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Welcome to the

Centaur Lair!


... where we will tell you everything essential you need to know about centaurs, post book references, and show off our art. Currently, though, we are very much under construction, so hold your equines.

Oh, and before you ask, this wiki is co-hosted by [Zab] and [Linderel].


<img:stuff/centaurlairbul.gif> Page Index <img:stuff/centaurlairbul1.gif>

<img:stuff/centaurlairbul2.gif> Centaur Info
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099420893.jpg> Centaurs Anatomy
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099420893.jpg> Centaur History

<img:stuff/centaurlairbul2.gif> Centaurs in Books

<img:stuff/centaurlairbul2.gif> Centaurs in Our Creations
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099420893.jpg> Centaur Art
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099420893.jpg> Centaur Poetry / Stories

<img:stuff/centaurlairbul2.gif> Centaur Lair Members


Here is a banner you can put up at your houses. Take it... can you really resist those eyes?


The Centaur Database <-- another centaur wiki, that gave us this idea ;)

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2006-08-24 [Zab]: If you edit it first I won't have to change pageowner later. x)

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: There. :P

2006-08-24 [Zab]: yay! *off to mess with tha banner*

2006-08-24 [Zab]: for houses too..

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Yay! :D

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Hmm. Dividers, bullets, we need 'em too. :o Do we fish from EG or make something new? :P

2006-08-24 [Zab]: bullets? ok..I'll mess with dividers..but I'm no good at bullets..steal some bullets from Elftown graphics in the meantime?

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Okies. :)

2006-08-24 [Zab]: hehe

2006-08-24 [Zab]: I'm not using the same image over and over again, am I? x)

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Not at all. :D

2006-08-24 [Zab]: He's a mascot..x)

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Definitely. He's too cute not to be. :P

2006-08-24 [Zab]: I made a bullet,..but it's 50x50 pix..too big?

2006-08-24 [Zab]: <img:stuff/centaurlairbul.gif>
And ugly..XD

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Ummm... let's try it and we'll see.

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Ooo. :D

2006-08-24 [Zab]: Or else I'll try again..

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Can you flip it around?

2006-08-24 [Zab]: questionable..but I made another one, let's see what you like that first :)

2006-08-24 [Zab]: Still too big as one of those bullets?

we can keep the green ones tho

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Hummmm. *ponder*

2006-08-24 [Zab]: It's good as it is now:P
we want a memberslist?

2006-08-24 [Zab]: I want an anatomy page..

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Hmm, I thought it would be a sub-page on the info, but it works this way, too. :)

2006-08-24 [Zab]: ah..hehe ok..:P
Centaurs in books.. can't that be a subpage to Info? I mean..history and theories and such..or what do you want to be on Info?

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: I hadn't really thought about it. xD
But let me think... Well, anatomy, and as you said, history and theories and such...
But maybe I thought more about the centaur characters in fiction with the centaurs in books one. :)

2006-08-24 [Zab]:'ll be the boss of that..x) *isn't too interested of that part with special characters in fiction* but that's ok if you want it:P
So.. Should info be..history instead?
and anatomy and books as it is?
(and books under your supervision x)

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Ummm. :P
It would be info, and it would have sub-pages for anatomy and history and such...?

2006-08-24 [Zab]: But then we'll have less links on the mainpage..;_; Isn't it better to have the mainpage as an info page? O_o If you see what I mean?

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: ...hmm. I'm not quite sure I get what you mean, but I had an idea. Let's see.

2006-08-24 [Zab]: What I mean: Basicly: we keep all links on this page as it is :P
And don't link on the subpages.. because I rather have all links gathered.. sub.sub pages gets so my opinion. :P

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Erm. How's that? <_<

2006-08-24 [Zab]: I thought to just leave it as it was, but changing the info link to history..x)
But that works too :D

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Oh well. :P *is an organising nut*

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Omg, who is our stalker? :O

2006-08-24 [Zab]: Charybdis:P heeh

it's good:P I'm gathering facts.. should I take the anatomy part? x) *interested*

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Go ahead. ^.^

2006-08-24 [Zab]: whee! *drawing*

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: ^____^

2006-08-24 [Zab]: hehe.. yupyup..

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: *goes around putting subwikis on watch and making sure they don't get snatched*

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Hmm. Why the s?

2006-08-24 [Zab]: because I already made that page:P

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Okay. :P

2006-08-24 [Zab]: could use that layout for the other pages perhaps? Then it would look more athered..

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

2006-08-24 [Zab]: Or if you want another layout..:P As long as it's the samer on all.. :P

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Nah, this is good. ^.^ Though it would be nice to have an individual banner for each subpage... but would that be too much work?

2006-08-24 [Zab]: yes... unless you make the banners..x)

2006-08-24 [Charybdis]: *stalks*

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Err, okay, let's forget that for now. :D I can make some graphics, but I'm not that good at banners. :P (Though by individual I meant a variation on the main banner but yeah... still too much work. :P)

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Omg, stalker! :o Join!

2006-08-24 [Zab]: XD hehe..maybe when everything else is done, but...

2006-08-24 [Linderel]: Aye. :P

2006-08-24 [Zab]: hehe

2006-08-25 [Linderel]: Ahum. I set the contest page up, and it'll be there waiting to be opened. D'ya wanna take a look at it? :P

2006-08-25 [Zab]: Sure :P

2006-08-25 [Linderel]: Centaur Contest <- la. xD

2006-08-25 [Zab]: Oooh!

