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Castle of Darkness and Destruction 


<*img.*> For the code, add it to your homepage!!!

Special thanks to [Nazarath.93] for this banner!

Welcome dearest friends and darkest foes, you have stumbled into my castle.
Don't be afraid there are only vengeful ghosts and hidden passages.
If you stray then there will be no way to find you.
Inside this castle you can not orb to any place... or for that sake you can not orb on these grounds only I may orb,and that is because my family cast the spell in our family blood.
I, [de Morte], am the mistress of this place and have been for hundreds of years, only I know the many secrets of this place.
Now enter and rest (leads you in to the grand hall) stay as long as you wish, and please, do not kill the servants, humans rarely come to my home, you may drink their blood though.

Once you enter my house hold there are only a few rules;
1 No killing of the servants
2 Do not get lost (I will not look for you)
3 Please refrain from damaging the furniture, if there is a fight though, this can not be helped
4 No cybering although sexual references are allowed
5 Spell locked rooms are to be kept closed and will result in injury or death of you part.

New Members!
Please go to Castle of Darkness & Destruction Points

Point System</b>
For many services done and jobs finished I will award you points. I will list you points and name on a different page
Castle of Darkness & Destruction Points
when you reach 50 points then I will post a comment on you new rank.

Note there is no limit to the ranks as of this moment, but if I need to, then there will be a limit


We now have a sister Wiki †vampires†!!!

A Little Description...
Well if you would like a quick tour... I haven't finished this page so I will give you a very general layout. There are 5 floors in the main building and a tower thats roughly 10 stories, its very calming (although the servants aren't allowed up there, they might jump)Please don't mind if there is a bit of a mess there if you decide to go.

^West hall- Torture rooms and the dungeons
^North hall- Workout rooms
^East hall- Feeding chambers

First floor;
^Main entrance
^Grand Hall (North)
^East Wing- Guest rooms
^West Wing- Servant quarters

Second floor;
^East Wing- Library
^West Wing- offices & study rooms

Third floor;
^Family bedrooms
^Locked doors

Fourth floor;
^Locked doors
^Magic rooms
^Spell rooms

Fifth floor;
^Locked doors
^Storage rooms

^Graveyard is behind the castle to the east
^In the basement(east) there is A particularly strong ghost
^The stables are in the front west of the castle
^There are many groves and woods surrounding the castle grounds.
^The Castle is on a higher level than most of the rest of the surrounding land.
^There are three villages around the castle
   ~Talon is the closest at six miles to the south
   ~Arrowwood is the next closest at fourteen miles east
   ~Solenthine is fifteen miles to the southwest;vid=47133658

I, among a few others, have noticed that this wiki is getting nowhere.
So now I decided that every week or so (however long it takes) there will be tasks to complete. Whoever wins these tasks (there may be multiple winners) will get points and their ranks may go up!

Missing: </b>

Username (or number or email):


[Wulf Skjaldr]: *arches his brow* Meditation?

[de Morte]: No... this is obtained by near death...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *arches his eyebrow* Near death? Why not just go all the way? *he remarks dryly*

[de Morte]: When you are near death you are far more aware of your soul. The book picked one that was strong, in body and in soul, but if you are to afraid...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *sighs* Oh alright then, what do I have to do?

[de Morte]: We must train first...

[Tainted_blood]: [gah i hate it when you guys do that... you dont say anything for like 3 weeks and i cant think of nething then i leave for like a week and BOOM lots to read.. grr on you ... grr... on ... you]

[de Morte]: (sorry!!!... you should be on more! ;)...)

[Wulf Skjaldr]: Then you want to kill me now?

[de Morte]: No, not yet... things must be learned before you get to that point. Preparations must be made...

[Wulf Skjaldr]: Well? *he grinds his boot heel into the dirt* Lets make them!

[de Morte]: It will take me some time to finish preparations, til then train your body and fix all of your weaknesses.

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *rolls his eyes and stalks off into the woods*

[de Morte]: *smirks and turns into a tunnel looking for the seeds of the soul plant*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *crushes a stone with his sword, and then focuses on the one thing he knows, the art of war*

[de Morte]: *walks into a tunnel that gently slopes down into a place that no light can touch and no eyes can see...*

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *sweeps his blade in intricate patterns, seeking to eliminate any lack of defense, while realizing this is impossible* I am the fire, the fire passes through me, it becomes me, I am the fire *he recites as he trains, trancelike*

[de Morte]: *counting out my paces, I take as many turns as needed* (if one did not know the paces, an untold amount of pain and death could happen upon oneself...)

[Wulf Skjaldr]: *has still not stopped his meditation*

[de Morte]: Once is twice, twice is none...
*sits down after spinning once*

[~morbid~abyss~]: *stalks in as she observes from the shadows, her eyes flashing as she glances about with a smile playing at the corner of her lips*

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