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Centaurs in the Art
You know any movies, books, comics, games where centaurs appears? Write the title and author here! Want to put up a picture of centaur you did? That's the place!

The only movie i remember with centaurs right now is Fantasia, from disney (the 1940 version not the 200)

(owh Merle, those centaurs were gorgeous!)
I know a few movies! Harry Potter, and one of the story teller - Greek Mythes. I believe it was the one with Euridyce (or something).

There's a reeeally brilliant and funny centaur in the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer... his name is Foaly.

A very nice animation with a centaur:
(link given by [Merle])
Just a pic I made for last year's carnival ^^ [catwings]
I know I didn't write it properly, I was distracted

[Fire fae] Some centaur pics:
The all powerful and sexy one!
The cute ones!
<img:> <img:>
And some found on the net:

by [Melocrie] An art trade with [May-lea]!

by [Lissa] Just a random centaur pic I did a little while back...^_^

A few nice pictures:


[LadyWillow] I'm a bit nervous about putting my art up for total strangers. *Bites nails* Her name is Mirala Darkfall, I know, I know, not a terribly original name. She's my pirate centaur in one of the wikis I participate in here at Elftown. *Grin*
Prismas (Borrowed from a friend) on cardboard. *Shrugs* I ran out of paper, so sue me.


I'm not sure if it's much to contribute, but I play a role playing game called Alliance of Heroes. It can be found at It's based in ancient mythological greece, and one of the races there are centaurs. Alot of us who play the centaurs look for the same type questions, especially when it comes to the anatomy and how they might've lived... Knowing stuff like that comes in handy when roleplaying different races.



Heh, this picture is so flipping old! Anyhow, here it is!


Quite please with the color but it is a little fuzzy. This is my boyfriend I keep in the dungeon in by basement...God, I need a life!


its me as a centaure. :)

For more centaur pictures, here are two elfwood galleries and link to other pictures (including some by [Kibby^_^])

[May-lea]. I also point toward my own elfwood gallerie:

[greenhulkster]. Look up the following artists for great paintings of centaurs, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, and (Vallejo's wife) Julie Bell

[Yncke] Some occurences of centaurs in Belgian en French comics:
- Requiem, le chevalier vampire 3: Dracula (by Mills and Ledroit). They're mentioned as part of the Lemuran army.
- Les centaures. (by Seron). Stories around Aurora and Ulysses who are two blue skinned centaurs.
- L'Épée de Cristal 5: Le goût de Sulfur. (By Goupil and Crisse). Inhabitants of the lands of the master of tastes (this is just a translation of mine).
- Peter Pan. (by Loisel). Pholus the centaur is a friend of Pan and later a friend of Peter.
- Atalante 1. Le pacte. (by Crisse). A tribe of centaurs have captured Chiron, so he can plead tot the gods to lift a curse on the tribe. Atalante has to beat a centaur in a running contest to get him free.
- Suske en Wiske 129: Prinses Zagemeel. (By Willy Vandersteen). Don't know if this counts as a centaur, but Lambik, wanting to be a horse, get his hands on half a magical charm and ends up becoming half horse half human. (The end of the story is he's back to human, of course.)
- Anachron 4: L'héritage du héros. (by Cailleteau and Jurion) Centaurs are a race on Anachron.

[Li-Ga] This is an old drawing of one of my characters, Serroy.


[Midoriko] there were also a whole host of centaurs on Xena and Hercules when they were on TV

[Blaithin] I was scanning some ET artists and found an awesome Centaur on Birdys Page 6

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2004-03-26 [i am heddas lost brother]: lol there are aloooooota pics on if you search on ''centaur'':D

2004-03-26 [May-lea]: Yeah, I know... ^_^...

2004-03-30 [greenhulkster]: awesome I added as you can see where to get pictures of centaurs

2004-03-31 [May-lea]: Thank you!! That would be better though if you actually gave links... Would that be possible?

2004-04-01 [Arisonu]: I kinda recall this one episode of "SNL" where they had a centaur trying to get a job at an office, but the boss tries to find reasons not to hire him (how he goes to bathroom, what type of porn he like, etc.).

2004-04-01 [May-lea]: What is SNL?

2004-04-01 [greenhulkster]: saturday night live and the link for centaur art

2004-04-01 [May-lea]: Is it an american show or something? Btw, I'll remove the pic and put the link instaed, it'll be better for copyright issues ^_^

2004-04-05 [greenhulkster]: yes an amercan live comedy series, I agree about removing the pic because it was too large anyway

2004-04-05 [greenhulkster]: your house is very interesting, sry but your a contest freak and I am the complete opposite. The Year of the Dog yup thats me in a nut shell. woof woof

2004-04-05 [May-lea]: Lol. Contest freak? That's original ^_^.

2004-07-25 [Nyaah*]: yay. :)

2004-12-31 [Erestor Aldaríon]: centaurs often appear in Peirs Anthony's Xanth seiries

2005-01-03 [May-lea]: What is it exactly?

2005-01-26 [Erestor Aldaríon]: Xanth

2005-01-26 [Wised Up]: Xanth is a trilogy that turned into about 20 books about a magical peninsula peopled with dragons, skeletons, zombies and, of course, centaurs. Everyone had a magic talent that was unique to them, except magical beasts, who were all magic. So either you were magic or had magic.

2005-01-27 [Yncke]: 15 pages can be found at the bottom of this page:

2005-01-27 [May-lea]: That sounds interesting!

2005-09-09 [Li-Ga]: I've added a link to a drawing of my centaur character. Hope it's ok...

2005-09-10 [Wised Up]: awesome, Yncke! Merci! ^_^

2005-09-10 [Li-Ga]: :)

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