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2006-05-19 12:48:13
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Welcome to Cat Humans Unite!!!




Hello, and welcome to Cat Humans Unite!!!. We are a place for a cat-humans and cat-humans lovers to crash and have fun! So come on in and look around. If you like what you see, stick around and have some fun!



CHU Members
All those interested in joining CHU, go here and follow the instructions.
CHU Badges
All Members go here to get a badge. This page contains the official badge and member badge. It also contains other badges created and donated by the members. If you wish to donate a badge, talk to [parrokeet].

[~lil cutie~]
[Stray Kitty]

Cat humans
[~lil cutie~]

and cat human lovers!!!!
[~lil cutie~]
[Stray Kitty]

hmmmm....maybe we should make this a role playing game.....^^

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2005-03-04 [Xiang]: lol i know =P

2005-03-04 [parrokeet]: hehe

2005-03-04 [jamesw5]: sup all u cat and cat human lovers

2005-03-04 [xhideously-t.a.k]: ^^ I love Johnny... *sigh*

2005-03-04 [Xiang]: er...why's John's name up there twice under the same category? lol

2005-03-04 [parrokeet]: hehe, meow

2005-03-04 [parrokeet]: hello kitty humans!!!!

2005-03-04 [khane]: i love them

2005-03-05 [parrokeet]: hehe meow

2005-03-05 [parrokeet]: hehe cat humans and cat lovers I have the lamist quest ever for you!!!!!

2005-03-05 [parrokeet]: help me find a banner witha cat human on it, and help me advertise please ^,^

2005-03-08 [parrokeet]: ummmmm......should I add something to this, no ones done anything to it at all.......

2005-03-09 [xhideously-t.a.k]: YAY!!!!!!!!

2005-03-09 [parrokeet]: yay!!!!!a response!!!!!!! what should I do to change this page?

2005-03-09 [parrokeet]: tell me people!!!do you think we should make this a role playing game or some type of story........

2005-03-18 [parrokeet]: hmmmmm.... what to do on here...

2005-03-18 [xhideously-t.a.k]: *poke poke*

2005-03-18 [parrokeet]: ha there is someone that replys on here!!!amazing.....

2005-03-24 [donezo]: Can i join,all my cat-human lovers (A.K.A Catter lovers)For i am a cat lover too

2005-03-24 [parrokeet]: no their called cat humans here *hard stare*

2005-03-24 [parrokeet]: but of course you can join

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