol

2005-05-03 [Stormy]: Yeah :( Must be nearly time for a re-vamp... or new strings for the harp.

2005-05-14 [666me666]: mmmmmmmmmmmm... cheese!!!!!!!!!

2005-05-17 [Louise05]: cheeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssseeeeeeeeee

2005-05-23 [BadCat]: 'Cause, like, no one's ever said that before.

2005-05-23 [dilandau]: lol

2005-06-24 [Stormy]: *delayed smirk*

2005-07-03 [Rove]: omfg this is so random (wiat im here so im random yeah)

2005-07-03 [dilandau]: youre random? i thought u were kitty demon!  oh the voices! the voices!

2005-08-02 [Jewl]: dot-dot-dot...

2005-11-11 [brown eyed angel]: hello

2006-01-21 [fungi]: el diablo! - Que?

2006-08-01 [CrystalBlaze]: me want cheeeeeeessssssssseeeeeee!

2006-08-02 [Crystalwing]: yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

2006-08-07 [CrystalBlaze]: me think she over did it

2006-08-08 [dilandau]: yeah besides dont you people read the signs? there is no cheese here! its a tax dodge!

2006-08-08 [CrystalBlaze]: me want cheese

2006-08-08 [Jewl]: XD

2006-08-08 [CrystalBlaze]: me want cheese

2006-08-24 [Moat Boy]: When I mature I wanna bree strong in flavour.

2006-10-09 [BadCat]: As opposed to simply strong in stench?

2006-10-10 [LustForLike]: Don't throw the can in! Bear with it!

2006-10-14 [CrystalBlaze]: you lost me

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