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Cover Your Assets

Credit Card Chargeback

Don't automatically assume if you get a chargeback that you've lost your money, your artwork, and all your time and trouble.
How you prepare the sale has a great deal of influence on the outcome of a chargeback.

The way a chargeback works is that after an item is sold by credit card, the card holder for whatever reason may decide that what they received wasn't the item they paid for, or that the item was purchased without their knowledge, using their card. Other causes can include breakage or damage, or possibly silly reasons such as "it doesn't go with the drapes."

It is essential for the artist selling online to protect themselves against as much of this as possible. A very good way to insure that you will lose a chargeback dispute is not to have a return policy: CYA - Return Policy in place and be able to prove that the buyer knew about it and agreed to it before buying.

This is a work in progress and will likely take a little time to complete. If you have any questions about this Wiki contact [wulfman]

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