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Celtic Souls


...Yu nimbly walk into the dimly lit room and seat yurself at a dark oak table with a small candle placed in the centre. The smells fill your lungs - spices, potatoes, sweets, greens, pies, pints. Studying the strange markings on the table, yu dont notice the celtic girl, [darkest halo] step up to yur table and clear her throat quietly. Startled, yu look up, and quickly turn your stare away from her irish blue eyes. "Are yu celtic, may I ask?" she asks yu in a melodious voice. Yu reply in a matching voice, " I am ma'am." She gives yu a quick but grand smile and whisks off to write your name down and hurries yu into the back. Once your eyes adjust to the light, yu gape the the wondrous sights. "Come in, do not be a stranger." She says as she leads yu into the room.

<img:> <img:>

Allo everyone! This is celtic souls, a place for all the celtics in elftown to gather! Please write yur name on the member page so that yu can make full use of this wiki. enjoy! 

celtic members
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celtic flirtroom
celtic gardens
celtic dorms
become a celtic fairy
ill make yu...
speak out
Celtic mythology classroom Taught by [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós], Enjoy!
Celtic Languages
Celtic Banner Contest Just started! We need a real banner for our houses! Submit your pictures. No deadline, so far.

i think i need to make it clear for everyone, since a lot of people have made this mistake: yu can ONLY become a fairy, use the "chats", or post anything unless yu are a MEMBER. if yu arent, please feel free to look around or use the comment section. thanx! ^.^


[darkest halo] is the creator of this wiki. If yu need any assistance or have any questions, ask me n I'll do what I can! My sigils are the following:

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2005-01-04 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: LOL I like the spoonful of sugar cure.

2005-01-04 [Byne]: I just held my breath,, :P

2005-01-04 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: That's good

2005-01-04 [Byne]: It didn't work though.. o.o So I sat there in the library and hiccuped for half an hour. XD

2005-01-04 [CelticWoolf]: hehe. You poor thing! ; )

2005-01-05 [Byne]: Yea.. o.o

2005-01-05 [Innocent as Sin]: that always suck then people start laughing at you and it then not funny.

2005-01-05 [Byne]: Yea.. Cept no one laughed. XD

2005-01-05 [Innocent as Sin]: lucky you. 

2005-01-05 [Byne]: I know.. o.O

2005-01-05 [Innocent as Sin]: oh well anything new going on?

2005-01-05 [CelticWoolf]: I just got a preliminary round uni offer, and my first preference too! Yay!!

2005-01-06 [Byne]: I'm really close to making regionals for ma swimming.

2005-01-06 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: The what, wolf?

2005-01-07 [Innocent as Sin]: yeah thats what i would have to say. plz explain the prelimiary thingy. and i hope things go well and you make it to the reginals tainted.

2005-01-09 [CelticWoolf]: Thanks! Yeah to get into university here, there are several rounds of 'offers', about 5 I think. You get to put down about 8 degree preferences just in case your scores aren't up to scratch. Most people get in during main round. I got my offer during the Preliminary round, (the first round). Hehe! I thought I'd just rant about it before, now I see it does sound kind of cryptic.  *fingers crossed for Tainted to make regionals!!*

2005-01-09 [We Looked Like Giants]: may i join?...

2005-01-09 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: I have found my new favorite phrase, saying, or, whatever here it is: "Ní heaspa go díth carad."

2005-01-09 [Lokasenna]: Translation?

2005-01-09 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: There is no need like the lack of a friend.

2005-01-09 [Lokasenna]: Nice! I need to learn Irish.

2005-01-09 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: I don't know much... just a bit here and there. Not enough to carry on a full conversation I'm afraid. Here's another favorite: "Ni haon maith a bheith ag caonineadh nuair a imíonn an tsochraid"

2005-01-09 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: English translation: There's no good in keening when the funeral has moved off

2005-01-09 [Lokasenna]: I still like that one. One rouge knows another.

2005-01-09 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: "Níor bhris focal maith fiacal riamh", or A good word never broke anyone's teeth

2005-01-09 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: *Nods* "Níor bhris focal maith fiacal riamh", or A good word never broke anyone's teeth ;)

2005-01-09 [Lokasenna]: What about Caide Sin Don Te Sin?

2005-01-09 [Lokasenna]: What about : Caide Sin Don Te Sin? If its no one's concern than no one should care.

2005-01-09 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: That's a good one indeed.

2005-01-09 [Lokasenna]: Its a good song too!

2005-01-10 [Byne]: So close.. -wails- I'm 1 second off. ONE BLOODY SECOND! -rants like crazy- And then I'm four seconds off and and and and.. ARTFGGH!

2005-01-10 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: What are you ranting about?

