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2007-03-31 15:17:53
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Well, my friends and I are photo geeks...or mostly Fredrik and me. =P so this is where I'm gonna show off all our fun times and random photos from our everyday-life. Enjoy.


Introduction of THA GANG

We went to the Movies
To the moo moo's
One Night at Marthe's
Playing in the snow
School Task? My ass!
We took a walk around the school!
Back in Oslo
While Waiting...
Photo manipulation

Random Pictures<3
○ - Random Pictures 2<3
○ - Random Pictures 3<3
○ - Random Pictures 4<3
○ - Random Pictures 5<3
○ - Random Pictures 6<3
○ - Random Pictures 7<3
○ - Random Pictures 8<3
○ - Random Pictures 9<3

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2005-12-13 [Rx Virus]: wow cam.. im really truly impressed with this wiki.. it looks as if you have put a lot of hard work into it.. and its so awesome!! just like you!!

2005-12-29 [Cam Static]: haha, yeah, I've been working my ass off to make it happen..should get an award. xD but thanks man! We haven't talked in ages now. =/ We should talk more!

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