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Hello, and welcome to Candles For Loved Ones.

Just to let everyone know, I am a bit tired of Elftown, so I will not be around as much. I will check in from time to time and, if you have sent me a request, I will add the candle right away, it just might take a little while before I actually get it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

What is Candles For Loved Ones? you ask

: Candles for loved ones is a wiki created on 4-11-04 where I light a candle for every loved person lost to this world. If you would like for me to add a candle for someone, message me with their name and any other information and I will do so as soon as I can.
Ladies and gentlemen, I need your help. Please do not request candles in the comments section of this page. It is a lot harder for me to check there for requests due to how busy I am as of late. Requests that are placed in the comments have the possibility of not being seen for a number of months because, when I come to add candles, I do not, usually, check the comments. I would like to keep this page organized and I want to be able to add any and every candle I am asked to add but I can not do so when the requests are in a place where I will not see them.
Please make sure to send me your requests in a message. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT request candles in the comment section. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

On a better note...I have another section at bottom (may eventually be moved to a different wiki) for loved ones who are not lost...

Thanks for coming,
aka. [Gwendylyyn]

I appreciate all banners sent to me. Thank you so much, guys.



By [Mutilated witch]



Sister wiki: Memorium

Memorium is much like Candles For Loved Ones, in that, it has the same purpose. Memorium is run by [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós].

Candles that have been used/might be used in future:

<img:>, <img:>

Elftown Memorials Wiki Ring

<img:>     1.Dedicated to Dorothy Sadler. A great leader of the Muskogee Creek people. by [Gwendylyyn]

<img:>     2.Dedicted to Kurt Cobain by [Gwendylyyn]

<img:>     3.Dedicated to [Tuquah] May she rest in peace. Stephinie Anderson died January 16, 2004 Tuquah In memoriam. <img:><img:>

<img:>     4.Dedicted to Katy Eckenroed: a sister to all. by [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]

<img:>     5.Dedicted to Marlene Harris. My grandmother, a caring person who gave and never asked for anything in return. Died of Cancer and Neumonia. by [Gwendylyyn]

<img:>     6.Dedicted to my grandmother, Betty Fracher by [cetto].

<img:>     7.Dedicated to Michel Koiter. May 3, 1984-March 18, 2004. R.I.P. Michel, we'll miss you. from the house of [WarChiefFanguan]. Michel Koiter Memoriam

<img:>     8.Dedicated to George Stokes. Great grandfather of my little sister. He died at just a little over 100 years of life. [Gwendylyyn]

<img:>     9.Dedicated to Eric Simon's little brother by [Raiko Fire]. Died on 4-10-04 before the age of 8.

<img:>     10.Dedicated to Crystal. She was in high school and died in a car wreck. More info hopefully to come soon. [Gwendylyyn]

<img:>     11. To my grandma Toby. You died before your time of a thing you've long since quit.[Jen.]

<img:>     12.To Chelsea, may your poor unsettled 14 year old heart be rested.[Jen.]

<img:>     13.To Chad. I loved you, you knew it. Your my angel, who took his life before his time...[Jen.]

<img:>     14.To Cassie Bernall, you have taught me soo much...[Jen.]

<img:>     15.To all my tutors, teachers, and friends. The people who have inspired me, lost in my high school's tradegy.To Columbine...For I lost so much that day...April our hearts forever..[Jen.]

<img:>     16.Dedicated to Jeremy Leier, dear friend of [Guardian of the Night]. Hung himself, November 17, 2001

<img:>     17.Dedicated to a friend with cancer by [Sus]

<img:>     18.In memory of Ryan W. You had an old soul in a young body. I hope to meet you again one day brother, with love from me and the family, [Spratt]

<img:>     19.Dedicated to Jack. Rest in Peace're forever in our hearts. [colbert;]

<img:>     20.Dedicated to Jason. You died so young but we miss you and we love you. [colbert;]

<img:>     21.Dustin- you were my first love and you loved me through everything and I to you. Heaven truly got an angel. [poisoned_hearts]

