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Character Challenge


Contest Closed


[Ms. Steel] with her character Zinnia Emere Schanfoor


Here in Elftown there have been drawing contests, photography contests, colouring contests, prose contests, poetry contests, clothes-designing contests... contests that cater for the interests of this community.

Except one. In a community teeming with Role-players, where is the contest to decide the best? I have seen many people claim to be excellent role-players, only the be disappointed when I saw their skill. I've seen god players, power players and hundreds of Mary Sues. But I have also seen skill, talent, interesting characters and strong role-playing. Now it's time to put that skill and talent to the test.


Moderators: [NOOOPE], [Chel.] & [SilverFire]


How this works:

Each contestant will pick one of their original characters and fill out a character sheet (please use OC Sheet). The contestants will then make a wiki to display this sheet and post it on the Character Submissions page. Once the contest deadline has passed, the judges will go to each individual character page and conduct an interview of your character. Once the interviews are complete, the judges will decide who has created the most interesting character.

The Rules:

1. Do not put artwork on your character sheet. This contest is not about how well you draw or the cool pictures you found on google.

2. During the interview you must respond in character! We are not interviewing you as the rper. We are interviewing your character. If you get this wrong, you will be disqualified. Update: do not write your character sheet in character. You're only in character for the interview.

3. Make your character sheet wikis editable so the judges can post their questions.

4. The character you submit must be your own original character. If the judges feel you are copying a character from a book, movie, etc you will be disqualified.

5. Your character cannot be from a fan setting. That is, they cannot be from a copyrighted universe like Harry Potter or Pokemon.

6. You must answer at least 10 interview questions within a week after the deadline. If you are too busy to do the interview, you will be disqualified.

7. Your character sheet must be between 400 and 900 words in length. Any shorter or longer will be disqualified.

8. You may submit one character only.


Character Submissions


For those interested in RPing, check out:
Text Adventures - Role Playing For Dummies - Character Lounge

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2010-05-18 [Eyden13]: Yay!

2010-05-21 [Flisky]: The Three Person Interview - this is something I did a little while ago when I had writer's block. ^_^ Maybe it might spark some ideas.

2010-09-16 [Alexi Ice]: I really wonder how you judge something like this, ya' know?

2010-09-16 [SilverFire]: Well a lot of it is seeing if people can actually RP the character they gave us in the bio. Then it's a case of seeing which characters avoid the biggest cliches and so forth.

2010-09-16 [Alexi Ice]: I read most of the profiles, once the judging is over, do you think I could see what you liked/disliked about the people? I'm curious as to how to make myself a better RPGer and this seems like a quick way to do it...also it's just something I'm really interested in

2010-09-16 [SilverFire]: Humm. Personally, I'm happy to give individuals feedback on their character/performance if they ask for it, but not to give one person feedback on everyone else - that would just be unfair unless we gave the same info to everyone, and that's just way too time-consuming. But I'm not sure how the others feel even about individual feedback, so we'll discuss that.

2010-09-16 [Eyden13]: I'm in for individual feedback. It can't so anything but help.

2010-09-16 [NOOOPE]: I feel that's a little unfair for us mods, however. When an art contest, poetry/prose contest or photo contest goes on, the mods are not bothered to give the contestants critiques. Usually a winner is announced and the mods/judges are trusted with their decision.

Since characters can be very special to their rpers, I see why you would stress about the details our decision, but this is a competition just like every other competition on elftown, and if the mods don't have the time or motivation to give you feedback, they are not obligated to. Expecting feedback is not fair.

I mean, if one of the mods is willing, all the power to them. But still, I think you should all treat this like any other ET comp, and if you don't win just say to yourself 'better luck next time'.

2010-09-16 [Flisky]: I agree with [NOOOPE]. Feedback would be appreciated, but not entirely necessary. If a mod does not have it within their power to do so, it seems unfair to demand for it. ^_^

2010-09-16 [Eyden13]: I Agree ^-^ But I like it, but wouldn't mind if I didn't get it. I guess I should have said that I'm cool with just Akane getting feed back.

2010-09-16 [NOOOPE]: No one is getting feedback unless the mod is willing to give it. It doesn't matter who asks for it. No one should expect feedback.

If you truly want a critique of your character, maybe you should set up a character critique forum or wiki. You could even have your friends read your contest page and ask their opinion.

2010-09-16 [Alexi Ice]: Lol! Awesome, I created a discussion. That's not really what I asked for. I don't want critique of anything, I want to know how you judge this kind of contest. I.E, what are you looking for, things like that. As I said, after the contest is over so no one changes their style to fit the format. I've never participated in an RPG contest before, it's got to be differnt from the others, right? Kind of like the story contests, except your interacting with other people. It just all seems like such an alien contest...

I do like the idea of having people read/critique the contest page. You might want to stress that that should be done once the winners are annonced so no one becomes a better RPGer halfway through the contest, you know?

Anyway ~

2010-09-16 [NOOOPE]: RP Contest Ideas <- this is where I submitted the idea for this contest. There are other ideas... most of which we're not going to do. The first one on the list is this contest and my suggestions for judging it are basically what we did.

First, we three mods read all the bios and discussed how original, well written, and interesting they were. We then assigned the bios a score out of 10, 10 being perfect.

We then did the interview, which was again, to see if they could write, but more importantly, we wanted to see if they could stick to their bio and play the character they presented. If they did indeed rp their character accurately, we would then determine how interesting that character was to interact with. Basically we were trying to assess whether we would want to be in an rp with that character.

When the interviews were completed, we listed the pros and cons of the experience.

The final decision will be based on the bio score and the quality of the interview rp.

2010-09-17 [Alexi Ice]: Thank you! That's amazingly interesting, and so complicated! It's differnt for most contests after all. Ohhh...*Follows the link

2010-10-11 [Falx]: Congrats, [Ms. Steel]!

2010-10-11 [Rice]: WOOOO PARTY FOR [Ms. Steel] ~

2010-10-11 [Flisky]: Cool! Way to go [Ms. Steel]!

2010-10-11 [Ms. Steel]: Wow! Thanks a lot! :-D

2010-10-11 [Falx]: Just wondering if there's some way to get feedback on how we did and/or find out what we can do to improve.

2010-10-11 [NOOOPE]: If any of the mods are willing to give feedback, they will. If not, we do have some wikis we referenced that highlight rp cliches. I could post them. Also Text Adventures has tons of how-to rp wikis with great advise.

2010-10-11 [NOOOPE]: Actually guys, here are some good wikis that can help you figure out how to improve your rping:

Captain Kiva's Article
RP: Bad Bios
A Plea for Greater Character Diversity
List of bad clich├ęs

Note, all these were written a while before this contest. If your character conforms to any of the cliches, you now know why you didn't win.

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