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Castle of Darkness and Destruction 


<*img.*> For the code, add it to your homepage!!!

Special thanks to [Nazarath.93] for this banner!

Welcome dearest friends and darkest foes, you have stumbled into my castle.
Don't be afraid there are only vengeful ghosts and hidden passages.
If you stray then there will be no way to find you.
Inside this castle you can not orb to any place... or for that sake you can not orb on these grounds only I may orb,and that is because my family cast the spell in our family blood.
I, [de Morte], am the mistress of this place and have been for hundreds of years, only I know the many secrets of this place.
Now enter and rest (leads you in to the grand hall) stay as long as you wish, and please, do not kill the servants, humans rarely come to my home, you may drink their blood though.

Once you enter my house hold there are only a few rules;
1 No killing of the servants
2 Do not get lost (I will not look for you)
3 Please refrain from damaging the furniture, if there is a fight though, this can not be helped
4 No cybering although sexual references are allowed
5 Spell locked rooms are to be kept closed and will result in injury or death of you part.

New Members!
Please go to Castle of Darkness & Destruction Points

Point System</b>
For many services done and jobs finished I will award you points. I will list you points and name on a different page
Castle of Darkness & Destruction Points
when you reach 50 points then I will post a comment on you new rank.

Note there is no limit to the ranks as of this moment, but if I need to, then there will be a limit


We now have a sister Wiki †vampires†!!!

A Little Description...
Well if you would like a quick tour... I haven't finished this page so I will give you a very general layout. There are 5 floors in the main building and a tower thats roughly 10 stories, its very calming (although the servants aren't allowed up there, they might jump)Please don't mind if there is a bit of a mess there if you decide to go.

^West hall- Torture rooms and the dungeons
^North hall- Workout rooms
^East hall- Feeding chambers

First floor;
^Main entrance
^Grand Hall (North)
^East Wing- Guest rooms
^West Wing- Servant quarters

Second floor;
^East Wing- Library
^West Wing- offices & study rooms

Third floor;
^Family bedrooms
^Locked doors

Fourth floor;
^Locked doors
^Magic rooms
^Spell rooms

Fifth floor;
^Locked doors
^Storage rooms

^Graveyard is behind the castle to the east
^In the basement(east) there is A particularly strong ghost
^The stables are in the front west of the castle
^There are many groves and woods surrounding the castle grounds.
^The Castle is on a higher level than most of the rest of the surrounding land.
^There are three villages around the castle
   ~Talon is the closest at six miles to the south
   ~Arrowwood is the next closest at fourteen miles east
   ~Solenthine is fifteen miles to the southwest;vid=47133658

I, among a few others, have noticed that this wiki is getting nowhere.
So now I decided that every week or so (however long it takes) there will be tasks to complete. Whoever wins these tasks (there may be multiple winners) will get points and their ranks may go up!

Missing: </b>

Username (or number or email):


[de Morte]: *as i sit with my hands "locked" a man... smelling of ale walks around the bend*

[de Morte]: * looking helpless with my clothes torn he come to me, either with intentions to help or harm is still unknown...*

[de Morte]: *as he walks closer a malicious grin creeps onto his drunken face* .:. so he is one who would harm the weak... i guess i'm going to have fun tonight .:. *looking scared i "try" to scramble back*

[de Morte]: *as i "trip" i look into the sky and see [Tainted_blood] flying above*

[Tainted_blood]: *I think to myself* hmm looks like de morte is having fun tonight *I wave to de morte below then land about a block away and watch*

[de Morte]: *the man comes within arm reach and tries to feel me up i kick at him and start to shake* (him) yer stu'id bich! git o're er ! * i slowly move into a standing position revealing that one of my ancles is tied to a rope as stumble and run as far as the rope will let me go, he follows* ~(to tainted) i love leading them to think that they have power over me! when they realize it's a trick... i love the expression on their faces!~ *the drunken man reveals a dagger*