<img:>     22.Della-You were the only one in my family that ever understood me and it was just your time to go. I understood but I wish you could be here like you always were to help me through with my problems. [poisoned_hearts]

<img:><img:>     23. Nick and Mary Yankovic (parents of wierd al) by [WarChiefFanguan]

<img:>     24. Johnny Cash by [WarChiefFanguan]

<img:>     25. Tupac by [WarChiefFanguan]

<img:>     26. John Lennin by [WarChiefFanguan]

<img:>     27. Layne Staley (Alice in Chains Lead Vocalist) by [WarChiefFanguan]

<img:>     28. Bob Marley by [WarChiefFanguan]

<img:>     29. To Gary Wallace, a loving father lost to the demons of alcoholism, and liver failure. From [Thinner]

<img:>     30. For my dad, John Erickson. I called him daddy John, but I couldn't talk until after he died...he died before I turned 2...may he rest in peace...*sheds a tear* [WarChiefFanguan]

<img:>     31. For my best friend, Mike. He shot himself in the head, 3/5/98. He asked me to live for him 'cuz he had forgotten how he told me he would miss me and he loved me on the phone before he did it. by [JWOlette]

<img:>     32. For my grandfather who was the most cantankerous old fart that ever lived, but would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He died in 1994 the day after Christmas from diabetes. By [Soul Dementia]

<img:>     33. Jamie- a friend who died of lukiemia at the age of 9. i'll always remember him... by [firemist]

<img:>     34. Jimi Hendrix, his soul on his strings... by [Weeman]

<img:>     35. Dedicated to [AlexJ]. Died Tuesday, April 20, 2004. From [RiverStar]
(If I got part of this one wrong please let me know...)

<img:>     36. For Freddie Mercury. Goodnight Freddie, we still love you.. by [Eledhel]

<img:>     37. For Frank Carrso, my boyfriend that shot himself in the head, his death was recorded at 9-11-04, but he was dead on the 9th.
I was the last person to see him alive and I was the one who found him outside, threedays after he shot himself with my father's gun. The last words he spoke to me were "You know I love you right?" [Flutterbi]

<img:>     38. Ruben Garcia Jr. -a close cousin of [GABY!]. From [Just another heartache on my lips.]

<img:>     39. Henry Rodriguez-boyfriend of my good friend Stacy). From [Just another heartache on my lips.]

<img:>     40. [Crusader] -A good friend to many and was also friends with Henry(both died in different times...yet both loved Stacy as a friend and more...). From [Just another heartache on my lips.]

<img:>     41. Adam Wickham.. died at the age of 14, forced to run the mile with heart problems.. passed out.. and never woke back up. He will be greatly missed.. died on May 14, 04. From [colbert;]

<img:>     42. Ambrose Higgins:
he was my favorite uncle we were very close...he had a very hard life, and on September 11/2001 (yes the very same day of the 9/11 attacks.) he committed suicide. That day has left me scared in so many ways. [Caryatid]

<img:>     43. For Class D86, the class that changed UCMT history. - The bond will always be there I will love all of you. [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]

<img:>     44. For Gina, a friend of mine in my Girl Scout troop.
Gina collapsed at school one day, lay in a coma for weeks, and died in late April.
She was eleven. This was several years ago.
Thank you. I can't say any more. I can't. From [Fireblade K'Chona]

<img:>     45. For a 9th grader's newborn child. She smothered it on thanksgiving day 2003 because she didn't want it right after giving birth in her room. Rest in peace little one... From [Rook] *Gwen cries*

<img:>     46. For my dear stepmother who passed away last year. [Forestchild]

<img:>     47. For Matt. I am sorry I failed you. From [fire sign].

<img:>     48. For Crystal McCullough. She died July first of 2001. From [if i followed you home would you keep me] (I did get the date right...right?)

