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If you love cheese u came to the right place!! Here we talk about cheese and how much it rocks!and stuff ok here we don't have a badge right now but if u have a good badge please feel free to put it up but plz ask me first befor u put it up and cheese rocks there no if u don't like cheese you shoulnd't even be here!so for all u cheese luverz this is the place to be!just type your name under members and your in!so for all u cheese luverz this is the place u wanna be!!

cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese!!!!!!!


Cheese Loverz Club badge:
Image donated by [Adnama]


President:[lil funky squirrel]
vice:[Melody "Yami" Anizamu]


Poll of cheeses:<poll:19283>
Brought to you by...[Domo-kun]


1.[lil funky squirrel]
3.[Melody "Yami" Anizamu]
4.[End Of Innocence]
7.[fire sign]
10.[you make my heart attack]
11.[Vynnie] Yup. Cheese. But not moldy or frozen cheese... those are evil cheeses and shouldnt be trusted nosiree....
13.[Of Mice]
14.[liberal artist]
15.[happyhappy x rice shower]
16.[hullabaloo] *praises the cheese*
17.[DillySamma] CHEESE!!!! I LOVE CHEESE!!!
18.[LetsfreakinDance] I love cheese!! I got a one cheese mosh-pit!!!
19.[Pooop] w00t w00t CHEESE!!!!
20.[*Fluffy's girlfriend, Kai*]
24.[silvermoon dragon]
25.[Shamera] you know whats better then cheese... more cheese...
26.[man on the moon] I love cheese !!!!!@~*
27.[Super Hans] mmmm Stilton!
28.[NICTE] Ricotta cheese mmmmmmmm
29.[Monkey Boy] Cheese rocks my world as much as monkeys
30.[eatable cookie] I love cheese! cheese for every meal! melted...yum...
31.[Rip666] i dont think i could live without cheese
32.[RoninX] Talk is cheap..
but not when i use the word cheese in radomnity (i dont think thats the proper use for that word esk definition)
34.[Sir. Robert] AAH...The Power Of Cheese....
35.[Bloody Ashes] *sits down eating cheese* i put cheese on almost everything, ppl think im weird..i agree, but come on cheese is the best food ever!!!
36.[~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]Oh Yeah! Gotta love the cheese!
37.[Soul Dementia] Omg! Cheese is the best! I can't LIVE without my cheese! Extra Extra Sharp cheese....*drools at the thought*
38.[freakshow] ahh the power of cheese..never under estimate the cheese
40.[Paradise Lost]
42.[snow_sheep] chees is good *-* Can't live without cheese! mm cheese~~
43.[~Galadriel~] ME AND MY SIS LOVE CHEESE...>>>>>>>>>>>>
45.[Irish and lovein it] can we say cheese
46.[*oi!*] mmmmmm......cheeeeessssseee
48.[Analeyin] Wisconsinite! Wootwoot! Go Cheese!
49.[Char.] yummy *eats dairylea strip cheese*
52.[Discordia]FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESE!!!!! ahem...
53.[-infatuated] Char is my cheese buddy!!!! wahoo! go cheese! go cheese *dances*
54.[Tiffie] u forgot cottage cheese HOW CHOULD U FOR GET COTTAGE CHEESE!!!!
55.[poisoned_hearts] i have about 6 cans of spray cheese in my room at all times i eat it plain ill eat it with just about anything..CHEESE IS THE FREAKIN BEST :D
56.[Plague_Dog] i will eat it here, i will eat it there, blue cheese, red cheese, yellow and white, ill even eat it out of your hair, I LOVE CHEESE!!!
57.[Domo-kun] oh great eternal buggery....technically joined a while ago, but simply forgot to add my name....ah well....yay for cheese!!! <poll:19283>
58.[Bruno] Wisconsinite all the way cheese head till I die!
59.[Penguinlord] I love cheese and have loads to add to the list, mmm soft cheese
60.[unsensed tragity] be good   eat cheese
61.[-ollywood-]hail the cheese
62.[Falling doll] Cheeze..... Need cheese... More cheese
63.[~Moe~] yes cheese and if you really love it join cheese lovers united