2005-01-11 [Byne]: Being one second off my qualifing time, and that my birthday is the day before they start up, so I have to qualify for 14 year old times not 13 year old. ><

2005-01-12 [Innocent as Sin]: i can barely speak english let alone another language

2005-01-12 [CelticWoolf]: *gives Tainted a hug* I'm proud of you anyway! Those saying are cool. hehe!

2005-01-12 [Byne]: o.o I will make it.. One more chance. I shall not miss it!

2005-01-15 [CelticWoolf]: Well good luck, you'll be fine. ;D

2005-01-15 [Byne]: I hurt.... Damn swimming.. ><

2005-01-18 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Just drink lots of water

2005-01-18 [Byne]: ._.   -twitches-

2005-01-19 [CelticWoolf]: Or beer. . hehe!

2005-01-19 [CelticWoolf]: Hey you know with the "Celtic Banner Contest" can we put one of the banners in our houses yet, or do we have to wait until the contest is over?

2005-01-19 [Byne]: The contest.. I shall enter!

2005-01-19 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: *shrugs* me don't know about the contest banners, but I do know beer won't help tainted after swimming.

2005-01-19 [Byne]: ... I don't dirnk. I am under age. XD Ew.. Beer. -shudders- AND I made a banner to put up.. o.o

2005-01-19 [Lokasenna]: Oooh! a banner contest!

2005-01-19 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: You don't drink? I'm underage but, psh... 'snot stopping me.

2005-01-19 [Byne]: SNOT! LMAO.... Erm.. I don't like the taste or anything. Makes me queasy. I've tried a little wine and beer, but I don't like it. Plus, my family has a history of being addicted to it.. My uncle is an alcoholic. So was my grandda, and a few others in my family.

2005-01-20 [bodhiseer]: hello people how is everyone this evening??

2005-01-20 [Lioness123]: just fine, yourself?

2005-01-21 [firehawk]: Somebody help; How do I join?

2005-01-21 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: *Heaves an exasperated sigh* Can no one read anymore?

2005-01-22 [CelticWoolf]: What's reading? lol

2005-01-22 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Go add your name to the member list, firehawk.  I don't drink cuz I've had bad experiences with alcohol, and I'm LDS.

2005-01-22 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: LDS?

2005-01-24 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Mormon

2005-01-24 [CelticWoolf]: That's interesting. Out of curiosity do Mormons not accept blood transfusions, or is that only Jehovah's Witness'?

2005-01-26 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I have no idea, I've never heard of something like that.

2005-01-26 [Lokasenna]: NOW what did I miss?

2005-01-28 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I don't know

2005-01-28 [Innocent as Sin]: happy birthday to ME!

2005-01-28 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

2005-01-29 [Innocent as Sin]: thanks

2005-01-29 [Byne]: My birthday is on the 31.. Last day of January.. ^^

2005-01-30 [Innocent as Sin]: okay we should have one big party for anyone who is january b/c january rocks!

2005-01-30 [Byne]: I know!

2005-01-30 [Innocent as Sin]: who else on here is born in january?

2005-01-30 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: I am a child of December.

2005-01-30 [Innocent as Sin]: how about this......winter months are the kewlest......

2005-01-30 [Byne]: -nods-

2005-01-31 [Innocent as Sin]: now we have out little groups now. the Winter Group.....the Spring Group.....The Summer Group.....and the Fall Group

2005-02-03 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Happy late b-day, Taint!  Mine is the 31st of May... so mine's not for awhile.

2005-02-03 [Lokasenna]: I wish I could have been born in the winter but no, i had to be born in the spring!

2005-02-04 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: When in Spring?

2005-02-06 [Innocent as Sin]: lol dont we have any summers?

2005-02-07 [CelticWoolf]: Happy late Birthday Taint also! ;D  My birthday is in October, in the Spring.

2005-02-07 [Innocent as Sin]: huggles a happy birthday to everyone

2005-02-07 [Byne]: Thank you. ^^ Erm... I have a favour to ask of you.. :P COuld yeh call me Memo? >> <<

2005-02-07 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Memo? Ok, I think I can remember that. How was your birthday>

2005-02-07 [Byne]: None of my friends even remebered it was my birthay... ;-;

2005-02-07 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Oh, I'm sorry, that's awful!

2005-02-07 [Byne]: o.o Fluffe..... -glomps aopn Tau- Miiinnneee....

2005-02-07 [Byne]: x.x

2005-02-08 [CelticWoolf]: *hugs Memo* I know how that is. . .my birthay is in the holidays. . I hope you still had a good time though. Did you do anything special?

2005-02-08 [Byne]: I got sunglasses. e.e And a suitcase that had a smaller suitcase inside. XD

2005-02-09 [CelticWoolf]: Yay! How cool!

2005-02-09 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: My mom's birthday is 3 days after christmas... It's bad. Mine sometimes falls on Memorial Day but that's not so bad.