<img:>     49. For my father, David Fleming, He was murdered July 3rd, 1994. From [Shamera]

<img:>     50. For my Grandpa, Henry Brown, an amazing, caring man who dieds from cancer. From [Shee A'beanne Alainn]

<img:>     51. For My Uncle Percy, the best politician Alberta has ever seen and ever will. From [Shee A'beanne Alainn]

<img:>     52. For my grandfathwe, Robert Kyker. He died November 23, 2003. From [Anime chíca]

<img:>     53. For my Uncle Jimmy. He was killed on Sept. 11th 2003. From [Silent_Chaos]

<img:>     54. For my first dad. He died of cancer when I was 5. He was a great historian. From [Thing From Another World]

<img:>     55. For Kayla. She was my best friend and now she's hopefully living a better life. -[MissAJLawson]-

<img:>     56. For my grandpa who died before my birthday. I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye. From [--Movie Freak--]

<img:>     57. For my grandma who died when I was only 3. From [--Movie Freak--]

<img:>     58. For my uncle. He died in september and we just buried his ashes a few weeks ago. From [Sloan]

<img:>     59. For Rose Clossen. She was my great grandma and died a few months after her husband, August Antone Clossen Jr. in 2002. From [Aycian]

<img:>     60. For my father. From [Acidic Khemica]

<img:>     61. Dedicated to Allan who was murdered on 29th August 2003. He was stabbed and left to bleed to death by a 27 year old man and a 19 year old girl who wanted money for their next fix. I hope one day they realise what a truly wonderful person they took from this world. He will always remain our friend. From [Sheona] and [nicoleta].

<img:>     62. For my great aunt George. 1914-2004. She was the stongest old person I knew who didn't live in a nursing home. From [Urecht]

<img:><img:><img:>     63. For Bruce Wiskow, Amanda Ostby, and Randy Brazier - Even the people that never knew you were affected by your death.. You will be greatly missed by everyone.

<img:>     64. My grandpa Donald who died suddenly of a heart attack on September 2, 2003. [They look like monsters to you?]

<img:>     65. My cousin Steven who died last weekend in a horrible car accident on September 18, 2004. [They look like monsters to you?]

<img:>     66. My other cousin Bert who died of cancer October 5, 2001. [They look like monsters to you?]

<img:>     67. Dont know if I ever told her how much of a friend she was, and I dont mean to make this sappy...Aka Reishin was a great friend of mine..we had alot in common, and we had long disscusions about life. Reishin died Sunday, September 26 around 9:00 a.m. and she will forever be remembered here in this sanctuary. She was such a great friend. [Potato Chip] ((Okay, this candle was not requested but I thought it would be appropriate for me to add it. I hope you don't mind and, if you do, I will remove it.))

<img:>     68. For my grandpa, Oscar V. I miss you so much and I just wanted to show you. [Sabs]

<img:>     69. Christopher Reeve died Sunday, October 10, 2004. For those who don't know who this great man is, Christopher Reeve is the original Superman.

<img:>     70. For [Mister Sneakers] from me, (his mommy, [Archeress of Mirkwood]) he passed away September 24, 2004 at the vets office. Mr. Sneakers is his official Elftown wiki.

<img:>     71. For Rodney Dangerfield, perhaps where he's goin, he'll finally get the proper respect. From [star_warrior20].

<img:>     72. For my best friend Chelsea, [*Fallen_Angel*], who died on February second, 2004 from suicide. From [Darkside Of Ambition]

<img:>     73. For my loving dad, Donald M. Burch Sr. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. He passed away on February 11 of 1998 at 7:00 am. He also served in the Navy during WWII on the U.S.S. Saratoga. He survived but lost many friends. From [Son of Lucifer]

<img:>     74. For The Nortorious B.I.G. From [Son of Lucifer]

<img:>     75. For Paul Blain. Known to many, except me. Your death was a shock to us all. He died while on a ritual ATV ride at night. Another ATV hit him broadside and he was killed instantly. May your memory live in us all. From [Kiristo]

<img:>     76. For my loving husband, Donald M. Burch Sr. who passed away February ll, 1998. He was a wonderful friend and husband to me and I loved him very much. He was also a wonderful father to our 5 children. He is missed and loved a lot. From his beloved wife, [Southern Beauty].

