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Alex Johnston - Lucky ass college graduate with a genie
Anti-matter - Super Villain
Azrael: Batman's understudy - Super Hero/Villain/Assassin for a DC Comic game
Blazing Lion - Super Hero
Christian de la Vega - Xmen-Xavier Institute Student
Chuck Hunter - Solar Burst/Surtr-Xmen-Xavier Institute Student-Super Villain
Chuck Hunter2 - YuGiOh character
Crystal B. Li - Xmen-Xavier Institute Student
David Goliath - Midget Cannonballing Clown
Dr. Victor “Vic” Samson - Bioengineer for StarGate
Drago Musevini - Gang Warlord
Falconus Purcell - Omega Werewolf(submissive)
Fallen the Emissary Demon
Forgal MacRoig - Dragon Sorcerer Knight
Forgious Dementia - Disgraced Knight
Garnath Ricarodo - Arachnid Dark Knight
Garnath - Jedi/Bounty Hunter Arachnid warrior
Gerald "Drago" Musevini - same gang lord, different game
Horace Zeplinsky - Zombie Apocalypse nerd warrior
Inferno of Aztrentos - Super Villain
Ishiaki Hirameki - Naruto themed blind Ninja
Jayge Sisco - Volunteer Mutated Soldier for StarGate
Jayge Skeffington - Immortal (Highlander style)
Jonothan Carter - Xmen-Xavier Institute Student
Kano Kurosaki - Naruto themed fire Ninja
Kurati Mahado - Vampire
Kurati Mavado - Jedi Padawan/Sith
Kurati Onimusha - Mech Assault Commander
Kurati Sevant Mahado - YuGiOh character
Kurt Smith - Online Gaming Character
Kurt - Superpowered Pirate from One Piece RPG
Kurtis LaGrange - Paladin for Winx Club RPG
Kurtis Smith - Xmen-Xavier Institute Student/Teacher
Lakutos Knorr - chameleon-like other dimensional police officer(of sorts...)
Lirit Silvermoon - Alpha Werewolf
Lord of Fear - Super villain demon creature thingy
Mantarius - Manta Ray Merman
Martin Sholvah - Xmen-Xavier Institute student
Nathaniel Alastair - DnD - Sharakim Duskblade
Piotr Spatzvitky - Russian Acrobat
Rhydian Novak - Xmen-Xavier Institute Student
Sea Serpent - Super Villain from Myth
Shadow - Reploid-Megaman RPG
Shao Drak - Demon Knight
Shara Escrima - werewolf/butcher(as in meat preparer/salesmen, not killer)
Shawn Blanc - teenage loser with the ability to turn into "legless" animals
Shisou Kageboushi - shadow Ninja
Steven Entwhistle - cowardly doctor running from zombies
Tash Nolani - Jedi Knight
The Furion - Super Villain with possibility of becoming a hero?
The Nerdy Guy - paranormal character(as in weird stuff happens to him and his friends on a daily basis)
The Unnamed FES - foreign exchange student
Tyr'll Ka'dar - Jedi Master
UWT: Characters: Kurtis Smith - Arachnid Warrior
Veronica Darling - Xmen-Xavier Institute Student
Vittorio Giovanni - Mafia Contabile
Vra’nok - StarGate Jaffa

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