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Magic information for the Celestial World Roleplay.

The universe is divided into 8 elements that make up matter, and the forces that govern it. Concious beings are able to control these eight elements to some degree - in legends, this was a gift from the Xira-noran to the mortal races that they could live in peace and prosperity throughout time.

The elements oppose and balance eachother, for without balance, all would turn to chaos and nothing could survive. The elements are aligned as such:


Air - The element of wind, weather, storms and calm.
Lunar - The element of gravity, time and the heavens.
Water - The element of ice, liquid and cold.
Shadow - The element of darkness and concealment.
Earth - The element of stone, dirt, earthquakes and metal.
Life - The element of plants, healing and the essence of living things, including death.
Fire - The element of heat, flame and explosions.
Light - The element of illumination and illusion.

There are some types of magic that are combinations of these elements. Poison can be considered both Life and Earth, since there are organic poisons, and naturally occuring ones.
There is also no distinction between "holy" and "evil" magic. Since it is a reaction of the material world to the will of concious beings, magic cannot be good or evil. That destinction is entirely dependant on the user.

Aligned elements (ones adjacent each other on the wheel) are able to be combined flawlessly, and in most cases, increase the power of the spell by a small amount. (This is why a good number of magic-users often study two aligned elements instead of one.)
Neutral elements are 90 degrees apart from each other. These combine into spells with no difficulty, but do not increase power.
Indirectly opposed elements (ones separated by 135 degrees) do not always combine in spells successfully.
Opposed elements (ones directly opposite each other on the wheel) cannot be combined into one spell.

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