<img:>     77. Darrell Abbott was the wicked awesome guitarist from Pantera, who was shot and killed on December 10, during a concert. He was truly an awesome guitarist and will live on in our hearts forever.

<img:>     78. For [Nothing is who I am]. Rest in peace, Jer. You will be greatly missed. From [Char.]

<img:>     79. For [-TwistedHumor]. On Friday, December 17, she drove her car off of Skyline.

<img:>     80. For my sis, Jenny. she died on March 29, 2003. [The real life Bella Swan]

<img:>     81. For Larissa Telchman, a part of me that died two months ago. Losing a part of yourself feels like losing an old friend. From [Narcissus Narcosis].

<img:>     82. For my father. He died the day before Christmas break, for my sister's sake. [star_warrior20]

<img:>     83. For my dad, who died from cancer 7 years ago, but is still missed as though it happened only yesterday - [Amalaswinta]

<img:>     84. For Casper, my much loved bunny, favorite pet and best friend. I shall miss you dearly - [Amalaswinta]

<img:>     85. For [NewBlood] from [Archeress of Mirkwood] - I wish you would have known how much our friendship really meant to me. You are dearly missed.

<img:>     86. For an old and now very dead side of me. My childhood lived a short life, dying at the age of only 8 and then being thrown into a haywire adult-as-possible-at-that-age existance. Only a very light trace of it still exists so this candle goes to that, my childhood, the part of me lost long ago. [Gwendylyyn]

<img:>     87. For Randy Platson. We grew up together and he died March 5, 2005. I miss him terribly. From [Morrigon]

<img:>     88. For John. He died on March 16, 2005. John, I will always love you. From [Wee Dee]

<img:><img:>     89. For my uncle and aunt, Dick Miller and Ruby Hall. They were both very sick and recently passed away. I miss them very much and regret that I never got to say goodbye. From [Suicidal Moon]

<img:><img:>     90. For Herbie and Justin. It hurts to lose friends....and sometimes it hurts more than at other times. From [JWOlette].

<img:>     91. For Steve, [NewBlood]. It wasnt your time to die, but I hope you're in a better place...Thank you for all the help you gave me...we love and miss in peace... From [Blooming Rose]<img100*0:>

<img:>     92. For my brother who I never knew because he died at birth because the doctor's wife refused to go outside to tell her husband to come to the hospital because my brother Bret was suffucating to death. From [Suicidal Moon]

<img:>     93. For Chad D Green. He was almost 20 and I miss him very much and I love jim to death. I just wish that he wasn't gone. He passed away from lukemia and a week before christmas. From [{.*..Liz..*.} {.*Miron*.} {.*Perrine*.}]

<img:>     94. For Ladonna Ann Lennington, died August 26, 2002 of breast cancer. From [monterey purple]

<img:>     95. For my Great Uncle Emanuel. He died on May 14, 2005. I never met him but I wish I could have said goobye. From [Suicidal Moon]

<img:>     96. To Lenny. Died on 5/24/05. Although you weren't my legal grandfather, you were the only grandfather I ever knew. I pray you rest in peace and are happy where ever you are now.
From: [Kiristo]

<img:>     97. For my grandfather, Raymond Avery, who died recently of cancer and a new/undiscovered infection... From: [SuicidalEternalX]

<img:>     98. For my grandmother, Meta Savage, who died in from Altztimers... From: [SuicidalEternalX]

<img:>     99. For my friend's cousin Tamera Colvin who died at the age of 16... A tree fell on her while she was in a hamoc with her boyfriend... From: [SuicidalEternalX]

<img:>     100. For Devon Smith. He hung himself on October 31, 2003. May his smile always be remembered... From [And her eyes lit up as she saw the dawn]

<img:>     101. For my great grandma Miller. She was known in our family for her fantastic cooking and is also remembered dearly for her temper. She once showed how bad and funny it can be when her son-in-law sealed his fate with her by doing a major no no. He told her that she wasn't cooking something right. After that he was known to her as a "know it all french man."
We will miss you dearly grandma! From [Suicidal Moon]

