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Character Challenge


Contest Closed


[Ms. Steel] with her character Zinnia Emere Schanfoor


Here in Elftown there have been drawing contests, photography contests, colouring contests, prose contests, poetry contests, clothes-designing contests... contests that cater for the interests of this community.

Except one. In a community teeming with Role-players, where is the contest to decide the best? I have seen many people claim to be excellent role-players, only the be disappointed when I saw their skill. I've seen god players, power players and hundreds of Mary Sues. But I have also seen skill, talent, interesting characters and strong role-playing. Now it's time to put that skill and talent to the test.


Moderators: [NOOOPE], [Chel.] & [SilverFire]


How this works:

Each contestant will pick one of their original characters and fill out a character sheet (please use OC Sheet). The contestants will then make a wiki to display this sheet and post it on the Character Submissions page. Once the contest deadline has passed, the judges will go to each individual character page and conduct an interview of your character. Once the interviews are complete, the judges will decide who has created the most interesting character.

The Rules:

1. Do not put artwork on your character sheet. This contest is not about how well you draw or the cool pictures you found on google.

2. During the interview you must respond in character! We are not interviewing you as the rper. We are interviewing your character. If you get this wrong, you will be disqualified. Update: do not write your character sheet in character. You're only in character for the interview.

3. Make your character sheet wikis editable so the judges can post their questions.

4. The character you submit must be your own original character. If the judges feel you are copying a character from a book, movie, etc you will be disqualified.

5. Your character cannot be from a fan setting. That is, they cannot be from a copyrighted universe like Harry Potter or Pokemon.

6. You must answer at least 10 interview questions within a week after the deadline. If you are too busy to do the interview, you will be disqualified.

7. Your character sheet must be between 400 and 900 words in length. Any shorter or longer will be disqualified.

8. You may submit one character only.


Character Submissions


For those interested in RPing, check out:
Text Adventures - Role Playing For Dummies - Character Lounge

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2010-03-19 [Yuriona]: Don't worry... I hear there's gonna be an OC art contest soon. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

2010-03-19 [Amanda Bastian]: really? cool ^_^

2010-03-24 [Rice]: Can we put more than one character forward? I have a second character I'd just love to use in this too.

2010-03-24 [Evolution X]: rule 8

2010-03-24 [Rice]: XD I SUCK!

2010-03-29 [Silver Moon]: is this for everyone?

2010-03-29 [Evolution X]: well they let me in... >_>

2010-03-29 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, silver :)

2010-03-29 [Silver Moon]: Ok I will submit one of my characters

2010-03-29 [wicked fae mage]: Just remember to use the given character sheet :)

2010-03-31 [Silver Moon]: ok ^-^

2010-03-31 [Baldursson]: Saw that I miised the deadline to start this one. I will start getting ready for the next

2010-03-31 [wicked fae mage]: The deadline is next month

2010-04-05 [Amanda Bastian]: I still have to finish some bit of my character, but hopefully what I have done qualifies so far. I have at least over 400 words. I want to put more up though

2010-04-05 [Baldursson]: Wicked Fae thanks for pointing out to me that I looked at that I can get a char in here........sigh now which one to put

2010-04-05 [wicked fae mage]: No problem...and pick a name out of a hat?

2010-04-06 [Baldursson]: :)  now I will pick one from a story line I have been doing forever

2010-04-19 [Evolution X]: ACKS! It's tomorrow! *panic*

2010-04-19 [Hedda]: Hurry hurry! <img:44166_1164903241.gif>

2010-04-19 [Alexi Ice]: Good luck!

2010-04-19 [Kyrinn]: Oooookay, I have one I can enter, just want to clarify: This is a character Ive played from a roleplaying game called Slayers d20. Can I submit this character? I can certify it is completely original in design, just that it was created for this game system. Or, does this have to be a strictly online rp character? 

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