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2011-07-30 06:38:36
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Cat hug review

The basics:

Cat hug is all about the Cats of this world, it is not very populer at the moment as it is mainly crew members and me who are on there, but we are all trying to come up with ideas on how we can get it up and running again.

Who owns the site:

[Hedda] is the owner of the site, it is set up a bit like Elftown but [Stephen] runs it.

What you can do on the site:

Share pictures of cats, donate art and take the cutest photos of your cats and see if you can win any competitions.

the staff

The staff are there to protect users from bullying, art or image stealing and to help you out with your questions.

current status:

The current status of Cat Hug is currently they do not have very many active members, this is not a well populated site

Cat Hugs future:

Cat hugs future is not looking to well as I said before, there are not many users, though we are trying to find ways to get more people to join

/ [kians mummy]

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2011-07-27 [Alexi Ice]: Please remember to lengthen your reviews. It will help the reader understand more about the piece you are reviewing.

2011-07-27 [kians mummy]: is this better? :)

2011-07-27 [Alexi Ice]: Thank you :^^

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