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This is the RPG of Castle of the Elves.

Look I did something that could pass off as a trial or maybe just something to begin with... yeah that sounds good.

Okay... there's this big old palace( in a forest) where there used to live some rich people, but they're long gone by now (Ha! We out-lived another bunch of humans!) and so this is where we gather and wait for some plot to come our way...

[Zelrondidi-ji] "Hello there!" *waves while lounging back in chair* "And how are you all doing on such a fine day?"

[Lady_Elowyn] *Nods at [Zelrondidi-ji]*"I'm very fine thank you.

[Zelrondidi-ji] *Nods back to [Lady_Elowyn]* "Superve." *Motions to the bar across the room* "Could I get you anything while we wait for the others?"

[Nait] *Enters the house.* "I dearly hope I've not missed the party."

[Zelrondidi-ji] *turns to greet [Nait]* "Not at all. In fact, it's just getting started. I was about to break out the drinks."

[Nait] "Ah, how splendid. Just what I need after such a trying day. Have them out before I go to find them myself."

[Lady_Elowyn]hmmmmmmm...just a glass of water, please.

[Arren] *enters room and see the first of her guests in the castle ball room *

[Zelrondidi-ji] *Sets up an ice tray between to a row of empty glasses and various bottles containing drinks* "All set up [Nait]." *Hands [Lady_Elowyn] her water* "Here you are, my lady."

[Nait] *Takes one of the glasses and pops open a bottle of wine, pouring himself a drink.* "Very good." *He said, falling back, aloofly into an inviting seat.* "So, what's on today's agenda?"

[Lady_Elowyn]*Smiles at [Zelrondidi-ji]* Why thank you, kind sir. *Gracefully perches herself on the edge of a chair.*Now, perhaps we should get started?

[Zelrondidi-ji]*retrieves a glass of wine for himself before taking a seat opposite of [Lady_Elowyn]* "Yes, let's."

There is only one small problem. *[Lady_Elowyn] smiles again.* Why, again, did we gather here?

[Zelrondidi-ji]*Smiles back* "Why to see what we are to do with ourselves, my lady." (to all) "Any suggestions?"
"While we all seem to have great skills in combat, I doubt [Arren] intended this to become a fighting RPG. Maybe if we all set out on some journey or adventure where we could use our individual skills to our advantage...?"

[Lady_Elowyn]*Smiles at [Zelrondidi-ji]* "Yes. Perhaps we should. Where do you suggest we go?"

[Izzeyl]*At that moment the door creeks open & a tall dark figure steps in out of the rain.* "Hi. I'm Izzeyl. I recieved a message telling me to come here. Could anybody possibly inform me as what this is about?"

[Zelrondidi-ji]*Waves causually to [Izzeyl]* "Vendui'. Nice entrance too. We were just discussing on what we should do. Any thoughts?"

[gaia1289]*Walks in trough front door* "Hello"

[Lady_Elowyn]*Waves to [gaia1289]*"Welcome, friend!"

[gaia1289]*waves back to [Lady_Elowyn]* "Do u have room for a lonley warrior"

[Lady_Elowyn]*Smiles*"But of course! We welcome any and every elf that comes our way."

[gaia1289]*smile back* "Thank u kind miss." *sits down*

[Lady_Elowyn]*looks at [gaia1289]*"Would you like something to drink?"

[gaia1289]"Yes plz. What do u have?"

[Lady_Elowyn]"We have whatever you might desire."

[gaia1289] "ok. golden suns."

[Lady_Elowyn] *stands and retreived it from the refreshment table.*

[gaia1289] "thank u miss." *takes drink and begins to drink it.* "It's been a long time since i had 1 of these."

[Lady_Elowyn]"I am glad you are enjoying it."

[gaia1289] "enjoying it. i love it. i have been traveling for almost a year now."

[Lady_Elowyn]*Returns to her seat* "May I ask of your adventures?"

[gaia1289] "Sure. What is it u want to know?" *sits down near her.* "How rude of me i haven't even itroduced myself. My name is Ravenclaw."

[Lady_Elowyn]"Welcome to the Castle of the Elves, Ravenclaw. I am Elowyn of the Woodland Clan."

[gaia1289]"I am known as Raven the Shadow Death. Nice to meet u Elowyn. Now what is it u wish to know about my travels?"

[Lady_Elowyn]"The Shadow Death... does that mean that you enjoy fighting? Forgive me, I tend to travel away from topics quite easily. Your adventures. Did you battle many foes?"

[gaia1289]"The Shadow Death.. I have that name bc I brought death to many with a mastery of shadows. Yes I did battle many foes." *removes right glove reveling many scars.*

[Lady_Elowyn]*swiftly draws a dagger hidden in her dress, doing so in such a swift manner that the location of the sheith could not be identified* "I also enjoy battling foes. This is Biter, a very helpful dagger that has saved me many times."

