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CARCERION, a Realm of Eternal Imprisonment, known often as the Tarterian Depths

An outer realm of exile, imprisonment, where the mad, lost and overthrown waste away as they plot their revenge and ultimately, their return to power.
Carcerion is the least obviously-dangerous of the lower (hellish) outer realms, unlike many layers of the Abyss and Baator, in which acidic rivers flow along beaches of ash and shards of burning glass, raging infernos, or even biting cold damage mortal flesh, the Prison World is a more subtle realm of hazard. Its true danger lies in the hearts who have been forever harbored within its confines, until, it is said, they who are imprisoned can overcome that which imprisoned them.
Betrayal, hatred, vengeance, all of these lie in the hearts of these lost souls, all of whom toil endlessly to attain their freedom and revenge.
Carcerion consists of six layers: Orthrys, the exiled domain of politicians and national traitors; Cathrys, where those who gave in to animal urges and lusts wwhen rationality and logic were necessary lay depraved and ravenous; Minethys, the prison of hoarders whose wealth was never used for anyone but themselves when it could have helped others more; Colothys, confinement for liars whose lies harmed others beyond repair; Porphatys, where the shallow and self-absorbed lie in wait, mulling over the times they could have aided others and turned their backs on them; and finally Agathys, where the depraved and eternally-doomed are often encased in the black-red ice that holds the frozen liars and irreverent backstabbers in its solid ice and the Vaults of the Reaper, Nerull, whose black citadel, Necromanteion, is carve out of the eerie black and crimson glaciers.

Layers of Carcerion and places of interest:

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2005-06-26 [xido]: Carcerion, or Carceri, the realm of Eternal Banishment

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