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<img:stuff/katzenaugen_.jpg>   Welcome to the cat lovers!   <img:stuff/katzenaugen_.jpg>


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2006-09-02 [Little Insane Cat]: *pokes link* aww c'mon just click it?

2006-09-02 [AmayaLove]: ummmmmmm its okie

2006-09-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: *curls up into a ball in John's lap and falls asleep*

2006-09-03 [AmayaLove]: nice nice

2006-09-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: *is asleep*

2006-09-03 [AmayaLove]: *sleeping*

2006-09-04 [Little Insane Cat]: any ideas on how to make it better?

2006-09-04 [moira hawthorne]: the art you have is excellent...

2006-09-04 [AmayaLove]: ummmmmm *zzzzz*

2006-09-05 [Little Insane Cat]: thank you ^_^ i'm still working to make it better

2006-09-05 [AmayaLove]: lol haha no kidding jk jk im out of it

2006-09-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

2006-09-07 [AmayaLove]: aggg i gots a huge headache*

2006-09-08 [~Crimson Angel~]: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*hugs*

2006-09-09 [AmayaLove]: thanks alot *huggles*

2006-09-09 [Little Insane Cat]: aww i know what you mean i have a huge headache right now to :(

2006-09-10 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Hi, I'm an Animal Health Technology student in Alberta and I have some information I thought you folk would be interested in knowing.

You should absolutely NOT use Lysol(tm) or Pinesol(tm) cleaning products in you home if you have cats. Certain chemicals in these brands of cleaning products are extremely toxic to cats, and their liver can not porcess these toxins out of their bodies. As a result these toxins build up in the cat's liver and cause liver disease and ultimately liver failure and death. Simply breathing in the fumes from these cleaning products is all it takes to get these toxins into the cat's system.

Hope this can help some of you make your homes safer for your cats.

2006-09-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: My cats are outside,what about dogs?

2006-09-11 [AmayaLove]: ooo im glad that we dont use that stuff! THANKS

2006-09-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-09-22 [Beautiful Nightmare]: I believe i am part cat... my best and only friend thinks hes part dog... ^_^

2006-09-22 [AmayaLove]: sweet i think so too kittie all the way

2006-09-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok...

2006-09-23 [AmayaLove]: haha gotta have an imagination when your older.. they say it does go away.. im not gonna lose it. plus im not afraid to be different in any way! =)

2006-09-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok,look flying fudge monkeys *points*

2006-09-23 [moira hawthorne]: 42 years and my imagination is still wilder and weirder than ever

2006-09-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-09-24 [AmayaLove]: thats good to know! =)

2006-09-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: :-)

2006-09-27 [AmayaLove]: i drove a tractor today it was sweet!

2006-09-27 [moira hawthorne]: oooooo

2006-09-28 [AmayaLove]: hehe bobcat today wicked you have no idea haha

2006-09-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: cool

2006-09-30 [AmayaLove]: yupyup *meow*

2006-10-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: :-)

2006-10-06 [AmayaLove]: *purrs* *curls into a ball in the corner*

2006-10-06 [moira hawthorne]: *pets*

2006-10-07 [~Crimson Angel~]: *sighs*

2006-10-07 [AmayaLove]: why the sighs? *rubs against moira hawthorne's leg*

2006-10-07 [moira hawthorne]: *petpet* ... I added new art to cat art & pictures

2006-10-08 [~Crimson Angel~]: cool

2006-10-08 [AmayaLove]: nice

2006-10-08 [moira hawthorne]: thx u!

2006-10-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs everyone*

2006-10-09 [AmayaLove]: cha of course *huggles around*

2006-10-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2006-10-14 [CrystalBlaze]: kitty kittty kitty

2006-10-14 [AmayaLove]: MEOW~!

2006-10-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: ummmmmmmmmm...

2006-10-15 [~Lady Morgana~]: Prrrow?

2006-10-15 [~Crimson Angel~]: hi

2006-10-16 [AmayaLove]: mew

2006-10-18 [~Crimson Angel~]: meow

2006-10-18 [lara croft]: Bark

2006-10-18 [AmayaLove]: Z*growlx*

2006-10-18 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hisses*

2006-10-19 [AmayaLove]: *mew*

2006-10-19 [moira hawthorne]: *sits and stares with great indiffence*

2006-10-19 [lara croft]: lol ok?