[gaia1289]*draws sword from within cloak.* "This is my blade, Shadow Falme, he saved my life many times."

[Lady_Elowyn]"I have many weapons, although I share them with few people."*Draws her own sword.*"My sword, Nemharian, is mithril, virtually indestructible.This sword is like a live companian, a true friend to me."

[gaia1289]"Mithril. Hmmm. Very nice. MY blade is made of an acient meterial with the power to create and destroy shadows."

[Lady_Elowyn]"Tis a beautiful blade. Mine, too has magical properties, though of no special type. It has all the elements put into it by spell. It is especially good with healing. I suppose that is due to my own sufficiency in that area. Watch." *Scratches his skin lightly, drawing blood. As quickly as she did this, she touched the wound lightly with one finger, and it instantly heals."

[gaia1289]"Very nice. DO u have anymore questions about my travels?" *puts up sword.*

[Lady_Elowyn]"Is there anything you wish to tell me? I have no specific questions." *Puts away dagger and sword.*

[gaia1289]"Not if u don't want to know."

[Lady_Elowyn]"Very well. Thank you." *Lapses into silence, staring into space.*

[gaia1289]*stands up and turns towards door.*

[Lady_Elowyn]"Sir, where are you going?"

[gaia1289]"Nowhere. I was followed." *draws Shadow Flame*

[Lady_Elowyn]"It appears a battle is about to begin. I do hope you don't mind if I help." *Prepares her bow, nocking an arrow* "Who might our foe be?"

[gaia1289] "a Hunter of Elfs."

[Lady_Elowyn]"I see." *Watches door expectantly, waiting for the enemy to enter.*

[gaia1289] *turns to a window and runs.*

[Lady_Elowyn] *Clears throat* "Ahem. I did not expect a warrior such as yourself to do such a cowardly deed as to run."*Uses magic to freeze him* "Now come here and fight like a man."

[gaia1289] "i was fighting. he is outside that window. now unfrezze me plz."

[Lady_Elowyn] "He is outside the window? Perhaps you should wait till he is closer." *Walks over to the window, opens it and shoots arrows at the enemy, hitting every time."Well, that takes care of that, now doesn't it?" *Unfreezes him*

[gaia1289]"only temporaly. me and my partner Ranse tried to kill him and he came back."

[Lady_Elowyn] *shrugs* Good target practice, anyway. *Wonders where everyone else went but gives up, takes out a dagger and tosses it into the air a few times before throwing it across the room into the wall*

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2005-05-16 [Lady_Elowyn]: hey, maybe we should do character bios, just so we know our own personalities and histories. it might help us with a storyline.I thought we could include name, personality, physical description and history.

2005-05-19 [Zelrondidi-ji]: That sounds awesome! Would that have it's own separate page or would that just be a modification to the main intro page?

2005-05-19 [Izzeyl]: sounds like fun

2005-05-21 [Lady_Elowyn]: it would probably have a separate page. the only problem is i have no idea how to make the new page and link it here. if anyone could help with that part, i would be happy to run the page.

2005-05-26 [Arren]: * wonders around the room waving at all her guests before going up to change for the dinner party *

2005-05-26 [Izzeyl]: O CRAP! is this a formal-wear party? cause if so i'm kinda skrewed.

2005-06-08 [Zelrondidi-ji]: Yeah, I could do that much for you. Have fun running the page! Would it be called "charactr bios" or do you want some other title for it?

2005-06-08 [Zelrondidi-ji]: Well it's up and waiting for you, "my lady". I put the link on both apges so people can use it as a referance to the RPG. Have fun!

2005-08-27 [Izzeyl]: sry i was gone for so long

2005-08-29 [Lady_Elowyn]: It's fine

2005-08-30 [gaia1289]: hello

2005-08-30 [Lady_Elowyn]: hi.

2005-08-31 [gaia1289]: how r u

2005-08-31 [Lady_Elowyn]: good.

2005-08-31 [gaia1289]: that is good

2005-11-19 [Izzeyl]: does everyone know we moved over to a different page cause this one is getting to big. there's not a whole lot of chatter going on over there so i thought maybe this would attract a little attention.

2005-11-21 [gaia1289]: i don't

2005-11-21 [Lady_Elowyn]: Thanks for telling me.

2005-11-21 [gaia1289]: i need to kno

2005-11-21 [Lady_Elowyn]: Just go to castle of the elves RPG pg 2.

2006-07-09 [Arren]: OMG IM SO SORRY EVERYONE ! I know as WIKI moderator I should be here I suppose and I havent but Zelrondidi has been doing an awesome job . Love you guys keep up the aweseom ness !

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