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Chain messages are against the Elftown Rules, and starting them or even simply forwarding them can get you banned. 'I didn't start it' is not an excuse!

Note: A chain message is something like this:

You have just been kissed! "Mwah!!" This is the start of Kiss War'04 Kiss Everyone that deserves a Kiss ! Now U must send this to: 0 people-U will have bad luck in love, 5 people- Your crush will like u, 10 people- You will go out wit your Crush, 20 people- U will make out wit your Crush, 35 people- You Will Marry Your Crush!

It should be quite obvious that these messages will only make most people irritated, and if lots of people send them we all end up with inboxes full of unwanted spam.


Chain messages rules

Here are some simple rules that will help you see through a chain-message.

1) If it says that you should send something to a bunch of other people, it's a lie.

2) If it says that something good will magically come out of it, it's a lie.

3) If the message clearly says that 1 and 2 don't apply to that message, it's a lie.

4) There are no exceptions.

Chain messages facts and figures

1) The risk that someone that you send the chain message to will be irritated and start to dislike you is more than 90%.

2) The risk that something bad will happen to you if you don't send copies of the message is 0.

3) The risk that you get banned from Elftown when refusing to stop sending them is 100%.


Gah, someone sent me a chain message!

The best response is to write a message back:

Chain messages are not wanted on Elftown. See [chain messages@wiki] for more explanations. If you continue to send chain messages after receiving this warning, the guards will ban you.

Then write a guard-report by pressing <img:knapp/sendreportoguards1.gif> in the member's house and write something like "I warned this member about sending chain messages." Please do not copy the entire text of the message into your report, just the message number.


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2005-01-12 [Angellyn2005]: i didnt know we weren't allowed to send them i am new also and i didnt really read the rules i just skimmed through them i am sorry i will make sure it never happens again i promise

2005-01-18 [cowpride]: sty dident know, wont happen agan

2005-01-25 [chandra2]: Oh my so sorry but its just a frigen letter..Jeez..I didnt even know that srry

2005-01-28 [Lady of the Dead]: I really hate chain letters thay are annoying and can be quite offensive sometime. Thankyou elftown for banning them

2005-01-28 [Sunrose]: Aaah finally a comment from someone who appreciates it *^__^*

2005-01-28 [Blasphemous Rumours]: Good for you [Hedda]...finally someone cares about these pathetic chain messages enough to crack domn on them. Thankies!

2005-01-28 [Young J.C.]: Thank you, now people may stop sending them to me...

2005-01-28 [Blasphemous Rumours]: Aren't they just dead annoying. Yeah...If I don't send this to twenty people of course I'll have a bad love life as the computer will track me down and demolish my love life completely...

2005-01-28 [Insaniac Yoshie]: chain messages? iv only got like 3 since i joined dunno what your complaining about. they were quite funny to... one was bout cows didnt know how it was suppose to work... but oh well if you say thier banned their banned ^_^

2005-01-29 [Hannah Davis]: I've found that telling anyone who sends me a stupid message to bugger off (in those words exactly) usually keeps those people from putting me on their mental lists of mindless "friends" to spam with chain letters. I'm glad Elftown's banning them.

2005-01-29 [jsdkhfvzudjg]: I've got only one but I ignored it

2005-01-29 [Catlover]: 'I didn't read the rules'. Is is me, or does in not say on the joining page 'please read the rules before joining'?

2005-01-29 [agirlnamedluna]: I've just received one from [*True star*] ... is there anywhere I can report them ?

2005-01-29 [True, plain and simple]: Use the "Send report to guards" button on the person's house. :)

2005-01-29 [bijou39]: [THANK YOU! Chain letters are silly and can be very offensive. I think that people should have a badge put on their page saying that they are immature and irresonsible as a precursor to banning, rather than just a warning... What do you guys think?]

2005-01-29 [agirlnamedluna]: I did so, thank you :)

2005-01-30 [stone roses]: I didn't know!!!! I sent a message to everyone I sent it to, telling them not to send it, and then deleted it. It WILL NOT happen again!!

2005-01-30 [CyberGenesis]: wow weapon're a mature person....anyway: i reported 3 or 4 of these chain msgs yesterday...i couldnt hold a convo with people cause every 5 minutes there was another one...

2005-01-30 [Kelaria]: Yes! Thank you for this wiki!!! as for me, I always just delete the chain messages right away. but that response suggestion is a good one! I think I'll use it.

2005-01-30 [Sunrose]: Make sure you tell the guards in a guardreport that you warned the person ;)

2005-01-30 [Kelaria]: Yep! I will! next time I get one, it's a warning for the person who sent it to me!

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