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These are all the Characters I have created that I need people to play as.

Name - Antony
Race - Human 
Occupation - Mercenary
Appearance - A tall, shadowy man with long, silver hair, a black cloak and leggings, he also wraps a length of black silk around his head.
Age - 27
Personality - He is kind of shadowy and quiet. He doesn't talk unless he is needed to.
History - Most of Antony's past has been left behind him, no one knows much of his past except that his parents were killed while he was still young.
Weapon of Choice - "Silverwind", A katana that was presumedly given to him by his father.
Played By - [Lepellier]

Name - Victor Rosethorn
Race - Human 
Occupation - Bounty hunter
Appearance - Victor is a thin, but not overly tall man. At first appearance, he doesn't seem like much of a bounty hunter. His black hair is kept fairly short. His eyes are a light brown color and his clothing consists simply of an elbow-length sleeved tee shirt and deep green pants. 
Age - 28
Personality - Victor has a flamboyant personality to him, he is always getting himself and others into trouble. He openly admits that he "makes a life killing".
History - Victor wandered into Cerebrus city when he was young. His parents where both wanted criminals and where always on the run, until they were caught in Cerebrus City and left Victor to fend for himself.
Weapon of Choice - Dual 9mm handguns
Played By - [Vyse]

Name - 003 (also known as Gauge)
Race - Cyborg 
Occupation - Navigation/demolition expert 
Appearance - Gauge is largly mechanical, the only part of him that isn't mechanical is his torso and head. 
Age - unknown
Personality - Gauge has a very rough and straight forward personality due to being largly robotic.
History - Gauge was an experiment of Prof. Alden's who was originally killed in an accident that left him without limbs. Gauge has no reccollection of his past beyond the accident.  
Weapon of Choice - fist fighting 
Played By - [Hells Chaos]

Name - Professor Eric Alden
Race - Human 
Occupation - Bio/mechanical engineer
Appearance - Professor Alden still looks young for his age. His eyes are a vibrant blue and his hair a deep brown. The Professor wears the typical, run-of-the-mill labcoat and glasses.
Age - 36
Personality - The professor is typically lax, but he does have a tendancy to become very anxious at times. 
History - The professor was born in Cerebrus city. His father was a well known biochemist in the city who is also the reason for the invasion of the city. Eric is now the only one that knows how to stop the invasion.
Weapon of Choice - potion (especially healing potions) 
Played By -

Name - Kyra Takinara 
Race - human
Occupation - hunter 
Appearance - Kyra has beautiful green eyes and shoulder-length, flowing, black hair. She dresses casually, usually in a green tee-shirt and denim shorts. her skin is fairly tan.
Age - 21
Personality - Kyra is very high-spirited, yet can become intense in moments of great tension.
History - Kyra was raised just outside of Cerebrus city and was later brought into the city by her family. Kyra's love for her old home had taught her a proficiency with her father's crossbow, her aim became dead-on.  
Weapon of Choice - Crossbow, dagger 
Played By - [kagome babe]

Name - Rena Morian
Race - Human  
Occupation - Monster slayer
Appearance - Rena is a dark woman if there ever was one, She wears a long, black and red robe. Her long, gray hair is pulled up into a bun with braided strands coming from it. Her eyes are a deep brown and her lips are a dark red. 
Age - 45
Personality - Rena has a dark personality, she is very sarchastic and can tend to be snoddy towards others.
History - Rena's history is considered classified information by the Cerebrus city police, so, there as, it cannot be with held to anyone.
Weapon of Choice - Whip
Played By -

Name - Gabrielle
Race - Human
occupation - Assassin
Appearance - Shoulder length red hair with black hilights and green eyes, red shirt with black jacket and black short skirt and black boots
Age - 22
Personality - funny and tough, can sometimes be sarcastic
History - Her parents died when she was young so she became an orphan and lived on the streets and became an assassin
Weapon of Choice - daggers and a pistol
Played By - [Rhymes With Orange]

Name - Real name unknown, called broken sword for the signature sword he carries with him.
Race - human
occupation - monster slayer
Appearance - 6'0, medium length, silver hair, Forest green eyes. Wears a long, black coat and black boots 
Age -28
Personality - gifted with natural fighting abilities, but his eagerness for victory and impatience makes him one of militaries problematic soldiers.a short-spoken and emotionless young man. he's an introvert with little concern for his comrades; few can actually claim to understand him. A cold and mysterious guy.
History - classified
Weapon of Choice - Broken Longsword
Played By:[last exile]

Name - No one knows but himself.
Race - Dark Angel
Occupation - Reaper of impure souls...casts judgement and death along his path to the unworthy and sinful.
Appearance - About 6'2", silvery black hair that covers his cold gray eyes. Strong build and rough. Wears a deep brown trench coat and black ribbon tied over his waist to close the coat. Black pants and rugged, numerously buckled boots that end near the knee. Sallow expression, seldomly joyful, tanned skin. Massive black feathered fanned wings stretch at his sides from his back; torn through his coat. Wears a cross around his neck. No shirt.
Age - Construed by mortals as appearing in his late twenties. Reality puts him in ages, added by centuries and millenia.
Personality - Quiet and peaceful, doesn't speak much unless necessary. Aggressive and very agile and strong. Powerful.
History - Revered through the ages as the 'Dark Angel' or more commonly, the 'Angel of Death'. Enough said.
Weapon - Immense scythe that any mortal would strain to lift. Wields it and puts it to use when gathering souls or destroying demons. Tailing from a ring near the top is a long slithery chain, ending in a cross, used to rid people of demons or evil. Occasionally wields a sword, but rare.
Played By: [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]

<img:>Broken Sword
<img:> The dark angel, Done by [J. "dragonruler" Rouse].

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2005-07-26 [Lepellier]: Ok, I need people to take the characters already created now.

2005-07-26 [Lepellier]: Rough pics of some characters are up, the only ones that are mostly accurate are Victor and Gabrielle, except for eye color.

2005-07-26 [Vyse]: ok

2005-07-27 [Rhymes With Orange]: yeah sorry bout that. there's only so much stuff they give you to make so i couldn't get them exactly right

2005-08-02 [Lepellier]: Ok, i think we may as well start to RP, I'll Rp fpr the other 2 until they fill in, RP between the 2 hr's on the main page.

2005-08-02 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: So we're RPing on the main page?

2005-08-02 [Lepellier]: yeah.

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