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2008-01-18 04:49:14
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I thought I would create an RP of my own, it’s still a fantasy RP with fantasy characters, but it’s set in today’s world.

It is the modern day, in the city of Katar the few surviving magical races are gathering. Some come for salvation, some come to destroy. A group calling itself the Covenant wishes to destroy human kind, but first they must destroy those that would stand in their way. A small group of survivors that has banded together to destroy the Covenant and protect the secret of their existence, at any cost.

Character Name:

Username: [Hiarhu]
Character Name: Marcus
Age: 20s
Gender: Male
Description: Tall, dresses in mostly black when he goes on a kill but will adopt any clothing needed to blend in on the hunt.
History: The Covenant operates on a stick policy of “You’re either with us or against us.” Marcus is the street hit man for them, he tracks and kills enemies of the Covenant, mostly for fun.
Weapons: He will use anything to kill his victims.
Race: Unknown
Good/Bad: Bad...duh
Status Alive.

Character Name:Searienne Nysta or simply 'Enne'
Description:Neneh has luxurious, wavy, black hair that is relatively short and worn in an elegant, yet weird style. She has stunning, emerald green eyes with faint, gold and silver flecks mixed in to their depths. She is well rounded, being neither overly small nor overly large. She stands at 5' even, being shorter than most girls her age but not finding it to be a disadvantage in any way.
History: She's lived in the streets for most of her life, having been orphaned as a young child. Her scythe is a symbol of fear to most of the gangs on the streets. Because of the symbolism of her scythe she's been given the nickname of 'death' despite the fact that she only kills when she has no other choice.
Weapons: She wields a long scythe-like weapon with a spearhead on one end and three curving blades on the other. The scythe's blades are a deep green, though they are inlaid with swirls of silver and gold. She also has several magical abilities, her strongest being the power of shadow and light (I have always loved this combo for some reason XD)
Race: haven't figured that one out yet...
Status Alive.

Character Name:James
Description: He has cold, black eyes on a feminine face ringed with golden hair that flows down to the center of his back. His body is also feminine, though slightly muscled.
History: He is a member of the Covenant. James loves the sight of blood. He comitted his first murder at the age of 14, and his entire history is filled with blood.
Weapons: He prefers weapons of torture, also, he uses a beretta, which fires off over 500 rounds per minute. He is very prominent with the fire element.
Race: ...
Status MIA

Character Name:Covenant Council
Description:Messengers of the ruling body of the Covenant. They communicate by means of a blood red stone.
Race: Unknown
Good/Bad: Evil
Status Active.

Username: [Ryu-tenshi]
Character Name: Nyx (pronunces "Nex")
Age: At death 21, currently 966
Gender: Female
Description: Nyx has long flowing raven black hari that goes to her lower legs. Her eyes are a deep sapphire blue. She has standards about whom she kills, but she kills all the same. Her past is unknown, and she has a short temper with people who she dislikes.
History: Unknown
Weapons: a soward names, Ryu, hich she aquired in the darkages, a bow and arrows, and what ever in the armary that apeals to her on any given day.
Race: Vampire
Good/Bad: Bad
Status Alive (And might we add annoying.)

Username: [Dragon713]
Character Name: Shade
Age: late 20's
Gender: Male
Description: A tall, bald guy with blue full-torso tribal tatoo that wraps up around the back of his head and over his right eye. Dark pants, combat boots, and a long, dark coat with a hood. Non-tatoo'd skin turns pitch-black in combat.
History: Has amnesia. Doesn't know anything about his past. Can't remember where the tatoo's came from or why he possesses such dark powers.
Weapons: Blades. His main weapon is a medium length straight-blade katana. But Shadow, an extremely aggressive blade is his most powerfull. He rarely uses it, so rarely carries it. only carries one gun, the Shadowcaster, a breech-loaded sidearm that fires specialized shells in varying degrees of power, with the aid of his own dark energy.
Race: Unknown
Good/Bad: Bad
Status Alive/Hungry,mmm pie.

Character Name:Lyden Sinclair
Description:Genus IQ, used his smarts to hack into computers in banks and other places. He also hacks the Katar police department regularly to keep them off his back. Expert marksman with almost any firearm. He is also formidable in hand to hand combat. He has managed to hack into numerous institutions and has amassed at least two million dollars, though he still hacks and steals for fun.
History:You’d be hard-pressed to find his past, he erased all electronic records of himself, and his parents incase someone ever found out who they were.
Weapons:He carries two eight inch switch blades as well as a home made Rail hand gun, probably designed by hacking into the Department of Defense, this gun can fire a round at a third light speed and can pierce almost anything. It has a two round clip and is powered by a special three clip battery. Lack of necessary materials means he doesn’t use it often.
Status Alive.