<img:>     102. For For Annette Huish, a friend of [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]'s. She died a few weeks ago of cancer. Our prayers followed her through it all and she will be missed. [Gwendylyyn]

<img:>     103. For Laird Robertson, Sr. He died in June of spinal cancer. I wonder what any and all of the gods would think to accomplish by taking such a brilliant and amusing man off of the earth.
"I can't really think of anything to say that would give him credit for his...well...awesomeness. Suffice to say, he was really nice, very funny, successful, and spent half of his free time volunteering. I just can't believe he's gone."
From [Tolmeni]

<img:>     104. For Rhonda S. Barrett, the best mother anyone could ever have. She was sick since she was nineteen and only lived to the age of fourty-two but had a fuller life than most ninety-year-olds. She has faced many challenges in her life in which many people would have given up. She raised bother her children well and was the best mom ever. Although used by many people, she would never turn someone in need away. She had the heart of the whole galaxy. She died July 17, 2005 of a long-term illness and will be missed by many. She wasn't only my mother, she was my best friend and I could tell her anything. She is dead but not gone. She'll live forever in the hearts of everyone she's made contact with and she will always be missed. From [maluna]

<img:><img:><img:>     105. Dedicated to my Auntie Bernice and my two wonderful cousins, Christina and Ashley. I love you all oh so much and I know I will see you again. Until then, have fun you three beautiful angels! Died in a drunk driving accident on February 20th, 2001. By someone whom misses you muches, [Magic is in a Sunrise].

<img:>     106. For Emily Rank. 1991-1998. From [BadMonkey22]

<img:>     107. For Alex Leatherbarrow. He died on the August 5th, 2005 after falling from the roof of my school. I wanted to give him a tribute. From [Torchwood]

<img:>     108. For Patrick Sanders? February 12, 1993-June 15, 2005. He hung himself playing a prank on his sister. From [\\Bang Sugar Bang//]

<img:>     109. In loving memory of Grandma and Grandpa Bridges, died from cancer before I was born . From [liquidfizzle6210].

<img:>     110. In loving memory of Great Grandpa R.D, died in 2000. From [liquidfizzle6210].

<img:>     111. In loving memory of Lee Lee, my 9 month old cousin who died in his sleep in 1998. From [liquidfizzle6210].

<img:>     112. In loving memory of Rhonda Waldroup, My aunt who was killed in a drive-by shooting at a store in 2001. From [liquidfizzle6210].

<img:>     113. In loving memory of Jerrry Stean, Feb 2003. Committed sucide. He was one of my best friends, like my brother. From [liquidfizzle6210].

<img:>     114. In loving memory of Teresa Bridges, my aunt who passed away in her sleep in January of 2005. From [liquidfizzle6210].

115. In loving memory of Robbie Knight, killed in a car crash. He was a good friend of mine. Died Feb 26, 2005. From [liquidfizzle6210].

<img:>     116. In loving memory of Shane Brown, my cousin. Died Feb 28, 2005. From [liquidfizzle6210].

<img:>     117. In loving memory of Robert Gofs, my cousin. He had a heart attack on Feb 24, 2005. From [liquidfizzle6210].

<img:>     118. To Nana, you were loved greatly and you will be missed even more. R.I.P From [Kiristo]

<img:>     119. For my Granmom, Brigette J. Hyden. She died March 22, 1999. My family and I have been thinking of her alot lately. We love her and miss her so much. I didnt even get to say goodbye to her...she was my hero... From [!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]

<img:>     120. For Sergeant Shane Raker 82nd Airborne, Killed in combat operations august 30th 2005. From [Amphetamine Psychosis]

<img:>     121. For Robert Lewis Hall. October 25, 1945 - May 7, 1998. Beloved father, grandfather, but most of all friend. From [Kileaiya]

<img:>     122. For my family members who died in 1999. [sexygurl99]

<img:>     123. For my nan who died in May 2005. I wish I could have said goodbye. From [~DarkMark~]

<img:>     124. For Eddie Guerrero. WWE SmackDown Superstar passed away from a heart attack in the early morning hours on Sunday, November 13, 2005. Eddie will always be a champion in the heart of all the WWE Superstars, his fans and his family. R.I.P. From [Archeress of Mirkwood]

<img:>     125. For my Uncle sam. He died of a heart attack and I miss him a lot.

