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Heres will you guys will place your Characters.

Using the following Format to create a seperate wiki page, and then send it to me in an message. Then when I approve I will it add it to the list.



Kingdom Born in:
Kingdom where loyalty is:
Good/Bad Guy:

-Fairytale Bestiary


Characters Needed
1. One Dragons [No human form]
2. Neutral guys.
3. Child of the kingdoms: 1,2,7, and 8.
4. Any in Cast of Tales


Good Guy

Bad Guy


Nicole Rád
Gildor Séregon of the 2nd Kingdom
Pheora and Aulip
Jellial Steelheart
Lamori Lavarday

Sebastion Jafar
Alex Snow
Zataria Darkmoon (Wolf)



Old Characters
Malzock Black
Arjac fell hammer
Tor'asa Mau
Kasai Tokorikata
Mechanic Deltira Amriel

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A Book Of Miss Guided Fairytales

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2014-07-19 [ancienteye]: Syrian

2014-07-19 [ancienteye]: Canicus

2014-07-29 [ancienteye]: So...Four more princes and princesses...Five if you count the fact that Rapunzel had twins... And we have no neutral people. :/

2014-07-29 [Eyden13]: Pretty much

2014-07-29 [ancienteye]: And there's no character limit? :o

2014-07-29 [Eyden13]: Nope, you just have to be able to keep up with all your characters. If you can't I'll kill the ones you can't keep up with off, or have them disappear somehow. What ever I feel like at the time.

2014-07-29 [ancienteye]: I shall keep that under consideration and get back to you in a few days about this. It just seems like you're filling a lot of the openings, and I want to contribute more. ^^"

2014-07-29 [Eyden13]: Aww thanks. Lets just see how we go and if there is anything I'm in desperate need of I'll let you know.

2014-07-29 [ancienteye]: Ok. :P

2014-07-29 [Lirerial]: Idk about [ancienteye] but I think Zataria and Syrian would make better neutral characters. Kinda just fuck everyone up and randomly decide to help people to further their own ends

2014-07-29 [Flisky]: I was thinking about making a Rumplestiltskin-esque neutral character.

2014-07-29 [ancienteye]: I agree with Lirerial. :P

2014-07-29 [ancienteye]: And of course we need a Rumplestiltskin-type. XD

2014-07-29 [Eyden13]: I love the idea of rumplestiltskin, you can even make a character wiki for him. And I'll take a look at the two character to see if I want to move them to neutral. I'll keep you updated.

2014-07-29 [Flisky]: Yay! ^_^

2014-07-30 [twitchboy]: hiya flisk

2014-07-31 [Kbird]: Lamori Lavarday

2014-07-31 [Kbird]: thanks.

2014-08-01 [Flisky]: Petronellathora - what I have so far. Made her the daughter of Rumple and Belle because on Once Upon A Time, I ship them harder than FedEx.

2014-08-01 [ancienteye]: XD

2014-08-03 [Eyden13]: She's good to go! If you want it be a great place to start Petronellathora at Bell, The Inner City

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