Username: [Wish Fix]
Character Name:Inara
Age:21 at death
Description:Long Honey blond hair with violet eyes. She wears gothic lotlita clothing and victiorian dresses. Sometimes she wears Nyx's clothing. Always a part of the Underground party scean she knows her gangs. And she's always looking dor a "Donor". She is also unnaturally fond of humans.
History: Unknown like her sister's. Her sister is Nyx.
Weapons:Dark magic (demons and spells) and elements. She always has hidden daggars. Where no one knows.
Status Unknown/MIA

Username; [Ryu-tenshi]
Character Name: Era (just as it sounds)
Age: 17 in Human years
Gender: Female
Desctiption: Long black hair wiht an 'Emo' bang. A wolfdeamon of high standing, and avery active in the underground. On a mission to seek out the Covenant, and...only she knows the rest.
History: Unknown
Weapons: Earth, magic, sowards on the back, adn daggers hidden everywhere. Som other magick but it is unknown to her and the rest.
Race: Wolf Deamon (or is that all?)
Good/Bad: Bad...real bad... horrid....pure evil.
Status AWOL.

Character Name:Shyne ... David Nyctos
Age: Late 20's
Description: Shades twin brother. Wears an un-buttoned shirt, with white capoeira pants and cord belt. Usually bare-foot, but will wear sandals sometimes. Shade's natural opposite, his skin turns snow-white in battle. His tattoo's are a little different from Shade's and a lighter blue in color.
History: Shades twin. A demon who uses light energy for dark reasons. Justifies it with an analogy that describes power as simply a tool, not a purpose. Looks like he's in his twenties, but he really is several centuries old.
Weapons: Main weapon is a modified bo staff. But also carries a short katana symilar to his brothers. Has his own version of caster gun too. Skilled in capoeira martial arts, and trained to be a ruthless, universal soldier in open warfare.
Race: Unknown
Good/Bad: Bad.
Status Alive.

Username: [Hiarhu]
Character Name: Dal Mandor
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Description: A self proclaimed "Instrument of Chaos"A short, overly excitable man, he often dresses in bright clashing colors and is never without a backpack or a satchel of some sort. It's filled with his "Implements of Chaos." If it burns, poisons, frightens or blows up, he'll know where to get it or how to make it. He'll tell you he has a sixth sense of where chaos is brewing, and will arrive to tip the balance.
History: Dal has worshiped the god of Chaos since he was a small child. He travels the world working to destablize just about everything to bring about the reign of Chaos. Born in England his parents were killed in a fire when he was seven. It is unknown if he started this fire. But since that time he has been committing steadily escalating and random acts of violence.
Weapons:An explosives and firearms expert, he has little taste for any weapon that doesn't cause a panic.
Race: Human
Good/Bad: Psychotic.
Status Deceased.

Username: [Dragon713]
Character Name: Josef Lee Grant
Age: 36
Gender: M
History: Marine killed in a demon ambush while on tactical assignment to assassinate a high ranking demon official. Fought his way out of hell to rise again and walk the earth and find vengeance on his murderers. Who coincidentally happen to belong to the covenant. In his quest for vengeance he is captured and enslaved, by a Covenant Lieutenant. A cursed band around his arm renders him nothing more than a guard dog. Eventually freed by the Nyctos brothers.
Weapons: Skilled in CQC, Gun fighting, Sniping, Swordplay, and several forms of martial arts. Carries twin SIG P226's and a Ka-Bar forged in hell. Also favors a longsword stolen from the body of a demon he killed on his first assignment.
Race: Revenant
Good/Bad: Anti-good
Status: Enslaved

To the RP-Call of the Covenant

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2007-03-12 [Ravendust]: Love the character :D. But damn, Enne is seriously outnumbered with villains XD

2007-03-12 [Hiarhu]: *evil laugh* Indeed she is...;)

2007-03-12 [Ravendust]: ^ You best be creating that good character... :P

2007-03-12 [Ravendust]: By the way- I was originally contemplating giving James amnesia but decided against it XD

2007-03-12 [Hiarhu]: There you are Ravendust, an ally for you :P

2007-03-14 [Ryu-tenshi]: heh..I get to be a bad guy..

2008-01-16 [Dragon713]: it kicked me out... WTF?!
it made me sign back in... twice.
what gives?

2008-01-16 [Ravendust]: *blinks* nani?

2008-01-16 [Ryu-tenshi]: nani?

2008-01-16 [Hiarhu]: Nani nanu!!

2008-01-16 [Ravendust]: *blinks* *giggles*

2008-01-19 [Ryu-tenshi]: wha?

2008-01-20 [Ryu-tenshi]: um....

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