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Race information for the Celestial World RP

The names in bold are the historical names for races, while the names in normal font are what they are called in every day speech.

Ratings: None - Poor - Fair - Mediocre - Good - Excellent

On the world of Arcanlos, five mortal races live in strained peace.

The First Born - Humans
Human by our reconing, legend has it that the First Born is the oldest race of this world. Strong, hearty and headstrong, they are the fighters and farmers of the world. Often, they are at odds with the natural world.
They live throughout Bregastis and the Ruless Lands. Communities also exist in most of the cities of Promethesta.
Physical strength: Good
Magical power: Mediocre
Average lifespan: 80 years
Special abilities: none

The Kindred - Elves
The Kindred are sympathetic to nature moreso than the First Born, however, sometimes they are no better than their elder siblings. They are the scholars and wizards of the world, gathering knowledge of ages past, and studying the relics of old to better the present and future.
They live exclusively in Habrintha.
Physical strength: Fair
Magical power: Excellent
Average lifespan: 350 years
Special abilities: none

The Skin Changers - Shifters
The are a strong race, and were gifted with the ability to take on animal attributes. When they do this, they gain some physical attributes of the animal as well, and the more gifted can take on the form of that creature totally. However, their ability to control the elements is less than nil, but their innate abilities, stamina, strength, and life force abilities more than compensate.
The shifters are found in small numbers in the Ruless Lands though the main population is in Promethesta.
Physical strength: Excellent
Magical power: None
Average lifespan: 160 years
Special abilities: Ability to take on some attributes of creatures

The Ever Young - Everyoung
The Ever Young retain youthful appearance, even until their death, and beyond. They are considered an odd race, insofar as their magic ability merely alters the elements around them. However, their lives become forfeit if they enter a place where the elements are greatly skewed towards one element. If this happens they will lose their physical form, and become that element, perishing in the process.
The Everyoung live in Grelan, though there are some on the southeast shores of Breiastis.
Physical strength: Mediocre
Magical power: Good
Average lifespan: 80 years
Special abilities: Manipulation of elements around them

The Elemental Children - Elemenna
The last race created on the world of Arcanlos, according to legend. The Elemental Children have vast amounts of magical ability, however they are extremely frail, and various legends surrounding the use of their blood as a magical amplifier have driven them into hiding and mistrust of the other races. Very few Elemental Children still exist on Arcanlos.
There used to be Elemenna settlements on the western fringes of Habrintha, however those were long abandoned, even before the empire fell. Rumour has it they live in secret in Grelan, and very few in number in Promethesta.
Physical strength: Poor
Magical Power: Excellent
Average lifespan: 100 years
Special abilities: none

Non-playable races

The Creator-Race, the Xira-noran
A race of peoples who live now only in myth and legend. According to legend, the Xira-noran descended from the heavens and moulded the world, created the plants and animals, and ultimately, the other races. Now, they are an utter mystery. It is said that wizards still recite their spells and incantations in the creator language. Few know this language, and fewer still know the meaning.

The Heart-Speakers - Speakers
Heart-Speakers were not created by the Xira-noran. They are a race evolved from a crossing of Elves and EverYoung. Eventually, Speakers became a secluded race with their own matriarchal society, and very little is known about them. They are known to have the ability to see the heart and soul of any other living being they make eye contact with, and they are also said to be capable of controlling the minds of others. Speakers are rarely seen outside of the Sylrant Forests, but they are unmistakable, due to their silver or golden hair, and their brilliant golden eyes.
Physical strength: unknown
Magical Power: unknown
Average lifespan: estimated 250 years
Special abilities: psychic abilities, extent unknown

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