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Welcome to the

Centaur Lair!


... where we will tell you everything essential you need to know about centaurs, post book references, and show off our art. Currently, though, we are very much under construction, so hold your equines.

Oh, and before you ask, this wiki is co-hosted by [Zab] and [Linderel].


<img:stuff/centaurlairbul.gif> Page Index <img:stuff/centaurlairbul1.gif>

<img:stuff/centaurlairbul2.gif> Centaur Info
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099420893.jpg> Centaurs Anatomy
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099420893.jpg> Centaur History

<img:stuff/centaurlairbul2.gif> Centaurs in Books

<img:stuff/centaurlairbul2.gif> Centaurs in Our Creations
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099420893.jpg> Centaur Art
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099420893.jpg> Centaur Poetry / Stories

<img:stuff/centaurlairbul2.gif> Centaur Lair Members


Here is a banner you can put up at your houses. Take it... can you really resist those eyes?


The Centaur Database <-- another centaur wiki, that gave us this idea ;)

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2006-08-28 [Linderel]: :o

2006-08-28 [Zab]: XD!!!! You could write stories! :P

2006-08-28 [sequeena_rae]: I was thinking of writing something to go with Zab's second picture >_>

2006-08-28 [Zab]: Yes! Do that! :P

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: I could, but I need inspiration first, and right now my muse is not being the most co-operative creature... :P I should continue on Amber's story, and then I should write stuff for Writersco... Gahgah. :X

2006-08-28 [Linderel]: Yes, Squee, do that! :o

2006-08-28 [Zab]: aww..XD My muse is good, but I should draw a dress for a contest.. no inspiration..

2006-08-28 [sequeena_rae]: Ehehehe ^_^ I'll see what I can do :P

2006-08-28 [Zab]: yay! great:P

2006-09-01 [Linderel]: *spanks* Be alive!

2006-09-01 [Zab]: Oo. No.

2006-09-01 [Linderel]: Why not? :P

2006-09-01 [Zab]: ok then..:O

2006-09-01 [Linderel]: ^_______________________^

2007-01-28 [Linderel]: Hmm. I think we died. Do we want to die, or will we continue? It was such a nice project. :3

2007-01-28 [Elodicressida]: Let us take great, racketty, sputtering breaths, the likes of which shall deafen the ears of those around us... but let us breathe, at least a little longer.

Ohhh, dear. My bedtime keeps getting closer, doesn't it?

2007-01-28 [Zab]: O_o I vote for live.. only thing I kill is my rp characters.

2007-01-28 [Linderel]: \o/

2007-08-28 [Zab]: this page is dying..

2007-08-28 [Linderel]: Do I know it. :/

2007-08-28 [Zab]: .__________.

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