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: How do we advertise so we get members to fill up the art and story section? :P (And help in getting info. :P)

2006-08-26 [Zab]: Advertise the contest on Mainstreet and link back to this page with a BIG link..x)
uhm..diaries and moods? But are we ready to open it yet?:P

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: I dunno. :P If we're not, when will we be? :P
We could also ask to be listed on those biiiig wiki listings, like the Wiki's Wiki page...

2006-08-26 [Zab]: When the layout on the artpages are finished for getting art and poetry..uhm..and when the anatomy class have an image for inner organs..XD? (at least the layout..:P)

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Oh. Yeah. Layout. Very true. xD
But it isn't bad to discuss advertisement methods beforehand. :P

2006-08-26 [sequeena_rae]: ooo o.o

2006-08-26 [Zab]: XD
Of course not:P

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Omg a Squee. :o

2006-08-26 [Zab]: XD

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Blahblahblah. *goes poke at help pages on the silly pseudo-HTML*

2006-08-26 [Zab]: O_o huh?

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: I was confused as to how exactly I'm supposed to use the ! uQt ! thingy. :P And still am...

2006-08-26 [sequeena_rae]: Yah, t3h Squee has invaded xD

2006-08-26 [Zab]: oh....


2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Anyways, art and story pages have been set up with the layout now. :P

Squee, go sign up! :o

2006-08-26 [sequeena_rae]: Okay :D

2006-08-26 [Zab]: I've seen:P Good work!

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: ^____^

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Though I had a little oops there... At first I accidentally put the story page layout on the art page... xD

2006-08-26 [Zab]: I noticed..x)

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: <_< Whaddayamean absent-minded? >_< xDDD

2006-08-26 [Zab]: XD

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: *eats comment box*

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: ...oi, we have yet another stalker. Reveal thyself!

2006-08-26 [Zab]: XD

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: *blink* What? :P
Oh, yeah, should I poke at the wiki listing people at this point?

2006-08-26 [Zab]: yah...good idea:P

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Okay. *goes do that*

2006-08-26 [sequeena_rae]: I think I know who the mystery stalker is >:D Though it should be obvious now o.O xD

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Mmm-hm. :P

2006-08-26 [sequeena_rae]: *stupid late comment* xD

2006-08-26 [Zab]: x)

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Time for sleepiness. :o
I will wake up tomorrow morning at 8 (at the latest) and leave the house at 10 and walk about 13 kilometres to my ex's house... <_<

2006-08-26 [Zab]: Have fun and seep tight:P

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: I will. :D We're having a D&D game, and unless I'll be too tired from the walk, it's bound to be fun. :P
G'night. ^.^

2006-08-26 [Zab]: XD yay! night:P

2006-08-27 [dayah]: zab I love your banners...every where I see something of yours, they are soo neat...

2006-08-27 [Linderel]: I actually second that. ^_^

2006-08-27 [Zab]: Aww! *blush* I didn't expect that here..:3

2006-08-28 [Yncke]: Perhaps you could add The Centaur Database as a link, it seems very related to me.

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: That wiki is pretty dead, though. <_<
[Zab], what do you think?

2006-08-28 [Zab]: hehe..already added it..>_>

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: I can see that. :D

2006-08-28 [Zab]: XD

2006-08-28 [Cia_mar]: cool idea!

2006-08-28 [Zab]: hehe:) thanks?

2006-08-28 [Cia_mar]: lol

2006-08-28 [Zab]: New art on the art page! :O

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: I have noticed. ^_^ People, put all the pages on watch! :O
And I want something to read, dammit. Gimme something to read. >:/

2006-08-28 [Zab]: Mohahaha! I'm no good at writing..*stays with the precious art*

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: Well, you're going to give us a whole lot of pretty pictures to watch, that's good too. ^___^

2006-08-28 [Zab]: *lmao* that I will...x) *is thinking of a rider* O_o

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: :o

2006-08-28 [Zab]: XD!!!! You could write stories! :P

2006-08-28 [sequeena_rae]: I was thinking of writing something to go with Zab's second picture >_>

2006-08-28 [Zab]: Yes! Do that! :P

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: I could, but I need inspiration first, and right now my muse is not being the most co-operative creature... :P I should continue on Amber's story, and then I should write stuff for Writersco... Gahgah. :X

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: Yes, Squee, do that! :o

2006-08-28 [Zab]: aww..XD My muse is good, but I should draw a dress for a contest.. no inspiration..

2006-08-28 [sequeena_rae]: Ehehehe ^_^ I'll see what I can do :P

2006-08-28 [Zab]: yay! great:P

2006-09-01 [Linderel]: *spanks* Be alive!

2006-09-01 [Zab]: Oo. No.

2006-09-01 [Linderel]: Why not? :P

2006-09-01 [Zab]: ok then..:O

2006-09-01 [Linderel]: ^_______________________^

2007-01-28 [Linderel]: Hmm. I think we died. Do we want to die, or will we continue? It was such a nice project. :3

2007-01-28 [Elodicressida]: Let us take great, racketty, sputtering breaths, the likes of which shall deafen the ears of those around us... but let us breathe, at least a little longer.

Ohhh, dear. My bedtime keeps getting closer, doesn't it?

2007-01-28 [Zab]: O_o I vote for live.. only thing I kill is my rp characters.

2007-01-28 [Linderel]: \o/

2007-08-28 [Zab]: this page is dying..

2007-08-28 [Linderel]: Do I know it. :/

2007-08-28 [Zab]: .__________.

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