2005-02-09 [Byne]: -nods-

2005-02-27 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: <img:>

2005-02-27 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: Any Irishperson should need no translation...

2005-02-28 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: It's nice.

2005-02-28 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: Eh... *Shrugs* 140 seconds on Microsoft paint. I was bored.

2005-03-01 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: LOL

2005-03-04 [Lokasenna]: Meep?

2005-03-04 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: Why are you meeping?

2005-03-05 [Innocent as Sin]: well i'm not an irishperson so what it say?

2005-03-05 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: It translates as Long live Ireland, or Ireland Forever.

2005-03-07 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: So true

2005-03-07 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: Don't tell me you didn't know it either?

2005-03-07 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I knew it was something along those lines, but I know very few phrases in Irish Gaelic.

2005-03-07 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: This site might be of some use to you then:

2005-03-08 [Innocent as Sin]: I dont feel so bad now. I wish I could learn the language.

2005-03-08 [Lokasenna]: What was the phrase?

2005-03-08 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: Look at the flag Morrigan. :P

2005-03-09 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I added a link to Celtic Languages, I'm trying to learn, and teach Scottish at the same time.

2005-03-09 [Lokasenna]: I can't see any flag. *sob*

2005-03-09 [Innocent as Sin]: kewl *takes a walk over and looks at page*

2005-03-10 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: It's just up on the page.

2005-03-10 [Lokasenna]: Its all blank to me. *sob*

2005-03-10 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: :P

2005-03-15 [Lokasenna]: I'll never know.

2005-03-15 [Innocent as Sin]: it's an evil thing. can we beat it up?

2005-03-16 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: yes

2005-03-16 [Lokasenna]: Heh! heh!heh!

2005-03-16 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: What're you beating up now? Not my lovely flag!

2005-03-17 [Innocent as Sin]: no not the flag the website thats not laoding for [Lokasenna]

2005-03-17 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: yep bad computer

2005-03-17 [Lokasenna]: Same with all the computers I've tried! *sob* I'll never be able to see the pretty flag!

2005-03-18 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I don't know what is wrong, I see it fine

2005-03-19 [Innocent as Sin]: Who knows. ummmm being an idiot which link is it and I shall see if maybe I can see it.

2005-03-23 [Lokasenna]: Meep!

2005-03-28 [Innocent as Sin]: i am like completly lost so i am going to go hide in my little cubby hole until it is safe....or something happens and brings me back out.....whichever comes first

2005-03-29 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: *shrugs*

2005-03-30 [Lokasenna]: Eh, ok.

2005-04-01 [Strange Case of Ashley]: woot! an irish wiki!!! Can I join?!

2005-04-04 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Yes you may, just go add your name to the member list

2005-04-04 [Strange Case of Ashley]: ok!

2005-04-05 [Gilthoron]: try Microsoft's beta anti-spyware for free I just got. I had so many problems with my computer I thought I was going to have to reformat. Now this new beta has it running like a dream. If you download free stuff like themes or anything, really, you can get messed up bad by browser plug-ins and other spyware. This new, free Microsoft beta anti-spyware is better than Zone Alarm or any other anti-spy I have tried. It's great.

2005-04-05 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: hhmmmm.... will it crash ME?

2005-05-06 [CelticWoolf]: Does Microsoft have spy programs though that it won't pick up because its a Microsoft scanner? (Does that make sense?)

2005-05-13 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: *raises an eyebrow*

2005-05-13 [outcast dragon_rider]: -Twitch- Rolls around on the ground-

2005-05-14 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: *watches Outcast*

2005-05-14 [CelticWoolf]: *yawns and goes to sleep*

2005-05-16 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: not getting enough sleep, Woolf?

2005-05-17 [luna dancer]: Can I join?

2005-05-17 [Lokasenna]: Yes, just add your name to the list!

2005-05-17 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: yep, always happy to see more people!

2005-05-29 [CelticWoolf]: No, not gettin much sleep at all. End of term, lots of essays etc due, and exams soon... ah well. Such is life.

2005-06-01 [outcast dragon_rider]: Screet!

2005-06-01 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Ew I'm glad I'm not in school

2005-06-02 [Innocent as Sin]: So, how is everyone doing?

2005-06-02 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I'm good ^.^

2005-06-07 [Lokasenna]: I'm dead...........Tired

2005-06-08 [outcast dragon_rider]: T_T Unfair I still have a week of school left

2005-06-10 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I've not been in school for over a year

2005-06-12 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: Well I haven't commented in this wiki in quite a while, but I just got back from an Arts Festival and I have something to share. Any of you Irish out there might be interested. I just met this lovely woman by the name of Jane McDaniel and she makes traditional Irish dolls and such. Take a look at

2005-06-13 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Welcome back, Dei, thanks for the link

2005-06-13 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: It's good to be back. Jane really is wonderful, you can hardly see the dolls in those tiny photos but they're absolutely adorable.