2006-10-20 [~Crimson Angel~]: hello

2006-10-20 [lara croft]: hi

2006-10-20 [AmayaLove]: *mew* hello!

2006-10-20 [lara croft]: ~~meoooow~~ what up?

2006-10-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: idk

2006-11-05 [CrystalBlaze]: meow meow Angel is getting into everything

2006-11-05 [AmayaLove]: MEW!

2006-11-05 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2006-12-06 [CrystalBlaze]: me kitties pee on chair and in bathroom

2006-12-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

2006-12-06 [AmayaLove]: my cat keeps pooping in my brothers room

2006-12-08 [~Crimson Angel~]: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww<img:44166_1164145068.gif>

2006-12-10 [AmayaLove]: yeah i know but its a cat oh well he stopped<img:44166_1164144921.gif><img:44166_1164144921.gif><img:44166_1164099989.gif>

2006-12-11 [CrystalBlaze]: mom calls the cats heathens

2006-12-12 [AmayaLove]: why?

2006-12-14 [CrystalBlaze]: becaue they always wrestle and cause havic

2006-12-15 [AmayaLove]: haha thats kinda funny...

2006-12-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2006-12-26 [CrystalBlaze]: my puppy hate the toy race track my mummy got

2006-12-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: HUH WHA??

2007-05-11 [Grimmloch]: I just had kittens!!...well, I didn't, but the stray cat I took in last mont did. They are so cute that I can hardly stand to be around them, so I went to work.

2007-05-11 [CrystalBlaze]: what kind of kittens

2007-05-31 [~Crimson Angel~]: yeah

2007-06-07 [AmayaLove]: yay!!!!!!!!!!

2007-06-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: hi

2007-07-09 [Lin-tastic]: May I join?

2007-07-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: sure

2007-07-09 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- I followed

2007-07-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2007-07-09 [Lin-tastic]: ^_^ yep. I can't wait to post up my pictures! ^_^ There's two which are so cute! XD

2007-07-09 [weasel6]: yayyy

2007-07-10 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- I just gotta find it...<img:44166_1164144921.gif>

2007-07-12 [xAshesXxFallingX]: May I join?

2007-07-12 [Lin-tastic]: Sure! Just follow the kitty trail! ^_^ -points to Cat Lovers Members-

2007-07-12 [xAshesXxFallingX]: Thanks!

2007-07-13 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- No problem. ^_^

2007-07-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: hi

2007-08-17 [CrystalBlaze]: waaaaaaaaaaa

2007-08-22 [Ukia]: We missed seeing the kittens! Whaaaa! *sniff*

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: kittens pretty

2007-08-31 [Ukia]: Of course kittens are pretty. Sense when are kittens not?

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: corse

2007-08-31 [Ukia]: *musing* I think it's part of their contract. . . Be absolutely adorable, cuddly, cute, and fluffy, then trip people who don't what where they're walking. *ponders*

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: yeah kittys love to rub ankels to make us fall they think it is funny me kittys not do it yet well Angel has tried but didn't work

2007-08-31 [Ukia]: She's not heavy enough to pull that off. Spira is, but she's fat and lazy. 

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: yes she is. Spira has done it to joey and jeremy and most of nicole.

2007-08-31 [Ukia]: "Most of Nicole"? Don't you mean "mostly Nicole"?

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: ofcourse

2007-12-17 [Crystalwing]: hooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2007-12-17 [Crystalwing]: hiiiiiiiiiiiihhiuiihihihihihihi

2007-12-20 [~Crimson Angel~]: hello

2008-03-11 [CrystalBlaze]: me cat want attention she be silly

2008-03-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: oh,ok

2008-03-13 [CrystalBlaze]: when kitty ewant attention see rub and paw and claw u till u pet her there is a picture in my cave

2008-03-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: oh???

2008-03-16 [CrystalBlaze]: it be me pretty kitty

2008-03-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img:> my kitty Lucky,she was sleeping.