[Tainted_blood]: *still watching I think to de morte* just be carefull if they dont know what you are how can u be sure you fully know what they are... baha yeah right heehee

[de Morte]: ~ to tainted i can smell the flavor of their blood after living as long as i have you can begin to recognise the smel and of blood from different speicies, even from different blood lines... human's are so mixed and bland that when blood from a different species is added the smell/flavor is changed drasticly~ *as the man aproches i circle as if i'm trying to get away or stay as far away as i can from him.he lunges and i jump back, the rope tightens around his feet and he is tripped. *

[Tainted_blood]: ~to de morte Ah I see, heehee nice move~

[de Morte]: ~thank you~ *as he scambles to get up i flash step so that in an instant i am standing above him. i put my foot on his spine and push him down, swiftly grabbing the knife. i sit on him, he is shocked that with my small body he can't stand up* are you scared, i bet you are thinking that the hell is going on? right? well let me tell you, you thought that you could control me, that you were stronger, well i'm sorry but you are a weak pathetic fool not fit to live, you prey on the weak and helpless. *i bind him still with a thought and get up* well now you are the weak and helpless *i search his mind and find out all the evils he had done in his life* you are a very bad person...

[de Morte]: i see everything you've done *takes all the memories and makes him feel ALL the pain he has caused others* this is your punishment... *as he withers in pain i cut his body slowly licking the blood as it flows getting slightly intoxicated from the ale in his blood yet still keeping a clear head*

[de Morte]: EXCUSE ME!!! sorry for this inturuption... but i would like you all to know that i'm not going to comment on this wiki for a few day due to mourning of a few friends kill the other day... thank you...

[Crimson Mistress]: I'm so sorry to hear that....*gives [de Morte] a gentle hug*

[Tainted_blood]: *give de morte a hug*

[de Morte]: thank you... sorry about that inturuption... i thought it only appropriate

[de Morte]: (back to rpg-ing)

[Tainted_blood]: [sry i was gone for a while but im back now]

[de Morte]: (no problem) * i turn to [Tainted_blood]* that was fun

[Tainted_blood]: I bet it was ... it looked like it so very muchly so

[de Morte]: it was, shall we get back to the castle, or were you planning on a hunt?

[Tainted_blood]: well I dont mind going back to the castle but I was getting a weird feeling there I dont quite know what though

[de Morte]: hmmm danger?... or something new?

[Tainted_blood]: I dont know about danger yet but definately something new

[de Morte]: hmmm interesting... well i should be heading back to the castle before anyone gets hurt to badly *winks*

[Tainted_blood]: well ill come back too but i may get distracted along the way ^.^

[de Morte]: no problem *vanishes and reappears with a nightmare (horselike creature)*

[de Morte]: would you like a ride?

[Tainted_blood]: why yes I would like a ride thank you[sorry for the delay but I have been away for a while]

[000000000]: *walks up a road a little ways* So this is the place I've heard is so feared amongst the humans. Hahahaha, I think I'll enjoy this.

[Tainted_blood]: *sniffs the air* something is definately wrong ... hmm *jumps from nightmare growing batlike wings and flying into the distance*

[de Morte]: *smiles and turns around sencing a presence not to far behind*

[000000000]: *cracks knuckles and clenches fists* *breathes in deeply and roars causing the ground below him to char about 10 yards* GREETINGS! WHO IS THE MASTER OR MISTRESS OF THIS SPOKEN OF WORLDY WONDER! CAST THY NAME FORTH!

[de Morte]: *feerlessly walks forth with a grin on my face* I am the mistress of this Castle, and you would be?

[Tainted_blood]: *lands near to de morte out of sight and watches this new stranger*

[000000000]: *Smiles bearing a mouth of filed teeth and laughs* It's good to see one without fear. *holds fist in hand befor himself and bows* Cruor Plou is the name! Pleased!

[de Morte]: I have lost fear long ago *curtsies* and you were heading to the castle? well then follow *smiles and turns around heading for the castle*

[Tainted_blood]: *to self* I dont know about this one... too confidant...