2005-06-14 [Lokasenna]: I can kind of see them and they are cute.

2005-06-15 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: They are, esp the teddy bears

2005-07-11 [aegri somnia]: i need advice, i am having trouble finding my "magical voice" for meditation... should i practice musical scales or what?

2005-07-11 [Pyro Mac]: *pokes adam* you come here too?

2005-07-11 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: No help there, I just know that if music is attuned to your soul you feel it lift you. You could try just singing your given name and see what naturally draws to it.

2005-07-13 [Soul Guardian]: might i join? I'm a celtic at heart and soul...american by birth.

2005-07-13 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Yeah, just add your name to the member list

2005-07-13 [Soul Guardian]: thank ye!

2005-07-14 [CelticWoolf]: Ohhh!!! Yes I know exactly what you mean! ie music. But I'm not sure what music you should use for meditation. Just find something that moves you.

2005-07-14 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Yep when it moves you there is no mistaking it.

2005-07-15 [CelticWoolf]: *sighs and has flashbacks*

2005-07-25 [Wallstring]: are there any other wikis for Irish ppl, if not, I'm gonna start an "Irish Pride" wiki or something

2005-07-25 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I'm not sure, you could just enter some random things, I haven't figured out how to search yet.

2005-08-04 [Lokasenna]: Irish pride wiki? Tell me more!

2005-10-26 [Lithium Lullaby]: ello

2005-11-10 [WolfBrother]: aye, i'd most definately check out an Irish Pride wiki... aye, start that! oh, sorry, im new

2005-11-10 [Lithium Lullaby]: lol so am I

2005-11-10 [Yaza]: hey, how do i join?

2005-11-10 [Lithium Lullaby]: just add your name

2005-11-10 [Yaza]: okay thanks :)

2005-11-10 [Lithium Lullaby]: ^^ welcome

2005-11-11 [Yaza]: anything happening?

2005-11-11 [Lithium Lullaby]: not really

2005-11-11 [Yaza]: oh thats kinda boring..... so do you want a cookie, 'cuz i want one...-_-:.....^-^

2005-11-14 [Lithium Lullaby]: not really...don't eat much sweets

2005-11-14 [Yaza]: may i ask why?

2005-11-14 [Lithium Lullaby]: I'm really not into sugary stuff...everything has it's own natural sweetness and i like the natural stuff...not the artificial

2005-11-15 [Yaza]: like fruits? i like fruits, what fruits do you like?

2005-11-15 [Lithium Lullaby]: yes like fruits. I like all fruit

2005-11-17 [Yaza]: really that's cool so do i. what do you like to do with your spare time?

2005-11-17 [Lithium Lullaby]: draw mainly....someone once told me I remind him of an ancient bard...but that is cool cause I want to be one

2005-11-21 [Yaza]: what do you draw and y do you want to be an ancient bard?

2005-11-22 [Lithium Lullaby]: I draw elves and humans mainly but I sometimes draw dragons and faeries as well....I want to be an ancient bard because they were the most...magickal I supposed...of ancient celtic to the Druids of course

2005-11-22 [Yaza]: oh okay have fun with that. I want to be an elf 'cuz they're really cool and really skilled.

2005-11-22 [Lithium Lullaby]: yeah that would be nice too but I like the bards and the druids better ^^

2005-11-22 [Yaza]: i can see why. Do you truly believe in magic?

2005-11-28 [Lithium Lullaby]: yes I do...I am into the celtic sect of wicca.

2005-11-29 [Yaza]: oh whats that about?

2005-11-30 [Lithium Lullaby]: just wicca that follows the celtic ways

2005-11-30 [Yaza]: and what are the celtic ways of wicca exactly? im just curious, am i annoying u with my questions?

2005-11-30 [Lithium Lullaby]: it is everything that is celtic but with a magickal twist. and no you aren't

2005-11-30 [Yaza]: thats good to hear and ok i see now thanks for your patience with me. ^-^

2005-11-30 [Lithium Lullaby]: ^^ yep

2005-11-30 [Yaza]: do u have any other hobbies, like drawing or reading?

2005-12-20 [Lithium Lullaby]: yes I love to do both...and write

2006-01-06 [Lokasenna]: Thats good.

2006-01-12 [Deirdre O'Kelly]: Hey guys, I know this is petty and stupid but it's all the effort I'm willing to put forth for this berk. Would you mind please answering this poll with what you deem the worst answer? <poll:65607>

2006-07-25 [Yaza]: ok ^_^ sounds fun!

2006-09-20 [Lithium Lullaby]: yep

2006-10-07 [1243a]: pwned

2007-02-03 [Silver Moon]: how do i become a member?

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