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2006-12-27 04:27:36
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~~~~~~~~~~news from arren below~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     WHAT HAPPENED ??? Where is everyone ? I am so dissapointed to see there hasnt really been any activity in a long while !!! Zelrondidi-ji I left you in charge ?!?! Where is the fun people !!! *sigh*


With love always [Arren] (creator of this wiki)

1. [Mother Goddess] I thought I would be friendly and list my name. yay!!!!!! I'm # 1!!!!
2. [Oomnomnom] Yeah, I'm now the second person! Yay for me XD!
3. [zeph.] cool...I hope this wiki grows bigger:)
4. [Wingedwolfelf] I'm sure it'll be amazing as soon s it expands!
5 [blood soaked madin] lots of potential...oh,oh! I am one of the first to join!!!yea!!!
6. [Nait] Looky, looky. Nait has joined the game! =3
7. [Zelrondidi-ji] Wee! I'm a drow! Hello to all! <^-^>
8. [hiddenbrazzle] Hi!!
9. [haghad] hi I am an elf healer
10.[Lady_Elowyn] well, i kind of already joined, but i guess I'll make it official.
11. [Wicked_Wiccan] hi!!
12.[Izzeyl] sit quietly & waits till i have somethin usefull 2 say.
13. [Dark's Mist] you'll never known i'm there
14. [thehogfather] yeah, elves are cool. they kick butt.
15. [Moved to] proud to be an elf:)
16. [gaia1289] hello
17. [Akayume] proud to be elvish
18.[*~`Lady of Avalon`~*]

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2005-08-03 [gaia1289]: hello.

2005-08-03 [Lady_Elowyn]: Hi Matt! Thanks for joining!

2005-08-03 [gaia1289]: No prob

2005-08-16 [gaia1289]: hello

2005-08-17 [Lady_Elowyn]: boo!

2005-08-18 [gaia1289]: hi

2005-08-18 [Lady_Elowyn]: hi..

2005-08-18 [gaia1289]: sorry i was gone so long.

2005-08-18 [Lady_Elowyn]: You were gone? I didn't notice...I was gone a while too.

2005-08-18 [gaia1289]: i was gone all last week.

2005-08-18 [Lady_Elowyn]: Oh, that explains it. I was gone too!

2005-08-18 [gaia1289]: cool

2005-08-18 [Lady_Elowyn]: yeah.

2005-08-18 [gaia1289]: so..

2005-08-18 [Lady_Elowyn]: so...

2005-08-18 [gaia1289]: now what

2005-08-18 [Lady_Elowyn]: ummm.....we continue talking about weapons in the rpg?lol...I don't know...

2005-08-18 [gaia1289]: ok.

2006-10-15 [Lady_Elowyn]: It died. That SO isn't cool. I'm tired of dead RPGs.

2006-10-15 [Izzeyl]: i've been waiting for somebody else to get things moving.

2006-11-08 [Zelrondidi-ji]: I've been trying but no one's around to interact with.

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