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Wraeththu Character Caste
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Rules for Caste Ascension

For more info on Wraeththu, hara, Kamagrian and their important information, see



Character Creation Guidelines:
1.  Everyone starts out in the Kaimana Caste (Ara, Neoma and Brynie). We do not want superhara sneaking into the game. The newly incepted are always going to be Ara, those who apply with characters who have been incepted will be given a level with in Kaimana. The way the mods will decide will be based on a number of things, including how well we believe your character’s profile was written and if a higher caste will fit your character. 

If you wish to have your character’s caste progress you must apply for permission. Please include why you believe your character is ready for ascension and what they have done in their training. Please include a link to a scene that shows they have progessed in their ablity. 

You can not apply for caste ascension every game week. There must be a significant amount of time between application. After all it takes time to learn and train. 

For the newly incepted wishing to progress from Ara to Neoma you must be Ara for at least two game months. From Neoma to Brynie it is also a two month time period. 

When you wish to ascend to an Acantha it jumps up to a three month period before you can apply for ascension. The same goes for Pyralis and Algoma. After that there will be a three to five month game time wait before your character can progress to Nahir Nuri. 

Once your character has reached a Nahir Nuri level there is no set time period, but you must be seen as making an effort to have your character progress before you can think of applying. We may seem very strict when it comes to allowing your character to progress to anything with in Nahir Nuri. Please do not be offended. This is a very high level that many hara do not reach. Or perhaps it will take many years. 

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2006-01-28 [awallflower]: Well this is what I've came up with for rules regarding Caste Progression. I think it is important there be guidelines. If the other mods are okay with this I will create an application for caste ascension ASAP.

2006-01-29 [xido]: I like this page idea. It was definitely a necessary item. If you want some page-format upgrades, I will do that next time I'm here. I like your basis, but let's hope that time schedule doesn't kill the players' idea of progressing... but then, if they've done it all well enough, it shouldn't be a problem. You're only asking for detailed descriptions, a timetable, and professionalism/readiness. Sounds good. ;)

2006-02-03 [xido]: I didn't do much in the info... just the heading and all that.... I added in the three tiers of the Kaimana Caste in parentheses

2006-02-03 [awallflower]: Thanks Will!

2006-02-06 [xido]: no prob babe ;)

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