[000000000]: Good to know! And yes I was heading to the castle, I had to visit a place of so much fame. *turns to mistress's friend*
Speaking to one's self isn't necassary, I know how you feel. I've seen it in countless others. If this place is anything like I've heard, it should be a wonderful visit! *grins* lead the way mistress. *follows mistress.*

[Tainted_blood]: *cocks head to side and flies towards castle*

[de Morte]: *the rain starts to pour and lightning starts to flash the closer to the castle we get*

[Tainted_blood]: *gets to the castle and watches the two walk towards the castle*

[de Morte]: *the doors open as we get close* Welcome to my castle.... *walks through the main hall as a servant apears with a tray of wine glasses filled with blood and takes one*

[de Morte]: I hope you don't mind but we have very few humans here and I must ask that you either bring in your own or you do not kill the few here...

[Tainted_blood]: *climbs into bedroom window and lays on bed*

[000000000]: *chuckles* They are interesting to look at on occasions, but while not ripping them appart. My interest in them is nil.

[de Morte]: Then I must suggest you bring in a few of your own...

[de Morte]: ((Members please ask people to join))
((Also! The points page is getting a little long so please take your description and put it on a seprate page so I can put a link to it on the points page))

[de Morte]: Ohh if you do find some humans, the torcher room is in the basement if you are going to do anything ... messy...

[de Morte]: *Goes to Arrowwood*

[Orgasmo]: *walks past and picks up a brochure*

[de Morte]: *turns and look towards [Orgasmo]* Hello there wanderer, may you be looking for some lodging?

[Shadow's Dawn]: *Looks over at the mistress of the castle and the traveler*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *rides up at a walk, sitting astride his black horse Slainte, reaching the castle he gives it a short look and dismounts*

[000000000]: *Chuckles* more company than I'd expected. I'm almost suprised so many know of this castle. *Leans against wall and clenches a fist which promptly ignites. The fire travels rather slowly over the rest of his body* I'm sure the walls will be fine. *Cruor is then covered in a blaze intense enough to hinder even the silouette of him from the eyes of (most) mortals* Ah, That feels better!

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *the Makyian eyes the flaming figure and shrugs, adjusting his warhammer* What are you?

[de Morte]: (if you wish to join, make a comment on the points page describing your character or send me a message)

[Shadow's Dawn]: (I will...) *takes control of a young womans mind and has her follow me as I turn and head to the castle*

[de Morte]: *smiles at [Orgasmo] and walks up to the castle as if trying to lead him*

[Shadow's Dawn]: *Notices the mistress behind me and keeps to the shadows*

[de Morte]: *watches [Shadow's Dawn]*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *Medarnahk watches all these people curiously, wondering what sort of game they are playing, since all are clearly visible, he surmises that they cannot be ambushing each other*

[Orgasmo]: *Earth manipulates the castle wall and walks inside*

[Shadow's Dawn]: *Reaches the castle gate and stops, waiting for the Mistress*

[de Morte]: *waves my hand and the gates open*

[Shadow's Dawn]: *smiles and walks through*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *follows through the gates, still puzzling at the nature of these creatures*

[de Morte]: *looks to Medarnahk* We have... power struggles, estimate the power and intent of who we are around...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *arches his eyebrow* Aren't these sort of struggles more easily solved by the sword?

[de Morte]: They can be, but I never know if I want them as an enemy or a friend.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *Medarnahk nods in understanding* They are your minions, and you test them.

[Orgasmo]: *Uses a combination of Water and fire manipulation to create himself a tasty beverage and continues to observe*

[000000000]: *The flame dies out* Minion? *chuckles* I don't remember anything about being a minion. I am simply enjoying a stay, if there is something I didn't know about I'll be leaving promptly.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: ((Jae, I know it, went there a lot when I used to ride the semi))

[Orgasmo]: *Grows weary and earth manipulates a tent and fire manipulates a campfire. Walks into the newly formed tent and abruptly earth manipulates a door*

[de Morte]: Minions, no. I do not control them, if I did there would be no fun!