2008-03-31 [Rising Death Dragon]: CUTE!

2008-04-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: Thanks,I love her.She's my baby.

2008-04-02 [Rising Death Dragon]: I love cats! DANCING KITTIES! RUN AWAY!

2008-04-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2008-04-03 [Rising Death Dragon]: ^^

2008-04-05 [~Crimson Angel~]: so how are you.

2008-04-05 [Rising Death Dragon]: not good

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: Why,what's wrong?

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: well....... i've lost a friend i know it...

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: How did you lose that friend?

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: well ummm....... you peeps will hate me for this....
I called her a bitch.....

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: Why did you call her a bitch?

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: She deserved it though... telling me to go away before i could even say hi....

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: I would have done the same thing,maybe she was in a bad mood.

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: nope she wasn't

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: Did you ask her why she told you to go away?

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: i tried she almost killed me....

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yep,sounds like a bitch to me.

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: i know

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: It's ok,I don't hate you.*hugs*

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: she's a slut anyways.... she's a lesbian too so yeah...

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: Are you saying there's something wrong with lesbians?

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: no

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: i'm ok with it

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: oh,I have a friend who is a lesbian.

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: oh

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: yeah.

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: i might be a bit busy for a moment...

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: why?

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: trying to get back into a wiki

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: oh,what wiki?

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: spiritees adoption agency... i got kicked out..

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: why?

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: i forget it's been about 4 months or more

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: oh,I see

2008-04-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: oh good night i have to go.

2008-04-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ok,night

2008-05-11 [CrystalBlaze]: Q:What geyt kitty pee out of furnature?

2008-05-14 [Rising Death Dragon]: I have no clue.

2008-05-27 [CrystalBlaze]: K me tink me got it

2008-05-27 [Rising Death Dragon]: <img:>

2008-06-05 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2008-06-08 [Rising Death Dragon]: ^^

2008-07-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: *giggles*

2008-10-21 [CrystalBlaze]: meow

2008-10-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2008-11-05 [CrystalBlaze]: my mommy got a six week old midget legged cat

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: can I join?

2008-11-09 [CrystalBlaze]: sure u can join

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: Yay I love cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-11-09 [CrystalBlaze]: meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: meow

2008-11-09 [CrystalBlaze]: mew here kitty kitty kitty

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: *turns into a kitty and runs over jumping on your lap* mrow? Meow?

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: I have an orange cat,I named him crookshanks.

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: ^-^ aww

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah he's my baby.

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: Tiger is mine

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Cute!

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: He is mischievous

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Oh?

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: He has a tendency to leap out of dark corners to get your attention...

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol cuteness!

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: When I had Joker he seemed to know if it was a special day. One year on Christmas he brought over a mouse and laid it at my feet
he put one in my mom's slipper once too lol

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: awwwwww...

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: I am going to show you one of the pictures from when Tiger was a kitten, he is adorable!

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: <img:>
He is bigger now

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: What a cutie!The cat in the picture with me in my house is my baby girl,Lucky.

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: I don't see it

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Oh lol,I forgot that I changed it,here.


2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: aww looks like my aunts cat

2008-11-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Really?

2008-11-14 [Silver Moon]: yea her name is Kaycee she is pretty

2008-11-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: Coolness.

2008-11-14 [Silver Moon]: yup. If you look under Silver Moon's pets you will see more pics of when Tiger was younger...and Joker

2008-11-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ok.*goes*

2009-01-18 [CrystalBlaze]: meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

2009-01-19 [~Crimson Angel~]: *giggles*

2009-01-26 [Ukia]: KITTIES!!!!!!!!!! *cuddlecuddlecuddlecuddle* Pretty kitties!!!!! *shakes head* Oi, I need to get on more.

2009-01-28 [CrystalBlaze]: Hey Ukia Look at Angellooking at that pic makes me cry

2009-01-28 [Ukia]: Understandable

2009-01-28 [CrystalBlaze]: I forgot I had those pics.

2009-09-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: If anyone want to join my cutest pet contest go here, ---> The Cutest pet Contest

2009-11-28 [CrystalBlaze]: pretty kittys

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