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Please enter here any centaurs names you would happen to know. From any source!!(please tell where you took it from or just your name if you invented it!)

Bane (J.K Rowling, Harry Potter)
Cairon (Michael Ende, The Neverending Story)
Firenze (J.K Rowling, Harry Potter)
Nessus (Greek Mythology)
Quiron/Chiron (Greek Mythology)
Jehnn (Children of Ílma)
Floen (Artemis Fowl, norwegian translated)
Kaliepos (Xena:Warrior Princess)
Xenon (Xena:Warrior Princess)
Mowen (from my comic, Bitter/Sweet)
Philyra (Chiron's mother)
Ocyrhoe (Chiron's daughter)
Lortonavea(From my book "layla's Curse" By Stormy Fuller)
Centaurius (SotC)
Foaly (artemis Fowl, Lep super genies)
Hornpipe (John Varley's Titan)
Rockey (John Varley's Titan)
ED (my chariter in adventur games)
Chester, Cherie, Chet, Karia, Herman(Xanth series by Piers Anthony)
Airnight (Yugioh)
Xenan (Xena: Warrior Princess- The Last of the Centaurs played by Hamish Hector-Taylor)
Nyurion, Narcoth(a couple of centaurs in a story of mine... [Subject37])..
Orieus (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)
Kris (Kristophos?), Rob (Robbios) and Chronos (Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones)

Here is a link with some information on mythological Centaurs, greetings, [Serwa]

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2003-11-01 [SheWolfGeo]: I left the Kaliepos name of the centaur in the TV series of Xena..

2003-11-12 [Catkin]: can't forget about Xenon, Ephiny's son, also on Xena : 3

2004-02-21 [Tollbooth]: Cheiron was the father of the centaurs

2004-04-27 [Red kira]: um the centopr in artemis fowl is called Foaly not folen (big artemis fowl fan ^^ )

2005-01-28 [firehawk]: I put in the Xanth centaurs. Please tell me someone else has read those books!

2006-05-13 [Subject37]: Kaliepos is Greek for Beatiful....

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