64:[Mackenzie] mmm cheese. I like cheese.
65.[swabloo] yay! cheese! i love cheese! it is the greatest!!!
66.[~twilight falcon~]mmmmmm.......cheese
67.[Make Out Kid♥™!] ekkk cheese ^_^
68.[Bye!!!!!!!!!] yummmm....cheese! ~drools~
69.[Mutha Fxckin GOC] cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
70.[cHot]mmmm cheese is good....
71.[Capt'n ToiletPaper] mmmm cheeeese!
72.[lauralilly] gooooooooo cheese!!!!!!
73.[obscure_Madame] cheese is the essence of life *salvitates*
74.[Miroku_69] Cheddar is my fav cheese in da whole widest world!!
75.[Nylen Estrall] cheese rules! :)
76.[i need to improvise] i like cheese..
77.[Darth Wobble] don't eat cheese b4 bed (nightmares)
79.[.jimmyjuicebox.] I love cheese
81. I've beein on here awhile, but i kinda forgot to put my name.....i was listing to my cheese master ^^;;;
82. [GeshemYehod] vermont cheese is my momma!
83. [kate, short for bob!] cheese is my mantra cheese cheese cheese cheese
YA!80 peeps!!comon dud3s let's try and get to 100!!or at least 90
84.[jesus is lord] yea man, cheese IS the best!
85.[Amazon-Princess] You gotta love it...
86.[soccer***] YAY!
87.[Sakura191] CHEESE IS AWESOME!!
88.[*~strawberry flavoured pixie~*] mmmmmmm cheese....
89.[Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]
90.[*KillJoy*] Cheese!
91.[friend for those who need them]
92.[Wolfpaw] Mmmmm...67 slices of American Cheese...
93.[there's a bluebird in my heart] cheeeeeeese *drools*
94.[Dark Sekret Love] MMMMM I love me some cheese, any kind, I'm addicted... mmmm cheddar!
95.[Filthy Little Sekret] Dude my name used to be I Love Cheese.... explain it? I THINK SO!
96.[*Chantelle*] ummm cheeezy!
97.[xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx]
98.[Skittles 420]cheese is good
99.[Bahamutroy] I life in the Netherlands it's where they make cheese a lot, I eat cheese every day. So call me the big cheese  (^_^)
101.[Lolirot] cheese is my life.... without it it just wudnt be the same ^^
103. [Inept] YOUR CHEESENESS AMUSES ME...:pgoat baaaaaaa
105.[R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] hehe, cheeze, me likeeze
106. [be my escape] cheese is the best
107.[@98675] cheeze is the yummyst
108 [@80092] its cheese that makes the world go roud
109. [@99286]
110. [@70878]
111. [@101690] Cheese! Is there anything it CANT do?
112. [@60464] mmmm...Cheese....
113. [@56495]
114. [@116399]
115. [@104241]
116. [@46081]
117. [@110384] lol, my friends and I invented the "cheese gods" once w/ different kinds of cheese. We're crazy.
118. [@102421] The other day I threw a cheese party with some friends... we had Michael make us fondue and I love cheese so much that I called him a cheese god and havent stopped hugging him since... I love cheese!
119. [@30587] cheesyness is good!!!
120. [@127258] mmmmmmmmmmmm cheeeeeeeeeeessee!:P
121.[@140674] I LOVE CHEESE!!!
122. [@55774] =)
123.[@133509] I love my cheeeeeesseeeeee
124. [@24265]
125. [@137869] Mmm Cheeeeeeeeeese!
note:those who are joining plz write the number like 54.[@27338]


types of cheese!
MILD Cheddar
SHARP Cheddar
Old Cheddar (its like sharp cheddar)
Monteray Jack
red leister
Blue Cheese
chocolate flavored cheese
Cream Cheese
Edam Cheese
Blue Vein



All hail cheese all hail cheese all hail cheese!


chating area

ok because no one ever chats on here I'll make a wiki chat place SO NO MORE CHATING IN THE COMMENTS!!!
SO GO 2 [Cheese loverz chat


chat here:

Here is where u talk cuz CHEESE ROCKS!


and here u can write how much cheese rox!



and here u can write any funny stories that u have about cheese and ya


ok These are some wiki that conect to cheese (I am not going to put sister or brother wikis cuz I think it just sound plan weird!)