[000000000]: If you have some reign here...over ME. I'll be leaving. As was said before!

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *Medarnahk gives a puzzled expression and decides to drop the conversation*

[de Morte]: *yawns and goes upstairs*

[Shadow's Dawn]: *watches everyone from a distance then goes to visit the graveyard*

[de Morte]: *sits in a pool reveling in the memories of past victories*

[Shadow's Dawn]: *sits on a grave and begins to sing*

[Orgasmo]: *Warms the pool water and joins [de Morte]*

[de Morte]: *is lost in memories and is in a dream-like state*

[Tainted_blood]: *wakes up not remembeirng falling asleep*[sorry everyone i dont know whats going on i really havent had much access to my computer lately :D:D and i dont really ahve the attention span to read up untill now :D]

[Orgasmo]: Nothing much seems to be happening, i'm reminising about the old days

[Tainted_blood]: *walks out the door and down the hall* Hmm i wonder what I missed. I can't believe i fell asleep. I guess I went too long without sleep haha. *walks towards the great doors leading outside*

[de Morte]: ((please note that a change has been made to the wiki, please read))

[de Morte]: *gets up and walks over to the library, automatically dry as I get out of the pool*

[Shadow's Dawn]: *finishes my song and goes to wander the land*

[de Morte]: *looks around and picks up a book at random* Shit! *drops the book*

[Tainted_blood]: *jumps on ceiling* ... everything seems different upsidedown heehee

[de Morte]: *backs away from the book, shocked*

[Tainted_blood]: *walks along cieling to library and sees de Morte*... somethin wrong?

[de Morte]: I... I just... *glances at the book* I must go. *disappears faster than anyone could see*

[Shadow's Dawn]: *feels a slight twinge of magic and heads back to the castle*

[Orgasmo]: *makes it rain* we must cleanse our souls

[Shadow's Dawn]: *looks back at [Orgasmo] some of us do not have them...*

[Orgasmo]: everyone has a soul

[de Morte]: *The book falls to the ground with a loud clatter, still open to that disturbing page*

[Tainted_blood]: *still on ceiling* whats wrong? what happened? *not seeing the page which the book has opened to*

[de Morte]: *On the page of the book, unclear, were red and black scribbles, the red looking like dried blood*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *Medarnahk steps over and peers at the book* That's odd... smells like blood...

[de Morte]: *as you look at the page, the lines are blurred, and start to move, never making any sense never being defined...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *raises his eyebrow and shifts in his armor* Ahhh... Lady? You have a rather strange book lying on your floor..

[de Morte]: *far off, beyond the ability of anyone to sense, I enter a shadowed room...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *frowns at the book and picks it up, holding it out from his body warily*

[de Morte]: *as you pick up the book the images start to swirl faster and faster, the pages start to bleed you try to drop the book but it attaches to your hand you look around but realize you aren't in the castle anymore...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *snarling in shock, Medarnahk, reaches for his sword, and trying to shake off the infernal book* By the Mor!

[de Morte]: *as you shake the book an image starts to appear, but it is yet unclear...*

[Orgasmo]: *Senses good amongst all the evil*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *Medarnahk wrenches his sword free with his left hand and faces the image*

[de Morte]: *somewhat like a video, images on the pages replay your worst fears and worst memories*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *watches the book rather numbly, having come to accept these fears and memories as past, looking around, for signs of some sort of danger, Medarnahk keeps his sword grip firm, and smiles grimly, steeling himself to face death another time*

[de Morte]: *As Medarnahk watches his fears and memories, they begin to twist and change, slowly growing worse...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *shudders slightly as the scene in which two of his brothers were torn asunder by dragons plays before him*

[de Morte]: (only one can hold the book at a time)

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *begins shaking the evil book off his hand again, resorting to beating it on the ground* Alright, well, I'll cut it off then!