<img:>     126. For Danielle Davidson. A Freshman at my School who hung herself about a week ago. From [†|Ðĭ§ŧø®tëd Äηgē£|†]

<img:>     127. For Charlie, a loyal companion. R.I.P: August 6th, 1190 - March 3rd, 2006 [Asrun]

<img:>     128. For David H. Ford. He died on September 16th of 2005 in Iraq just after turning 20. He would have been my brother in law, and meant a great deal to us. No one has ever met a nicer person. From [MissAJLawson]

<img:>     129. For my mother. I miss you. From [twitchs]

<img:>     130. Dedicated to Marvin "Muggs" Earnest, our grandfather. He was the most amazing man we've ever known. He was our hero. He loved his family more than anything. He died November 2, 2005. But remains in the hearts of all who knew him. "Bye oh baby, bye oh bye..." From: (Amanda)-[Sister Insomnia] and (Rachel)-[September Girl].

<img:>     131. For my brother. He died July 11, 2006 in a freak motorcycle accident. He was only 28 years old. From [Rook]

Bless'ed Be

Candles For Loved Ones Still in this World.

<img:>1 <img:>2 <img:>3 <img:>4 <img:>5 <img:>6 <img:>7 <img:>8 <img:>9 <img:>10 <img:>11 <img:>12 <img:>13 <img:>14 <img:>15 <img:>16 <img:>17 <img:>18 <img:>19 <img:>20 <img:>21 <img:>22 <img:>23 <img:>24 <img:>25 <img:>26 <img:>27 <img:>28 <img:>29 <img:>30 <img:>31 <img:>32 <img:>33

1.Dedicated to [The Kind Lady Renee] by [Shade Wolf].

2.Dedicated to [Gwendylyyn]. From [cetto].

3.Dedicated to [cetto] by [Gwendylyyn].

4.Dedicated to Maria, mother of Zakoji by [Zakoji].

5.Dedicated to [Mutilated witch] by [Gwendylyyn]. I love you, hun.
6.Dedicated to [Ogre Hunter] by [Gwendylyyn].

7. Dedicated to my Uncle Pat. Although not blood family you are related to my sister and I shall continue to think of you as my uncle as well. You are an awesome uncle and I will continue praying for you.
He lost movement in his arm due to smoking and now it is taking his life...slowly. He is better now but we don't know for how long. [Gwendylyyn]

8. Dedicated to the Simon family by [Raiko Fire].

9. Another to the Simon family by [oxyJ3N].

10. To [F34R :82:-DE] by [Three Tailed Fox].

11. For my friends who think that hurting themselves will take away all of thier problems and all people who feel the same. I pray that someday soon they will learn that that is not the way to solve things. From [BlacK_HearT]

12. For my sister, Khalo. [vampiredemon]

13. For my cousin Jessie. She was raped, one more victim of an evil world. by [Mutilated witch]

14. To [Malve], a very very special person, a perfect friend and an excellend soccer player, one that has always set asside her sadness to cheer me up! You're one of the very few I'd give my life for without hesitation! ~From[one-as-many]

15. To Brian, [Malve]'s friend. "Brian's state has, from what I was told, greatly improved (unexpected good fortune, succesful surgery, healthy recovery....the works)". ~From[one-as-many]

16. To [Andrew Frostwyrm], my old buddy....we've been through a lot of adventures together....both real and fictional, and if we ever go down, we we're gonna go down fighting side by side! ~From[one-as-many]