[cheese lovers united@wiki]

The [Cheese@wiki] Shop (this doesn't REALLY conect to cheese it just has the word cheese in it and tsuff)


ok mabye this will work but mabye we can have a badge place to put all of our badges and stuff so if u have a badge put it at

[Cheese loverz badges@wiki]


messge to all members!:if u ahve any funky graphics that aren't copywriten and what to add them to here ask me and I might consider and if u have any badges feel free to ask me and I'll put them up!^_^or if u have a pics u think would be cool to have up here ask me and I'll put them up!and I guess I'll be nice and bring back the coments!sorry about the coments I got all tyed up and busy and didn't have enuf time to bring them back hope you'll for give me!


Hey wll what do u know u can make pools on wiki!SWEET!!okie well here is the first poll!^_^NOO!!!!!why wouln't the pool work!!!T_T

133) ok well whats ur fav type of cheese (Administrator is private forum number -68695659)

Number of voters: 38


NEWS!and things

[ok peeps we got about 3 more ppl till we reach 100!!!!so if u get ppl to join we'll have a party with free cheese!!!!w00t!!!]

[O-M-G!!!we are so friken close!!!!!!I can't wait till the party man!!!oh and once we reach 100 u will get and invatation to the party]

O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we finally reatch 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you guys are the total BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you guys could make me cry!!I feel so happy!!!XD

ok well the invitations to the party will be coming soon with the date of the party!

ok well if u DID NOT get an invitation to the cheese loverz club party plz tell me!

The Cheese eating contest will be held at

[Cheese Eating Contest@wiki] if you would like to participate please send me a forum as so:

Name:(doesn't have to be ur realy name)
Age:(doesn't have to be your real age)
Fav food: (your real favorite food)

and when ur done filling out this forum send it to me threw messages not in coments

Username (or number or email):


2005-05-15 [lil funky squirrel]: I havn't eaten them in a long time GASP I havn't had chese in like over 2 months!meh......warm cheese makes me throw up...

2005-05-15 [jesus is lord]: :-o omg u poor deprived soul! *hugs*

2005-05-15 [lil funky squirrel]: :0

2005-05-15 [jesus is lord]: lol! awwww!

2005-05-15 [deviey]: i haven had cheese in like.........a week >.<

2005-05-15 [lil funky squirrel]: lol

2005-05-15 [deviey]: ^^;;;;;

2005-05-16 [jesus is lord]: i just had noodles with cheese on top not so long ago... lol! sorry to rub it in! lol!

2005-05-16 [lil funky squirrel]: *crys*

2005-05-16 [jesus is lord]: awww! *comforts[lil funky squirrel] and gives her some cheese*

2005-05-16 [lil funky squirrel]: *eats cheese*

2005-05-16 [jesus is lord]: yay!

2005-07-27 [deviey]: yay!!!!!!!! ^^

2005-07-29 [jesus is lord]: happiness!

2005-07-29 [jesus is lord]: happines

2005-07-29 [..and all that jazz]: :D

2005-07-30 [deviey]: mom ^^

2006-02-16 [I the exotic dancing fairy]: has anybody here eaten every single kind of cheese listed? i think that is my new goal for the year.

2006-02-16 [Panda-monium]: haha, nope, I surely haven't

2006-07-19 [mufasa]: OMFG CHEESE!!! *close to commiting sepukku at having never seen this wiki before*

2006-08-28 [Godzillas angel]: cheese is ausome

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