[de Morte]: *the book begins to merge with your arm...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *gasping in shock, Medarnahk quickly hacks his arm off at the shoulder, black blood spurting in pulsing gouts, his powerful heart pumping hard*

[de Morte]: *as his arm, and the book fall, his vision fades and blurs, somehow mimicking that which the book had shown earlier, his vision flickers from that of the memory, the blurred book, and the library...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *struggles with his consciousness, hitting his knees with a groan, as the blood flow stops, and the stump of arm heals over*

[de Morte]: *as the vision fades you realize that your arm is, in fact, whole, weapon sheathed, and book fallen to the ground, closed*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *sitting up and grabbing my head, I moan* Oooowww...

[de Morte]: *slowly the cover of the book, originally red, gets darker with your memories, but does not turn opens again, as if awaiting a new handler, and new fears and memories...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *rubbing my head I viciously kick the book across the room* Stupid book... *drinking from a little skin of water, I grasp the straws of focus and nurse my temples, my brain being sensitive to such powerful forces*

[de Morte]: *a servant walks in and refills your canister before quickly disappearing into the hallway*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *looks shocked at being waited on and curses under his breath in his own guttural language*

[de Morte]: *a small white piece of paper slipped out of the yellowing pages of the evil book*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *frowning, Medarnahk walked over, extending a talon from one finger to delicately spear the paper and bring it to his eyesight*

[de Morte]:     The paper reads, in a small curled script:

If you are reading this note, then you must be a brave soldier indeed, or maybe even a fool keen on surviving, but I believe that this is after the fact.

You have survived one of the seven tasks of old, set by the ancient heroes of the times.

I only know this for I did survive this task.

If you had not had a strong will, then the book would have eaten your soul, memories, fears, and even your body.

I congratulate you, for if you can complete the other tasks, which I, at this time, am still hunting for, you will be bestowed with a gift unlike any other...

~Adara, Lady of The Castle of Darkness & Destruction, spring of 1263.

PS. now that you've survived, you may now touch the book, but the memories will be there, just not consuming you.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *Medarnahk frowns* Interesting... *picking up the book he leafs through it* I wonder what the other six trials are...

[de Morte]: *you feel in the back of your mind, an itching... unknown to you at this time*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *scratches his long hair absently, still leafing through the book*

[de Morte]: *You begin to notice that as you flip through the book a faint image appears over your eyes, but you can still clearly see your surroundings*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *looking up and reaching out, Medarnahk tries to touch the image*

[de Morte]: *your hand waves through the image...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *blinks, and frowns* This is, not... real? *shakes his head and looks forward again*

[de Morte]: *as each page turns, a different image emerges*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *closes the book experimentally* Hey....*thinks for a moment* Servant! *he orders in a commanding tone*

[de Morte]: *the visions fades away.... a small servant walks in slowly...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *looking over at the servant, Medarnahk attempts a smile, which comes across as more of a snarl* I need to talk to your Lady, please go and find her.

[de Morte]: *the broken servant just nods and says, "my lady is out of the castle right now"

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *blinks* Well, where, outside of the castle?

[de Morte]: "she did not say, just left"

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *frowns* Alright then, do you know anything about seven tasks or somesuch?

[de Morte]: "No sir, I only know what I must know..."

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *grinds a brick into dust in his frustration and storms out of the room*

[de Morte]: *the slave goes off into a passage and disappears*

[Tainted_blood]: *still standing on the cieling in shock* ... what the hell just happened here...

[de Morte]: *After what seems like an eternity, I orb into the graveyard*

[Orgasmo]: *Continues his travels into the unknown*

[Tainted_blood]: aaaallllrighty then ... ill just umm... walk over... here... *walks out of the room and into the hallway tripping on top of doorway while doing so*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *stalks into the graveyard with a lethal expression, muttering curses in Morda*

[de Morte]: *turns around a corner into a secret passage, with something on my mind...*

[de Morte]: *forgets to close the passage door*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *notices Lady Adara going into the passage and follows* Excuse me.

