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Cerebrus city was once a large and bustling city, until one day. On a cold, wintery day, Doctor James Alden, a local biochemist, had one of his experiments go awry. Soon after, the city began to be overrun by mutated vines with large pods growing from them. The city slowly began to crumble under the weight of the vines. As the city went into a high state of despair, the pods began to break open, breaking way for these little creatures who appear to be made completely of biological mateial, leaf matter and the sort. The creatures, later dubbed the "vinespawn" began to add to the degeneration of the city. The Professor's son, Eric Alden, A bio/mechanical engineer, was the only person left that knows of how to stop the "vinespawn" from overrunning the city. The only problem is, is that the professor has to return to his father's lab to get what he needs to destroy the fiendish swarm.

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