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Character Name:

Chedlil the Ragged, Agh'mahaiili har

A Tribe Character in the Wraeththu RPG

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Wraeththu RPG @


Race:  Har (Wraeththu)

Age:  25

Gender:  Har (True Hermaphrodite)

Rank/Class/Title:  Kaimana / Neoma, Tribal Lord (nominated title)

  Height:  5' 10"
  Weight:  155 #
  Build/Stature:  lean/average
  Eye Color:  Grey-green
  Hair Color:  Dark brown
  Flesh Tone:  pale olive-toned caucasian
   (Nationality or Tribe):  Frag har, Suquamish, Megalithica
   (Where/When Incepted):  incepted against his will by gang members who grabbed him on his way home from school at a community college, two years before the nuke attack.
  Clothing:  Chedlil chooses to wear little fashionable clothing, unlike the more flambouyant of his kind, and instead prefers simple clothes which most other picky hara would simply throw away. It is because of this uncaringness for appearances that he was given the surname 'the Ragged', when he was told he was simply wearing rags. He took it as a compliment, and ever since has suffered little to no further disrespect for his choice of a less material lifestyle among the more crude of his tribe, little more than a mingling of gang members from various portions of the city.
  Outstanding Marks or Features:  Inception scar along his neck and collar bone, where he was held from behind, and given wraeththu blood in his neck and chest after being cut with a sharp bouie knife. His eye-catching stare feels as if he is looking within the people he watches, though he only keeps his eyes on those who he must consider carefully. His charisma is emanating from his aura, and a form of his mutation grants him the ability to be met with rationality and reason instead of anger, grief and extreme emotional duress. His mere stance commands attention to anyone within the tribe, and even those outside to some extent.
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  Feats and Class/Caste Abilities: Improved Initiative (when confronted in combat, Chedlil is often more quick to act and react than others, +4 Init - DEX), Ambidexterity (Chedlil always had a knack for writing pretty well with either hand, but after inception, found that he had superb 2-handed dexterity)
  Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Though Ched was trained by his initial gang of hara to defend himself moderately well from hand-to-hand combat, he rarely fights, avoiding confrontation if at all possible. He can shoot a pistol, though not well, and is generally bad at using weapons. He does not wear nor use physical or natural armor. Ched was involved in fencing in college, but has found little use for that skill without swords, let alone fencing swords.
   Weapons on hand: Often none
  Talent Use: In moments of deep concentration and clarity, Chedlil can employ the use of True Sight, which allows him to see past illusions, such as glamers and invisibility.
   Divine or Arcane Spell Use: None
  Tribe and Personal Mutations/Extraordinary Abilities: Frag mutation - Supermetabolic (all Frag hara have warm bodies that will not stop functioning because of intense cold, with the single side effect of shivering, and if they lay in snow, it will melt beneath and around them. Hara that awake in puddles of cold water are immune to hypothermia, and their harrish physiology prevents them from overdosing on their choice controlled substances.) Personal mutation - Aura of Recognition (all Frag hara find themselves biting their tongues in Chedlil's presence. His personal energy is so great that his aura is one that commands most Farg hara into modesty or silence, and has been known to extend beyond the limits of the tribe. This ability does not affect the hara's opinions, ideas, typical actions, etc. It only commands attention and a certain level of unspoken respect.)
  Strengths and Weaknesses: Chedlil is a very strong-willed individual, though he feels no reason to impose his will upon others. He prefers working together to solve issues. He is charismatic, often silent, and often tries to stay out of the limelight. He takes his nominated title very seriously, and makes sure to do everything he can to keep his tribe's respect. In this way, he is limited, and his rulership is always carried out by intermediate gang lords that claim prevalence in their chosen territories. No Frag tells who their leader is. Every Frag for himself is the official stance.

   Chedlil is a typically quiet har, often contemplative or reticent, as if living halfway between this world and the next. Not many would know if this were true or not, since he is not open to many hara.
   Chedlil is a contemplative, slow-thinking har. He prefers to see the bigger picture of scenarios and events, and always takes just enough time to fully consider actions or judgements on important matters. In times of hurried frustrations, he is quick to think of solutions to immediate problems, but falls from his big-picture standard in fast-paced moments.
   Because of his long lifespan as a human, Chedlil looks on Wraeththu with a degree of pity and sympathy, and has many memories of human life to look back on with reflection. It is because of this that he sometimes feels somewhat set apart from his peers. He feels equal in dignity to only one other har, Lori the Gazing, Ched's chesnari.
  Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases: "super cool quote"

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-Did they dream during inception?
-What were those dreams, and how did it affect them?

How did your character feel after awakening as har after althaia, and their body was fully changed?

With whom did your character first take aruna?
-Was it a positive or negative experience?

Does your character bring any human laws, ideals or ethical views with them into harrish life?

-First Days-
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How does your character now feel about humanity, its people and its survivors and cultures?

-The Future-
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-Will they ever start their own tribe?

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2006-01-10 [xido]: an Agh'mahaiili character for when I need to play one of my own in-game for the WRAETHTHU RPG  Also, Wraeththu Character Bio

2006-02-08 [xido]: I lost all of this information the last time I tried editing it. It will be back up soon enough. Elftown Graphics Currently playing in Before the Attack

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