[de Morte]: *turns around* Oh I'm sorry... I didn't notice you...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *producing the book, he asks* What are these 'Seven Tasks' of which are spoken?"

[de Morte]: *slightly smiles* Those are some that need to be found, I see that you have completed one though. But... *gives you a plain looking silver ring* You may need this, don't worry if it looks small, it will adjust to size.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *frowns and looks at it* Alright, thank you, what finger does it go on?

[de Morte]: whatever you are comfortable with, it will adjust to any of your fingers.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *sticks it over his long aquiline forefinger, customary ring finger for his race* Thank you, where am I to go next?

[de Morte]: Learn, wait, when it is ready the ring will lead you.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *nods* Alright then. *pauses fro a moment, and turns to leave*

[de Morte]: You need to train... train your soul.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *turns around and raises a skeptic eyebrow* My soul? What do you mean?

[de Morte]: Follow me *turns back to the passageway*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *follows* Of course Lady.

[de Morte]: *as I lead you down the tunnel it slowly descends with turns off into so many passageways you can't keep track f them all*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *his eyes glow faintly as they move out of the light*

[de Morte]: *starts a magelight*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *blinks for a moment, and continues after Lady Ada*

[de Morte]: *stops by a walls and whispers something, or seems like it, but my mouth doesn't move, the wall disintegrates* Almost here...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *nods silently and follows*

[de Morte]: *After av few more passageways I enter into a library* That book you found, I put it in here, but it does have a mind, or should I say a goal of it's own.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *frowns* The book, has a goal?

[de Morte]: All of the objects do... *turns to the book shelf and searches for a few moments* Ah! Here it is! *pulls out an old book*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *looks on curiously*

[de Morte]: *opens the book as it starts to flip randomly around until it settles* Here we go! *reads it* Mmhmm... just as I thought! You have a little bit of destiny in you...

Training your soul is like focusing energy, but deeper...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *arches his brow* Meditation?

[de Morte]: No... this is obtained by near death...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *arches his eyebrow* Near death? Why not just go all the way? *he remarks dryly*

[de Morte]: When you are near death you are far more aware of your soul. The book picked one that was strong, in body and in soul, but if you are to afraid...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *sighs* Oh alright then, what do I have to do?

[de Morte]: We must train first...

[Tainted_blood]: [gah i hate it when you guys do that... you dont say anything for like 3 weeks and i cant think of nething then i leave for like a week and BOOM lots to read.. grr on you ... grr... on ... you]

[de Morte]: (sorry!!!... you should be on more! ;)...)

[Wulf Skjaldr]: Then you want to kill me now?

[de Morte]: No, not yet... things must be learned before you get to that point. Preparations must be made...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: Well? *he grinds his boot heel into the dirt* Lets make them!

[de Morte]: It will take me some time to finish preparations, til then train your body and fix all of your weaknesses.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *rolls his eyes and stalks off into the woods*

[de Morte]: *smirks and turns into a tunnel looking for the seeds of the soul plant*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *crushes a stone with his sword, and then focuses on the one thing he knows, the art of war*

[de Morte]: *walks into a tunnel that gently slopes down into a place that no light can touch and no eyes can see...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *sweeps his blade in intricate patterns, seeking to eliminate any lack of defense, while realizing this is impossible* I am the fire, the fire passes through me, it becomes me, I am the fire *he recites as he trains, trancelike*

[de Morte]: *counting out my paces, I take as many turns as needed* (if one did not know the paces, an untold amount of pain and death could happen upon oneself...)

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *has still not stopped his meditation*

[de Morte]: Once is twice, twice is none...
*sits down after spinning once*

[~morbid~abyss~]: *stalks in as she observes from the shadows, her eyes flashing as she glances about with a smile playing at the corner of her lips*

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