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Cat 'n' Mouse Cat Powered Cat Toy review

My husband and I have two cats, Brillo and Gollum, and both of them have been getting pretty spoiled as of late. With my husband working more and more these days, we have more money available to spend on all of the pets in our home, and the cats in particular have been making out pretty well with this deal! Gollum tends to be a bit livelier than Brillo does; many toys don’t interest Brillo at all as he would much rather nap in the sun than get up and play, but the Cat 'n' Mouse Cat Powered Cat Toy definitely got him up and moving when he saw how much fun Gollum was having with it! 

Cat 'n' Mouse Cat Powered Cat Toy are really powered by ones cat(s), and therefore require no batteries, unlike other toys of a similar design. The toy itself is hollow and the mouse within it spins about as cats (or people) bat at it from any of the three access points it has. Hubby and I had to show our cats how to do it at first, but after we smacked the mouse around a few times, both cats looked pretty intrigued and were giving it a shot themselves. Every time our cats swipe at poor mousey, the mouse whirls in circles, encouraging the cats to beat at it again. This toy really brings out the hunter in them! 

There is a scratching pad on the top of this toy, but our cats have shown no interest in it. We have a tall scratching post for them that they much prefer to the one that comes with the Cat 'n' Mouse Cat Powered Cat Toy. 

Our cats have had this toy for a few weeks now and it is still intact after taking some serious abuse from them. I was really surprised at that, as I had expected the mouse to come loose from the rest of the toy after the first few play sessions. However, the Cat 'n' Mouse Cat Powered Cat Toy seems to be pretty darn durable!

I do recommend this toy. For only $8.99, it is not at all a bad investment, and it has been incredibly fun to see both of our cats up and playing with the same toy! This is most certainly a wonderful pet product for all sorts of cats! 

Pros: My cats LOVED it!
Cons: None!

/ [Nioniel]

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