17. For [Kiristo]. From [Gwendylyyn]

18. To my good friend, Teshiruu. From [Zakoji]

19. To my good friend, Blaise. From [Zakoji]

20. For my friend Taren, he's the only person in the world that seems to understand me. From [Archeress of Mirkwood]

21. To [Vampyre Wolf], my best friend. We've been through 6 years of laughter and tears, and I wouldn't take back a single moment. I love ya! *Muah* From [Archeress of Mirkwood]

22. For my best friend, [Dark-Hunter]. From [Kiristo].

23. Dedicated to my wonderful fiance [Kierf]. He's been there for me, despite everything. I know I don't make life easy for him, and I know I have many problems and emotional baggage, but he's still stayed by me and done everything possible to make my life happier. I could never thank him enough. [Sheona]

24. For Corrie, Eves of the Yahoo! Group VtmDevalkiStyle. She got into a car wreck the other day and is currently in the hospital. She is recovering nicely but we are all praying for her quick recovery.

25. For [pitbull74]'s sister, Gerri and her family. Their house burned down and they lost everything.
I kno that this time of year is hard on a lot of people, but all I am asking is that you please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all so very much.
Candy [pitbull74]

26. For [Acidic Khemica], sister by heart, good friend by love. I'm always here for you, even when no one else is. From [Gwendylyyn]

27. For [Rook]. Thanks for the picture you did for me and thanks for being a great friend. We don't talk much anymore but I still consider you to be one of my good friends.

28. For [Kurus_Dreaon], one of the greatest friends I have ever had. Thank you for always being there for me. It sucks that you are not able to get on nowadays. We all miss you a lot. From [Gwendylyyn]

29. For [eyes of frost], another of my greatest friends. You are there for me when so many others aren't. Even when Cory is unable to be there, I know I can still turn to you. Thank you so much. From [Gwendylyyn]

30. For Lee, a coincidence meeting, a good friendship, a short time of awkwardness, and now the best friendship I have ever had. You've been there for me through so much. When I thought my world was going to come crashing down, you were there. When I needed someone to just talk to...just to make me laugh, you were there. And still, now, when things are better than they have been for a while, you are here. And, in the future, when things are going good the way they should be, I know you will be there. Thank you for always being my closest and greatest friend and, remember, you do not always have to lock everything up. I'm here for you, too. From [Gwendylyyn]

31 and 32. For [Gwendylyyn] and [eyes of frost]
"You and her have gotten me through so many things. You two gave me the best thing in the world...a family. We may not be blood related but we sure as anything are in the heart...I want you two to know that...Without you two...I wouldn't even be here...the day I met you and Rachel, I was thinking about suicide but then you two showed me more than two showed me love and to never give should know that."

33. Dedicated to Samantha Sanders, you are one of the strongest people I know, I have no idea how you deal with it all and still manage to be an awesome friend. From [\\Bang Sugar Bang//]

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[Acidic Khemica]: thanks

[Acidic Khemica]: not really

[Acidic Khemica]: it is alright im used to it anyway

[Acidic Khemica]: yeah...

[Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Thanks, Gwen

[Gwendylyyn]: No problem.

[Gwendylyyn]: *sighs* I need to remember to not read this page too much...I cry every time I read through the candles.

[Acidic Khemica]: that is why I dont....

[Gwendylyyn]: *smiles* Oy...exhastion is icky.

[Acidic Khemica]: glass pictures falling on you is icky and hurtful...

[Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: ya I'd say so

[Acidic Khemica]: yeah it is

[Gwendylyyn]: Do NOT place candle requests in the comments section of this page. From now on, I will not respond to them and I will not add the candle. Please MESSAGE ME if you would like to have a candle dedicated to someone. I have asked for people to do this numerous times and it is getting quite frustrating. I go through the work of keeping this page updated, the least you can do is message me as I ask. If I continue to recieve candle requests in the comments section, I will disable them. ~[Gwendylyyn]

[Gwendylyyn]: No problem.

[Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Hmmm.... Maybe it's time to split it into pages....

[Gwendylyyn]: If you want a candle added, please let me know what you want the candle to say, who it (they) are for, and what section it goes in. I am not a mind reader.

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