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CNYC Written Entries



Please see the rules on the main page:

Chinese New Year Written Competition

This contest is now closed!

To re-open near the end of 2009.

Thank you to all that participated!


How to post your entry:

If it is a POEM:

Add your poem after the last entry that has been already posted. Number your entry, and separate it with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry! If your poem is very long, we may ask you to post it in the same way as a prose entry.

E.G.: 1. [insert user name] - "Title"

If it is a STORY:

Please place your story on a wiki page, and link to it in the following way:

# - [your-username-here] - [your story@wiki]

There is a theme! Year of the (earth) Ox (Read more: Ox (zodiac))
Make sure the entries fit the theme, and use correct spelling and punctuation!


1. [Tickle Me Emo] - "Xīnnián Kuàilè! (Happy New Year!)"

The grand sturdy ox
In that big great box
Has bright red and gold socks
With “fù,” for luck, written in gold thread…

“Come out, Mr. Ox
(from your great big box)
And pull up your bright fabulous red socks…
Time is no better for it to be said:

Wei jìng, mighty steer
And give a great cheer
To help us bring in the glorious New Year!”

2. [Aries Undomna] - "Little Ox"

A flash flood took them all by surprise
On a day when there wasn’t one cloud in the skies
She said to him, ‘Honey it’s time’
He romped on the gas and sped down the I-99.

Like the fortitudinous Ox she labored all day.
Though she scared her husband by her side he did stay.
From the fruits of their labor a cry could be heard,
And all stood in wonder at the miracle that had occurred.

There wrapped up all warm, all clean and all pink
Was their baby girl whose beauty made them all blink.
Their early born child would be strong, would be smart,
But most of all she would warm both their hearts.

She could grow up to be anything grand,
But right now was just fine in her parents' hands.
The nurse took her name and then looked at the clock
She said, “Baby girl born 2009, Year of the Ox.”



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2008-12-30 [Alexi Ice]: Sounds like fun to me, count me in!

2009-01-01 [Artsieladie]: Great! :)

2009-01-22 [Tickle Me Emo]: Is it okay to use the phonetic language? I know there's usually language restrictions :/

2009-01-22 [Linderel]: The use is minimal, so it's fine by me.

2009-01-22 [Artsieladie]: Me, too. :)

2009-01-22 [Tickle Me Emo]: Coolio :)
and "wei jing" means "welcome," unless I forgot. I just realized that was the only thing that didn't have a translation.

2009-02-06 [Artsieladie]: Deadline extended: 2009-2-28 :D

2009-02-06 [Tickle Me Emo]: Yay :D
We need more people to enter!

2009-02-06 [Artsieladie]: Yes, we do! Hopefully we will, since additional time has been added. :)

2009-02-06 [Alexi Ice]: I am thinking about my entry, it's hard though

2009-02-06 [Artsieladie]: *hands Mitsuki my thinking cap* Oh, wait! *takes it back* You won't want it, because it has far too many holes in it! lol

2009-02-06 [Alexi Ice]: Lol!

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